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I also recieved a letter from the sweepstakes audit bureau telling me 12, 000, 000.00 in cash remains unclaimed to sign my name and send them the small fee of 5.00 for research and data processing it is signed by L. Brady. Luckily for me I now check everything out on the internet before I do anything with it. I know 5.00 does not sound like much but it belongs in my pocket not some rip-off's, I'm sure if they get enough unfortunate people to fall for it they can make out nicely. Fair warning to anyone who gets anything they think is too good to be true check it out first it only takes a couple mins and could save you alot of money in the end.

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  • Fa
      Jul 16, 2009

    Ok. First of all, nobody gets a Real email to go claim 12 million dollars. Obviously its a scam and if you didnt realize that at first... just Wow.

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