Coast to Coast Voicefraudulent billing


I was billed $12.95 on my AT&T land line bill for voice mail services from Coast to Coast Voice, LLC. I did not authorize the charges. In fact, I never heard of the company before this billing. I called the contact number, and the polite operator told me I would receive credit in 2 to 3 billing cycles. I asked her how the charges ended up on my bill. She said (conveniently) that their computer was down so she couldn't tell me.


  • Lp
    L.P.Goodwyne,Jr. Sep 25, 2008

    Coast to Coast Voice was added to my phone bill and I didn`t
    okay this and I want it removed. from AT&A phone billing for last month and this month. I can`t find a phone number to call
    about this, everyone passes the buck and I will not pay it.
    my number is 770-971-5657

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  • Rg
    RG Skipper Sep 30, 2008

    I was "crammed" also by this company through their partner, Enhanced Billing Services, INC. I also have ATT. This happened to me two years ago by the same company and ATT (then BellSouth) was supposed to put a block on 3rd party billing to my account. Obviously, it didn't work. I complained to ATT and they said they "had" to bill becasue of federal regulations. Right. I can't find a contact number for the company to have them remove the charges. ATT said they couldn't do it. Help!

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  • Ki
    Kiley Oct 03, 2008

    I've had the same 12.95 charge on my [email protected] bill plus some others. I called the others and got them to credit the account but I can' t find a number for the Coast to Coast Voice LLC. If anyone knows their number please share so I can get this charged stopped and credited.

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  • Su
    Susan Kelley Oct 07, 2008

    I too was scammed by this company, but I use Verizon. I called Verizon and they sent the charges back to Coast to Coast Voice, but they did tell me to call them. There was a 800 number on my bill, but I don't have it with me right now. EBSI (Enhanced Billing Service) is the company that I called and they told me that this service was added by a Douglas Swift on Aug 28th. I asked for the IP Address that this online request came from and she said I would need a court order for any other information. She asked for my address, but I wouldn't give it too her. I told her if I get billed next month that I would be putting in a complaint to the BBB. She still kept insisting that I give her my address so she could compare to what was on file. I said you tell me what address you have, because apparently you know it. She wouldn't give it to me because of privacy issues. I again told her to stop billing me and I wasn't giving her my address. She just said fine and have a good day.

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  • Ge
    George Oct 07, 2008

    Lets the face the root cause of the these type of ripp-off scams by big cooperations.
    The Federal Government and most of the elected officials are in bed with these crooks to milk every penny out of us, the working man.
    How many CEOs of any major cooperation that has gone to jail for trying to ripp-off a custome? I bet none.

    Its time we take back out Country, I am not sure how, but our States and Federal governments no longer work for the interests of us the working people.

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  • Sh
    sharon Oct 15, 2008

    FYI - ESBI's phone number is 888-900-3724. This was for Coast to Coast which put an unwanted and unordered service on my phone bill. A little explanation follows.

    I just received my phone bill from Embarq and found this company on my phone bill with a charge of $12.95 plus taxes totalling $13.76. I called Embarq and told me it was one of those computer pop up boxes that may have been "accidently' clicked on and added to my phone bill. Embarq marked the charge as disputed and told me to call the number on the bill - which was ESBI.l Melissa at ESBI said they were a clearinghouse for various companies including Coast to Coast. I was asked for my address which I refused to give, stating I wasn't giving out any more information to them but I wanted the service cancelled immediately as I did not order nor wanted this service.

    The phone number for ESBI on my statement is 888-300-7324. Hopefully this will be coming off my bill very soon or I will be making more calls to this company as well as my phone company.

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  • Ka
    Karen Oct 27, 2008

    Coast to Coast phone # is 866-576-1873, they put you on hold forever.

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  • Do
    donna Nov 17, 2008

    I just got my phone bill and notice an increase of $27.72.
    i notice ESBI added $13.86 & OAN added $13.86 on my bill. I
    call the 1.888.298.3724 & for OAN 1.800.295-3933 and had them both remove the charges. I then call AT&T and have them remove the surcharges.

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  • Ki
    Kim Nov 19, 2008

    I too had the pleasure or you could say nonpleasure of dealing with Coast to Coast as well. I received a charge for the past two months on my phone bill and I did not catch it the phone company did. They took the amount off my bill and told me to call the number on my phone bill which was 1-888-293-3724 and I was transferred to the customer service department of Coast to Coast they informed me that I had requested this service and that they would remove it and credit my account in one to two billing cycles. Now I asked the woman if Coast to Coast had a web address and she insisted no but then I asked her if they had an email address and she informed me it was [email protected] so in my research I plugged in and found their infamous web site but all you can do is log in. This is terrible that they do this to us AT&T and Coast to Coast. I hope that the number and web address and email may help someone else as it did me.

