Colin Walle - Minneaoplis Passport Agencypassport

T Nov 27, 2017

Colin Walle, the 48-year-old Customer Service Manager at the Minneapolis Passport Agency, and lover of Lego's, Star Trek, and Star Wars, is a false accuser, document thief, and harassing/discriminating game-player who also composes letters to little boys rather than their parents. He has accused U.S. Citizens of not being U.S. Citizens and has claimed their documents, such as U.S. Certified Birth Certificates, Affidavits, U.S. Medical Records, Insurance Records, Bible Records, and Birth Video's and Photo's are fraudulent. Colin Walle was demanded several times to provide proof of his outlandish claims and to return all documents with a passport or a denial but has refused to do so. Nazi cries of supposedly "obeying orders" or "just doing my job" and other such nonsense are unacceptable and absolutely no excuse for violence and evil behavior. Those who condone and try to cover up such behavior are simply partakers, and guilty as well.

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