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Unauthorised charges

I was offered a free sample of their product. I had to pay the postage. The product arrived which was rubbish. The next thing a debit appeared on my credit card account for the postage £2.60 and £59.33. Investigating this i found that because I hadn't returned the sample I had entered into an agreement to purchase £59.33 worth of goods every month. My bank has ensured that no further debits will be recorded.
However CHC has a branch in Herts and a debit was received from them for £88.00 this without even the "free" sample. The bank has ensured that no further debits from either branch will be accepted in future.
But that doesn't get my money back To be on the safe side I have canced my credit card.

  • Sa
    Sandy Lee Williamson Sep 11, 2013

    i got a sample as well with no paperwork so you couldnt send back. Paid postage on credit card and they have been trying to take out 165.00 out of card on at least 4 occassions. Got on website but cant contact them to stop this. Seen this website and thought i would have a look. Sorry i tried the product learnt my lesson never again.

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  • Fi
    Fina Towler Dec 19, 2013

    Hello Sandy

    The same thing happened to me in Australia. My credit card had the free sample fee charged on the 28th Nov 2013 and then on the 13th Dec 2013 I had a much higher amount of $134 (AUS) charged without my knowledge. I don't remember any packing slip with the product and I cannot find an email or any other reference about the purchase. I think I am going to have be cancel my credit card too.


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  • Li
    Lisa F-B Jan 04, 2014

    I fell for this in England, purchased a Serum for £3.16, on 25th November 2013 which arrived and was fine, thought no more about it, and then this morning I have a charge on my debit card for £75.04 for absolutely no reason that I can understand. I have not received any other products, and like yourselves, there was nothing on the packing to send anything back. If I had known I would have had to do this, I would never have bought it in the first place!T he company shows up in Reading in England at 2 Maker Close, RG30 3QL. I am going to phone the council there on Monday and see what the deal is. I will keep you posted.

    Lisa, Norfolk, UK

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