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CobraHosts.comTerrible company

In order to not have to constantly re-type my experiences with and complaints about, I have put together a website that fully details everything that occurred. You can see the website by browsing to:

(Alternate Link:

Suffice to say, I would definitely not recommend using for any sort of service, and would advocate steering clear of this company.


  • Ja
    Jake Mathews Sep 12, 2011

    Thank you Cobrahosts for warning me about Marc Bressman! He really is a creep. I checked his name when he kept begging me to let him on my hosting, he didn't want to pay, he just expected a free account for him, his mother, his uncle and his cousin! I found this complaint and when I asked him about it, he tried to explain his version of it but nothing he said made sense. Your version makes total sense!!! The way he talks in person, he sounds like there is something mentally wrong with him anyway. He just doesn't seem right and he is very demanding about other peoples property. I am sooooo glad I found this before I made the biggest mistake of my hosting career...


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  • Te
    Terry Reinhart Feb 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I state facts that I can back up and do, with the actual documents. You never had any connection with PayPal, your uncle did and only through his credit card. I don't see why it is so hard for you to understand this but that you are young and inexperienced. uses PayPal as our billing gateway. So when your uncle paid for a subscription with his credit card, PayPal handled it for our end. This had nothing to do with your uncle PayPal, your PayPal or whoever else’s PayPal that you wish to throw into the mix.

    Your uncle’s credit card - Our PayPal Billing Gateway -

    If you cannot understand this then there is really no way for me to explain it any more plainly.

    If you ever sent out emails prior to the ones that we claim to received, then they were NOT ever received. If the email system was screwing up then all I can determine is that perhaps it was the reason behind these emails you talk about sending us not being received on our end.

    The quota for accounts created by the email system is set by default, I believe it sets the accounts at 10mbs by default. Don't quote me on that, I am going by memory alone. The email accounts HAD reached their quotas and it was causing problems that you were experiencing.

    All of the details are really null and void, the issue that caused all of this to actually come about was the fact that you made false charges that we used the uncles credit card without authorization, a very serious crime... If that hadn't taken place the other issues would have been cleared up, both of your accounts would have been renewed and you both may not have been happy but we would have had all of the explanations for the issues because we would have taken the time to handle them straight forward.

    No matter what you want to believe we handled the issue with your uncles email system as quickly and professionally as we could under the circumstances. You do not like the outcome but when you contacted your uncle’s credit card company and falsely charged us with unauthorized use of his credit card, we were pushed into a corner and had to make the appropriate decision. When you contacted your credit card company with the accusation of unauthorized use, they took the appropriate action to contact our billing gateway 'PayPal' and PayPal took the appropriate action and cancelled your uncle’s subscription.

    Your actions of telling your uncles credit card company that the May payment for the account through was unauthorized, was the cancellation of the account.

    We did have to set through 20 days of resolution, being bewildered by this only shows your age and inexperience with such matters. It wasn't over $8, it was over the charges that were brought against us. If you knew anything about law you would then understand that this accusation was a very serious one. As you sit and pretend to play lawyer on a lot of your own fabricated details on this issue, the charge of unauthorized use of a credit card seems to slip right past you. As a business it is not as easily discarded, I hope that you have learned just how serious of a charge it is and think twice before putting another business unnecessarily through such a process as a resolution.

    Do you believe that if you stole a pair of $8 sunglasses and were arrested that any legal issues would be merely over a pair of $8 sunglasses? The issues are over the act of stealing, thievery and it is far more critical when you have a business and are accused of such a thing.

    There is a lot that you need to learn, although I am not the one who really wishes to educate you but I will defend our company and its actions, against you, your uncle’s credit card company and PayPal if it were needed. Winning the resolution ($8) was very significant simply because we proved the accusation and charge of unauthorized use of a credit card was a lie. We provided dates and documents proving when your uncle subscribed to our services and that every month on the same date the same monthly payment were taken from the credit card. We provided proof that your uncle agreed to the arrangement and that he had in fact authorized us to charge the credit card each and every month to maintain the account in good standing on our servers.

