Comet edge lane LiverpoolFalse Information


In december 2011 i purchased goods over 6.500 pounds, i told the salesman that i wanted all my goods with a five year warranty, My hoover stopped working so i took it back with the receipt yesterday, i saw one of the salesmen who served me in december i explained the problem and he remembered me and told me they had forgotten to add the hoover to the warranty, he then called the manager, who he explained this to the manager then told him to go away he would deal with the problem, he then told me that he could do nothing and i should get in touch with panasonic myself, i phoned panasonic today who told me to phone martin dawes and they would come out and take a look at the hoover, i then phoned martin dawes who told me that i would have to take the hoover to their warrington shop, When i purchased the hoover i explained to the salesman in comet that i needed the extra warranty because my daughter has asthma, and i cannot leave my house not hoovered because it agrevates my daughters chest, today i have been at my doctors as my daughters chest is very tight and now she has to have tablets as well as inhalers, because my house is meant to br hoovered everyday as i told comet

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