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The following describes our 3 week nightmare with this company when moving from New England to the West Coast

Sunday, August, 2nd, 2009
At around 9 am the movers arrived in a budget rental truck. Even though I had requested to go with them to the weighing station before they load the truck, they did not bother to call me. In addition to that when asking for the weighing slip for the empty truck they purposely distracted me several times and I never attained the weighing slip. When asking the drivers why they got here with a rental truck I was told that they are very busy and that’s why they sometimes use rental trucks.
Overall, the movers did a pretty good job packing things up, however, my boyfriend had to help them with several things. They did not have any tools to dissemble our furniture so we actually had to run out and buy a wrench set just so that our bed could be taken apart.
When talking to the people at the office I specifically requested to be informed by the packers of any additional charges that occur (such as specific packing materials, etc) before they use these materials. After giving the office representative an inventory list I asked if any of my items need special packaging and was told, that this is not the case but in case there were items that the packers believed to need special packaging they would inform me before packing the item. In the process of supervising the packers I notice that they had wrapped all of our artwork into cardboard. After asking them if them I was told that there is a $25 (!!!) additional feel for “custum crates”. Note that these crates were simply built out of cut down cardboard boxes and then taped together to fit our artwork into them.
What also upset me was the “custom crate” that was built for our TV. I was told that they’d build a special crate for my TV so that no damage could happen to it. All they did was wrap the TV in blankets and then again just put cardboard pieces around it. And for that I had to pay an extra $100 dollars!!! I did not know what to expect when they said “custom crate” but I certainly did not think that they would charge such a ridiculous amount for such a horrible job.
After about 5 hours we requested to go to the weigh station with them. We were not able to physically be there but we could see the truck go on the scale, however were not able to see if the slip was maybe tempered with. We were told that our stuff weighs over 7000lbs! 7000lbs for a 2 bedroom apartment! I again r equested weighing receipt from the morning several times but never reveived one.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2009
Since w were told that it would take them about 10-11 days to get our stud across the country I called Main Office. I was told that moving truck is late and he won’t be able to do anything about that. He said that delivery will be in 3-4 days but that he will call dispatch and ask the driver where he is. He didn’t appear to know where his own driver was. After trying to contact (not sure if he really did it) he said he wasn’t able to reach driver but he gave me driver’s name (A.) phone number so that I can call driver myself.
I called driver right away and asked for A.. The person answering the phone appeared to not know who I was talking about and interrupted me multiple times asking me from where to where I am moving. After I told him that I am moving to Stockton he said that he is on his way and will be there beginning of next week. After I asked if he could give me a more specific date, he told me to call back the next day because then he would be able to give me a specific date. When asking him why he is so late I was told that sometimes there are just delays. Eventually, phone call just ended as he just hung up

Wednesday, August 13th, 2009
I called driver using fake caller ID. Talked to him briefly but wasn’t able to get an answer as person just hung up.
Called driver back about an hour later to get information, this time he said he had another customer on the line and the basically just hung up on me.
Then I called the office using the phone number that they previously had used when operating their business under the A-Traf Moving and Storage [protected]) since nobody had picked up when calling [protected]. I told them that I wasn’t able to get hold of the driver. Person I talked to said that he can call disapatch and see whether he can reach driver over the radio. Told me he will call back in 10 minutes.
I called back 15 minutes later using my regular cell number. Nobody picked. Then called using fake caller ID and the phone was picked up immediately. Said he wasn’t able to reach the driver. It might be that they are currently unloading and that I will be notified as soon as he gets hold of the driver. I asked him for another cell phone number that the second person on the truck could have. Said that A. is the guy to talk to and that’s the only number he’s got since the second guy is just a helper.
Right after this called I tried to call driver again to request specific date. After he didn’t pick I called again immediately using a fake caller ID. This time the phone call was picked up immediately. I told him that I wanted to talk to A. because that was who I was told to talk to. Person answering the phone told me that A. was not available right now but that he was his friend and that I could talk to him. I said that I would prefer talking to A. and asked when A. would be back. I was told that he wouldn’t be back until next week (this is strange: if the number I called is apparently A.’s number then why does his “friend” have the phone). I told the guy that I find it confusing that the person who supposedly (according to the main office) is driving my belongings across the country and is supposed to deliver them in CA is not available for another week?? He then asked who I am looking for. I answered that I was looking for A. or A. (pronounced a little differently. All of a sudden he seemed to “realize” that I must have mispronounced his name and that he in fact is A.. He then told me that he most likely would deliver our stuff the upcoming Monday but he didn’t seem 100% sure of that .He just seemed to get rid of me. I asked him where he was right now and he said that right now that he was in Illinois (10 days after they had picked up our stuff from New England), that he had more one more delivery in Utah and that he would then come to our house.