    What this means is, we proved that the charges accusing of unauthorized use of a credit card were beyond any doubt falsely made. We were also asked by both and the credit card company if we would like to pursue charges against the person who made the false accusations against us and we respectfully declined. The reason I do not name the credit card company is because it would not be respectful to that credit card company. PayPal on the other hand is my billing gateway and therefore I can respectfully, where it is appropriate, mention their involvement. I have not one problem with the way the credit card company, or PayPal handled their part in the issue. They were both respectful and professional... I didn't even have much of a problem with Marc making the false accusations, we felt it was just age, plus inexperience. We also felt it was best to follow through with the cancellation of the accounts, allowing both us and them to go our separate ways. Marc’s cousin felt it necessary to lie about the issues publicly, Marc felt it necessary to publicly do the same but we still held our ground to not enter into a discussion about it. Then after 7 months at one of our favorite forums for Web Hosting companies, Marc created a post asking for a free account with everything, the same exact thing he did when we gave him an account years earlier and which began our connection with Marc and family. I made a respectable post warning my fellow web host providers to pass up on the request and adding the links to the pages that contained the lies made by Marc and the ones made by family. I kept the post simple and straight forward, in order to properly warn my fellow web host providers I needed to briefly explain the issues. I did not state anything that was not already publicly addressed in the pages that Marc and family already spread onto the internet. I quite simply could not sit idle, while Marc tried to involve another web host provider in supplying him with another free account and possibly putting another through the same ordeal as had gone through with him.

    The ordeal that he envisions as no really big problem, I guess because as he was carrying on with life as usually, school, pimples and such, we were going through the 20 day resolution with the credit card company and PayPal... I guess if the charges had been bounced back toward him and he had to sit through an arraignment, hearing and judgment, then he too would see that what was done was indeed a big deal. Marc is indeed lucky to not have to deal with such menial issues and has the fortune to go on being a kid that acts like a child.

    If you do not like the names, then I would suggest changing the way you act. I call it as I see it, there is no real intent to upset you with the descriptions I write of you, only to allow others to actually envision the truth of whom you are, same as I do.

    As far as myself acting professional, you do make it testing but I feel there is quite a need to defend our company and our actions against such blatant lies.

    Terry Reinhart

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  • Ma
    Marc Bressman Feb 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    With respect to Terry Reinhart's comments above, I'll address them paragraph by paragraph:

    Paragraph #1: I am not lying, and welcome all of you to check out my website at (alternate link: for an actual accounting of what occurred. I also welcome any questions or requests for clarification or documentation. Feel free to contact me at or leave comments on

    Paragraph #2: We did not fill our quota - in fact, we didn't have any quota's set up on any email account, and we had plenty of disk space available (we never came close to filling up our available disk space). Therefore, this wasn't the reason we couldn't get email - another blatant lie by Terry Reinhart. I sent him numerous emails from numerous different accounts explaining the problem and requesting them to immediately contaact me to help us fix the issue, but its interesting that he only chooses to address one that came in much later and ignore all my earlier attempts to reach him. Also, their first response (after all our attempts to reach them) also came from an unverified personal account and not a support account, so he is guilty of the same thing he is accusing me of. You can read more about this on Additionally, I will once again reiterate that we did not contact our credit card company but rather contacted PayPal in order to only get contact information in an attempt to reach for support. Its interesting to note that if you look back all the statements Terry Reinhart has made over the past few weeks, some of them state we contacted PayPal in order to report fraudulent billing and some say we contacted our credit card company - he can't seem to get his lies straight.

    Paragraph #3: Once more, a lie. As I just stated above, in his past statements, he's specifically stated that we contacted PayPal to report fraudulent billing, and now, of course, since I have documentation from PayPal that this never occurred, he's switching his story to state that PayPal was never involved and it was the credit card company that we contacted. However, I also have proof from the credit card company that we never did what he said either. Further, he's never been able to even adequately identify the credit card type of bank providing credit since of course, he doesn't know either because he's lying.

