Coastal Tax Partners/Rescue One Financial/Elite Tax Defensetax relief services that are fake and not legal

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In December 2018 i made the mistake of hiring Coastal Tax Partners/Rescue One Financial/Elite Tax Defense to help me with my past due taxes owed to the IRS. Looking back I remember thinking "who the *** is coastal tax partners and how did they get my information?" The woman on the phone assured me that i had filled out my information and told me how great coastal tax was and especially this Andrew Gubler guy who is supposed to be the owner of the company and I figured I needed help no matter what so I spent an hour on the phone with that woman, even though she sounded like a man, and i should have stopped when I heard people laughing in back ground using the f word every other sentence.

What kind of tax firm does that????? So then i was told to do my research on mr gubler on linkedin where I could see what a hot shot he was. Of course, turns out you can write anything on linkedin and no one verifies it. so he has made up everything about him.

Finally i got to tlak to Mr. Andrew Gubler and he was so *** and arrogant talking about how everyone is scared of the IRS but the IRS is scared of him. He told me at least 5 times that he was the MANAGING TAX DIRECTOR and only HE can approve us to get help. Then he tells me they have attorneys with 100 years of experience and that he can get my past due amount to settle on pennies for the dollar.

LIES LIES LIES. First of all Andrew Gubler isn't some tax director of anything. He is a salesman and all he cares about is making money by taking mine through lies. Second I found out by going to the California Secretary of State website that Coastal Tax Partners doesn't exist.

There is no company with that name anywhere. Look it up yourself. Even worse is that they dont have a dozen attorneys like Mr. Gubler said.

NO instead they have some guy who is like a paralegal. And what do these paralegals do?????? NOTHING YOU CANT DO ON YOUR OWN. I heard they call the same number you or I would call.

Even worse they email the same information that i sent them. They literally do nothing and they try to get as much of my money as possible. I listened to their excuses for a couple of months but suddenly they never called me and when I called it seemed Mr. Andrew Gubler was too buys finding his next victim to give me my money back Instead I end up talking to a different person every time and NO ONE knew what the *** was going on.

I tried to get my money back for weeks but more lies and excuses are all I got.

So instead of getting money back, I want to make to warn everyone not to do business with COASTAL TAX PARTNERS or the scam artist, con man, liar Andrew Gubler. He is no tax pro he is just some guy willing to take your last dollar if he needs to.

Coastal Tax Partners/Rescue One Financial/Elite Tax Defense

Aug 20, 2019
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  • Co
      Aug 29, 2019

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They took $3500 from my mother who is 80 years old and its been 6 months and they haven't done anything. They aren't even licensed to offer tax relief services. Elite Tax Defense is just another name for Andrew Gubler's other failed businesses. IF he was so good why does he have to change business names every year. Anyone who rips off the elderly should get what they deserve.

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  • Ri
      Sep 19, 2019

    Yes this clown is a notorious douche with NO TAX CREDENTIALS.
    He keeps opening up TAX RELIEF company's in different names.

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