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1 Famous Star / false advertising

1 Cedar City, UT, United States

I have been a customer for a long time at Carl's Jr. I went in on 5/7/2009 at @ 9:30 at night and ordered a #1 famous star. I got home and the burger did not have cheese on it. I went all the way back to the restaraunt and told the manager that it didn't have cheese on it. The manager is the one who took my order and she says to me that I have to ask for cheese. I said no the #1 famous star comes WITH cheese, it says it right on the advertisement on the wall. She tells me no, that I am wrong and that's why there is a slas (/) besides where it says cheese. I told her to look at the board, that there is no slash on it. She looks at it and notices there is no slash on it and says she will give me my money back. I said, no, I want my burger the way it is supposed to be made. So she finally tells her employee to make me another burger but tells me that if I come in again that I will have to ask for cheese.I said even though your advertisement says that it comes with cheeese, you're going to charge me extra for cheese. She says yes, if I want cheese I'll be charged for it. Her employees start laughing thinking that its funny and the manager said nothing to them, not one word about them thinking that its funny. Even after I asked the employees if they thought it was funny, the manager did nothing. The manager said I was being rude. I said why?, because I want what I ordered and because I showed you that there's no slash on your advertisement? I said to her that her employees are being rude by laughing and you're not doing anything about it, and you're being rude by trying to lie about what your advertizement saysI said so even though your advertisement says that cheese is included you're going to charge me for cheese? She said yes. I said so all this time you've been ripping me off charging me for cheese when it comes with cheese on it. She starts saying again how I have to ask for chgeese if I want cheese. These people are ripping everyone of that comes in the store. She told me that she's the manager and she knows her menu. Well I guess she doesn't know what the laws are about false advertising. My name is William J. Hale, 3870 N. Minersville Hwy #35, Enoch, Utah 84721. I want to know what I can do about this manager and the illegal practices of this restaraunt. I have also seen these people make it a practice of asking customers if they want a medium combo or a large combo, not even offering a small combo. It made me feel like they were trying to put suggestions in peoples heads that they don't even have a small cobo meal. Plus the fact that they don't give you a reciept for a combo meal they charge everything seperately so you don't know how much you're actually paying for the cobo meal. Instaed of just charging for the famous start with cheese and adding tax they are charging individual items up. I asked the manager for her bosses name and she says she was the boss. She doesn't own the reataraunt and I doubt she's the head boss. Even so she is only a manager, she has a boss and refused to give me a name.


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