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1 Islamabad, Pakistan

I am one of the vendors for careem in Islamabad & enjoying the partnership as this is challenging & rewarding.
We have 02 companies registered with Islamabad careem and we have in total 07 cars on Cream Poll.Our 02 drivers are penalized for fake rides and their bonus & guarantees are waived off.
Drivers detail
1) Nasir Ali Id=198321
2) Zulfiqar Ali Cream Id =244058
I have following submissions.
01) Drivers were not warned /advised in advance about such actions/policy so tat they should have rectified any anomalies as most of them are not educated and they need grooming & guidance.
02) on inquiry they revealed that most of the rides were for their friends/ relatives who didn't have android cell phone & the made their rides.
03) The no of trips were commendable for cycle period 5 june to 17 June
Zulfiqar ali= 175 trips
Nasir ali=119 Trips
Both the drivers are very hard working & loyal to careem. As evident from their current performance & past Record .
In view of their ignorance & Eid festival, It is requested to restore their bonuses /Guarantees.They commit to comply Careem policies fully in future.
Looking forward to a kind consideration.
Nehal ahmed

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    Look foraward to a kind consideration

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    will u kindly respond

Jun 22, 2017

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