Colt 1911Misled Shipping


Well, I really do not have that much to complain about. I have ordered from Airsplat in the past and everything has worked out just fine. This time, I was up at my Grandma's and Grandpa's in Oregon, it was around my birthday and I had really been wanting a Colt 1911. So, considering Airsplat was the closest to Oregon I decided to order from them. My Grandpa placed the order and it said " When using Master Card or Visa the item will ship to the billing address" which mt Grandpa used his Master Card so that made me happy I wanted it to ship to Oregon I didnt want it to ship to my house in Alabama. Well, I even called them to make sure that it was shipping to Oregon and they said " yes." When we checked the tracking number though it said it was shipping to Alabama that didnt make me feel too hot. So the package is still in Transit and I guess i'll find out when it gets here.

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