Thursday, August 13th, 2009
I called main office and had my boyfrind to talk to them. He complained that the driver was acting very unprofessional and that we don’t understand why we have to do the company’s legwork by calling the driver to know when he will arrive. Person said that he will contact driver but was unsuccessful (we were not sure if he really tried to contact him). Then they guaranteed us that the delivery date will be Saturday, August 15th, 2009. My boyfriend asked several times if this is 100% guaranteed. Person said yes. My boyfriend asked if he could send us confirmation of that delivery date to my email address. My boyfriend also asked which methods of payment are accepted and were told that cash, money order and bank checks are okay. Since I didn’t get an email within the next 3 hours I called the main office (unsuccessfully) and emailed them from 2 different email addresses, 1. So that they have an alternate email address in case the first one didn’t work and 2. To make sure they really got the reminder emails. In the meantime I emailed them to the same email address from a different email account posing as someone who is interested in their service. That email was responded to within an hour and then a second time within in an hour. Needless to say that they MUST have seen the emails I sent. I also send a third reminder email (for the confirmation) in the evening. (Note: Almost a month later I received an automated email from the company’s email account saying that the reminder email that I had sent had been deleted which proves that they in fact did receive this email)

Friday, August 14th, 2009
Called main office. Talked to different guy than I had previously. Told him that I didn’t receive emails that I was promised. He told me that we had not talked previously and that he was someone different. Told him that I was told that our stuff would be delivered tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 15th) and that I was promised a confirmation email that I had yet to receive. Guy said something about a flat tire and the truck being held for inspection by the DOT. I told him that the flat tire is very unbelievable and that I also know for a fact that the DOT does not hold vehicles in this manner. Person stumbled and told me that sometimes it just takes longer than anticipated. Guy told me that I should contact the driver (whose name was “S.” and gave me his following phone number. Told him that I found that confusing since earlier I was told that there is only one phone number under which they can reach the driver which was A.’s phone number and the second guy would just be some sort of help but now all of a sudden there are two drivers with two phone numbers?!?.
Then I handed phone over to my boyfriend. He told guy that it is not acceptable that they are not able to give us a specific delivery date and that they are being flaky. Furthermore, that it is not our responsibility of doing the office’s leg work by calling the driver for a date. In addition to that the driver is very unprofessional and rude. Person told him that they would have dispatch contact the driver and get back to us.
About an hour later M. from dispatch called us and told my boyfriend that the driver would contact us today to give us a specific delivery date. He also said that they would take off $200 of our bill. When asking to have a confirmation send he said that if he says it it’s going to be ok. He said: “Don’t worry about it. I am the dispatcher”
Called driver S.. Nobody picked up. Then called other number I had previously gotten for A.. Gave phone to my boyfriend. He asked the dispatcher if he directly works for the company. Person said he works for the company but then at the same time asked my boyfriend what company we are with. Person said that he is only the co-driver (but he is the same person who said he was A. and who according to the company and himself in previous phone conversations was identified as the driver). He told my boyfriend that he would be talking to the driver and then call him back. He never called.

Saturday, August 15th, 2009
Called A.’s cell phone number but nobody picked up. Then called S.’s cell phone number. When person picked up phone I didn’t say my name but only said that I was looking for S. as I was told by the moving company that I am supposed to talk to S.. Person I talked to sounded exactly like A.. Person said he has two friends that are called S., that his name was E., that he is the driver (even though I had not even mentioned anything specific about a move, whatsoever) and that this was his cell phone. Pretended to not understand what I was talking about and kept saying that he has two friends called S.. I then said that I was told to talk to S. and that this is the number that was given to me. This went back and forth for several minutes until E. eventually just hung up on me.
Tried calling A.’s phone number immediately but was pushed away.
Then called M. When he picked up I had problems understanding him and therefore asked who I was talking to. Person didn’t respond at first and seem to not understand me, then asked who I was looking for. Said I was looking for M. He then just hung up.
I called back. Repeated my request to talk to M. and told him who I was. Told him that my boyfriend had talked to him the day before and that the drivers have not contacted us. Acted surprised by the fact that they had not contacted us. Asked me if he could let me know on Monday with a definite date. Told him that we both work and have responsibilities and that we need our stuff and therefore really need to know a definite date. He then said that he would call back today with a definite date. He never called.
Sunday, August 16th, 2009
Called M. but phone wasn’t picked up. Left message.
Called A.’s cell phone. Nobody answered. Couldn’t leave a message because mailbox was full.
Called S./E.’s cell phone. Nobody picked up. Did not leave a meassage.
Sent email to requesting a specific delivery date.
At around 7pm person called from A.’s phone. Person didn’t say his name but was the same person who I had talked to previously when calling this number. Told us that he is going to be in Utah tomorrow. Said he has to stop in Utah and then would come to us. Didn’t specify a date. He did ask my boyfriend if 18 wheeler-would fit into our apartment complex. My boyfriend said that it would definitely fit. Person asked how many flights of stairs there are. My boyfriend said that there is one. My boyfriend asked if he’s going to call 24 hours in advance. Person said yes. My boyfriend told him that M. had said to him that we would get a $200 discount but that nobody was willing to provide anything in writing so that we are wondering how this is working, if he (the driver) would just call M. to verify. Person said that if M. says that there is a $200 discount then that’s ok.
Monday, 17th, 2009
Didn’t do anything.

