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$100 gas gift certificate / gas coupons ripp off

1 P.O. Box 7154Daytona Beach, FL, United States

This company has partnered with Blue Paradise Group Corp and Westgate Resorts to coax people to participate in their meetings to offer them time share properties for sale. They have no intention of ever following up with the cash and other gifts which they promise, but rather use stall tactics and I guess assume that people will tire of the process. After following precise instructions on $100.00 gas coupon, I received other coupons for $20.00 each in gas stating that I need even more purchases and receipts to get my money. I don't know if the gas companies are involved on this scam but apparently yes because they are the only ones benefiting with this or may be they pay some commissions to Gas Up America for make people purchase their gas.

The thing goes this way. After I purchase $100 in gas by myself I sent my $100 gift certificate with the purchase bill to Gas Up America waiting for my cash back as they ask me for and I received a coupon book to begin receiving my $100 promised reimbursement. There are no directions on how to complete the coupons and I noted that the "rules" that came with the coupons almost make it impossible to get anything back from these people. Rules like: Filling in an "issue date" which I understand as the date I received the certificates. Who knows what they want in this space, there was no explanation with the coupon book. The gas receipt has to be for $20 exactly, $20.10 is not acceptable. Only one $20 coupon can be submitted per month. So now it takes me 5 MONTHS to redeem what was promised me and I already expended. On the directions on the bottom of the coupon under number 16 states all blanks on the coupon or validation form need to filled out completely and correctly (especially the issue date) or the coupon offer is invalid. And there is no one to contact to find out if the date I assumed to be the issue date is correct or not. This is a pure SCAM.

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