    Paragraph #4: Why does he constantly feel the need to mention this 20-day period? First of all, who is in resolution for 20 days over $8.00? Second, I doubt any of this happened, since we never did what he stated. He just wants to make it seem like he was put out, when in fact all he did was greatly inconvenience us. They also were certainly not polite to us, as evidenced by copies of emails they sent us - available at

    Paragraph #5: Of course none of this would be going on if they had continued our service and actually corrected the problem. I'd say that's pretty obvious. Unfortunately, they screwed up our service so we couldn't get emails, didn't respond to our repeated requests for help, and then disabled our accounts, so obviously this did happen and the fault lies with Terry Reinhart and And I didn't bad mouth them the minute I finished backing up my account, but rather simply posted a negative review. It was not until 7 months later when they personally attacked me unprovoked that things took this turn for the worse. Once more, the fault lies with them for coming out-of-the-blue to personally attack me and my Uncle's company after the matter had already been laid to rest 7 months previous. Oh, and I also find it in poor taste that he feels the need to call me a spoiled little brat. For a professional hosting provider, he certainly doesn't act professional. You'd think he could avoid name calling...?

    Paragraph #6: It wasn't unlimited everything...there was bandwidth limitations, disk space limitations, and numerous other limitations. Not to mention the complete and utter lack of customer support and the numerous problems we experienced, which makes this service a lot less valuable than he makes it out to be. Overall, I'd say it wasn't worth anywhere near what we were paying for it, and we could have found much better hosting providrers for a lot less that offered a lot more. And of course, my account wasn't really free since Terry Reinhart tied it into my Uncle's account, and I had offered to pay for it multiple times with no response back from

    Paragraph #7: What can I say to this, except hopefully anyone willing to offer us an account will take everything Terry Reinhart says with a grain of salt and realize that we were the one's wronged here and not him or his company. Both my Uncle's company and I are with a different hosting provider now that we pay for and we are extremely happy with.

    Paragraph #8: The facts presented in his link are misleading, skewed, and twisted, especially since they leave out significant portions of the truth that are actually stated on my website:

    I also find it hysterical that he felt the need to post 6 different links to his website that are all the exact same...does he think that people who read this don't realize that they all go to the same place and the only different between them is capitalization or the lack of www??

    Once again, feel free to contact me at with any questions or requests for clarification or documentation. Notice how Terry Reinhart doesn't make this same offer...probably because he can't provide such documentation or clarification.

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  • Te
    Terry Reinhart Feb 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Easy reply, this individual is lying through his teeth. Check out I not only defend cobrahosts against hisclaims but show actual proof of the entire incident.

    To put it short, he couldn't get email because they had filled their quota, simple fix - delete some email or raise your quota. Instead they sent me an email from an unverified source and told me to get a hold of them to discuss the account, never stating their was a problem with the email system for the dmg4parts account. I attempted to get a hold of them through the verified accounts and of course they didn't recieve the emails because of their own error. When they didn't get the satisfaction they wanted or expected they then contacted their credit card company and told them we had used it without authorization. The credit card company contacted PayPal, who we use for billing, and PayPal immediately cancelled their subscription and contacted us.

    I also wish to make it very clear that PayPal had absolutely nothing to do with the issue besides being our billing gateway. Any PayPal accounts that Marc Bressman had, his uncle had or anyone else had for that matter did not have anything to do with this issue.

    We were in resolution with the credit card company and with paypal, who we use for billing, for 20 days straightening out a mess Marc Bressman had made because he didn't get the service for dmg4parts that he expected and lied to their credit card company for spite and as a strong arm tactic. When all of the problems with each issue were cleared up, resolution - email system, there was no place on our servers for the likes of these people, so we very politely told them we would leave the cancellation as it stood and not renew their subscription to our servers.

    Let me remind everyone that if we had renewed dmg4parts and Marc Bressmans free account we had extended him then all of this would NOT be going on. The minute he finished backing up his files and folders from our servers, he was off to bad mouth us. Just like his attempt to strong arm us with the accusation that we used his uncles card without authorization, he now is running around the internet running his mouth like the spoiled little brat that he is.

    The account was for unlimited everything with cpanel at under $100 a year. Try to find that elsewhere, lol. The free account we gave Marc Bressman was the same, for freeee. Nothing could please these people...

    I warn anyone who is thinking of giving him an account or anyone associated with him an account, DO NOT DO IT...

    Just look at the facts that I have presented in my link. They are the original documents, only edited to remove personal email addresses. Unlike Marc Bressmans low class attacks on innocent people who had nothing to do with this issue.

    Terry Reinhart


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