Tuesday, 18th, 2009
Didn’t do anything.

Wednesday, 19th, 2009
That morning at around 10 o’clock my boyfriend received a phone call from the driver. Driver told him that he had sent a message to his girlfriend’s phone. Turned out that he had sent it to my boyfriend’s phone, even though they had a list where My boyfriend’s and my name were clearly listed with our phone numbers. Told my boyfriend that he is 200 miles away and that he’ll be there between 1 and 5 pm. Also told my boyfriend that he only accepts money order and cash and that only 7 stairs are included, otherwise there would be an additional charge of $300 (Note: there is no such thing as a flight of stairs that only has 7 steps, ceilings are usually 10 feet hight). My boyfriend made several phone calls to the main office, complaining about the extra charge for the flight of staris and the fact that they did not accept a bank check, especially since he had been told by the office that bank check would be ok. Also told them about the flight of stairs that the driver wanted to charge us for in addition. People at office said that they would contact the driver about these issues. Since they didn’t call back, my boyfriend called again. They told him that everything is all set.
Driver arrived at 4. 15 in an 18 wheeler Penske truck. Him and his helper started to unload our stuff. Driver constantly complained about the fact that he had to go up one flight of stairs without getting money ofr it. My boyfriend ended up helping them extensively.. In the process we found out that the second person was someone the driver had picked up that morning, asking him if he wanted to make some extra cash. I assume that that’s why the driver always told him to go back outside as soon as the guy entered our apartment: If helper had damages something in our apartment, it probably would have cause liability issues for the company. Several of our furniture were severely damaged and had dents in them because they weren’t wrapped properly. One of our bins was totally destroyed and was not recognizable. Our mattress had been taped so tightly and then stood up straight that the material in the pillowtop did not stay in its place but had moved towards the middle. While taking pictures of this the driver tried to calm me down saying that it’s going to be fine in a few days. Even though most of our stuff arrived in decent shape I was shocked of how things and boxes that were clearly labeled as “fragile” were stacked on top of each other in the truck and were basically just let go when the movers put them down on the ground.
Besides the fact that my boyfriend carried most of the boxes upstairs, the movers did not have any basic tools (in this case not even a knife) to cut the tap from some of the furniture that were wrapped in blankets. I was also told by the company that their service included full reassembly of all of our furniture. Besides the fact that we didn’t want these people to touch our stuff for any longer than needed we were not offered any kind of this service by the driver.
When signing the papers I asked the driver what his name was. After thinking about it for a couple of seconds he told me that his name is E.. I asked him who A. was and he said that that’s his boss. I didn’t ask where his boss was since he supposedly was the person I talked to and who supposedly drove the truck. When I asked E. to me his ID he refused multiple times, telling me that I could call the company and get information about him. However, we heard the helper (the one that was picked up that morning) calling him a different name multiple times. “E.” then asked me to sign a form, basically confirming that I received all my belongings. Since we had counted everything and it seemed like all our stuff was in fact there I was not too worried. I asked E. what would happen if I later on realized that something was missing but had already signed that all of my stuff was there but the only thing he did was to push me to sign and to continuously tell me that I have nothing to worry about; if I realized that something was missing I could just contact the company and they would make sure that everything gets here. He also told me that the company has three trucks, when I confronted him with the fact that I knew for a fact that his company only has one truck he just looked at me.

Overall, this was a horrific experiences and I strongly urge everybody considering this company to stay as far away as possible. I learned my lesson the hard way and next I move I will make sure to go with a local company that has their own drivers, trucks and is able to come to my house and evaluate my inventory. The few bucks you think you save by going with an internet company will cause too much trouble and most likely no money at all than it is worth it!!!


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    We experienced much of the same. The company quoted me .40 cents a lb. for up to 1200 lbs. I had no where near that amount. Ironically, the day the movers arrived, the office called me and told me that they had mis-quoted me because this was their busy time of year, it would be .60 cents a pound, a 50% increase! Not having the time to cancel and get another mover I had to take it. They then held my stuff in a warehouse for three months and it wasn't until I threatened to file stolen goods, did they finally get it to me. The delivery driver was supposed to meet with us so we could examine our goods and then we were supposed to pay him the balance of the bill. He didn't want to wait for us and he took it upon himself to rent a storage unit (we had been paying rent on one already for 3 months) and put our stuff in there with instructions that when he received the payment, he would mail us the key! Between he and the company, we were given four different addresses to send the payment to. The first three (all sent certified mail with return receipt) were returned as "addresee unknown" or "invalid address" . I finally had to call the driver and tell him that if he couldn't give me a valid address, I would file theft charges. In the meantime, the storage company, who was told the stuff was for me when they received their payment, called me and said the rent was up on the unit and they told me as far as they were concerned, I could come and get my stuff. No the shoe was on the other foot. We again mailed the payment to the fourth address and got our return receipt back showing it had been received. Now they are claiming that they have never received it. I just informed them that the next time they hear from me will be through an attorney. What does it take to shut down a company as crooked as they are?

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