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  • Bj
    Bjor Feb 09, 2009

    This is the 2nd time this has happened to me and I am getting so angry. I think I am going to send this to the Fcc and any other Communication governing depts that can help us put a stop to these crooks. I don't think At & T is going to like me very much either because I have asked them not to let anymore of these go through and they do it any way. I would like to make this scam more public. Any ideas? IHAVE HAD ENOUGH,

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  • Kr
    Kris Jun 12, 2009

    I just got off the phone with AT&T and was told the same thing they had me call Enhanced Services at 1-888-301-3724 and from there they transefered me to CoasttoCoast at 1-866-576-1873. I spoke with a coasttocoast representative who told me one of my kids had signed us up but that she would be "happy" to take the charges off and credit my account for $12.95. We shall see if that really happens. I am going to file a complaint with the FCC because this is at least the third time this has happened in the last 3 years and AT&T will simply not do anything about it. I wish anyone who has to deal with this good luck.

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  • Da
    Darrell Lee Jul 08, 2009

    I would like to have the charges to my AT&T bill credit from July, 2008 it was February 2008 that's what the representative told me but when I called coast to coast whoever you all are they said it July 2008 any way I just want my account credit. I've been with AT&T for a long time. I hope I can get these charges off of my bill. Thank you.

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  • Ti
    timberphone Sep 09, 2009

    I had the same problem everyone else has but I found a number - 866-573-1873 and they were very nice - looked back to see how long I'd been billed and said they would credit the whole amount. I'll post again if the credit doesn't come through.

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  • Dt
    DTM Sep 10, 2009

    Same issue with AT&T, Enhanced Billing Services and Coast to Coast. AT&T no help and stated that it a Federal Law that they accept charges from other companies. AT&T instructed me to contact FCC (888-225-5322) and the billing company.

    Contacted Enhanced Billing Services (866-573-1873) and was transferred to Coast to Coast. Person very nice and gave a credit for three months of the charges without any issue. Could not give the remaining credit and informed me that I would have to write email ([email protected]) or mail at P.O. Box 547, Home Harbor, FL 34683.

    I did call the FCC (What a joke that was... There were 7 levels of menus and none that addressed my issue. Finally just pushed "0" and got a person.) No help there at all and told that this is really a FTC issue (877-382-4357).

    Contacted the FTC and person very nice at FTC but did not address the issue. Logged a complaint that would be sent to investigators and lawyers for review. They look for "patterns"... I informed the FTC that a credit was given without any issues and that the FTC most likely does not get that many complaints about Coast to Coast because of the quick credit.

    Waiting for call back from AT&T supervisor as I only authorized AT&T to bill for a certain scope of services and as the "merchant" that billed they are responsible to verify any additional charges. We will see...

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  • Ni
    NicoleP Oct 16, 2009

    I had a similar experience.

    No. Date Description
    Billed on Behalf of COAST TO COAST VOICE
    Billed on Behalf of MYIPRODUCTS IMAIL
    Questions? Call: 1 800 286-4455

    This showed up on my bill two months in row. AT&T tried to be helpful but claimed their hands were tied because of antiquated laws. They did add a 3rd party block on my account and issued a credit. Myiproducts imail was very helpful, confirmed my personal information and they gave me the name Kim Sanchez. Needless to say that's not my name and they issued three months credit which included the next month that the phone company had not billed me for yet. I'm still trying to get in contact with CoasttoCoast but ESBI was kind but not really helpful.

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  • Da
    DAVH.COM Oct 01, 2010

    oh how i dislike 3 rd Party billing! why is this even legal?? !!

    charges of $14.95 appeared on my Century Link (formerly Embarq) in Aug & Sept 2010. I phoned CenturyLink who transferred me to 3rd Party Billing, the recording noted i would be on hold for approximately 1 hour 53 min! yeah! in the mean time i google Coast to Coast and find all of your posts THANK YOU! i called the 866-573-1873 number someone else provided and got right thru. i had been on hold for 48 minutes previously thru CenturyLink...what a joke, huh?

    just beware...the person at Coast to Coast obtains your information, but when they asked for my DOB and email address i said no wait a minute, i didn't have to provide that information when i set up my phone service...she went on to say that the service was placed under my name that i provided and the phone number (duh!), the catch is our home is a rental home in Orlando Disney Area...nobody renting the home would know my correct name because the bookings are handled thru my mgt team! so i insisted on the 2 months credit and made sure they knew i was aware of all the other complaints posted on the internet! credit was granted! will have to wait and see on the future bills!

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  • Mr
    mrblank Dec 28, 2010

    Well, they got me too. I have AT&T and they have added the $14.95 to my bill several times. The last 2 times were for October, and then again on this bill for December. Each time I have to call the number to have the charges removed, and I don't even know what they are for or where they came from. I just know I did not order any service from anyone. However, they always make the "claim" I did this online. The only things I have added my phone number to online are the so-called "free" things, but when you get to the last page, after entering your number...there is a charge! So, that's when I stop. But, they already have my number & charge me anyway. My answer to these unauthorized charges is this: DO NOT put your phone number on ANYTHING online! You can get by them by just putting 000-000-0000 as your number for some sites, but if that doesn't work then don't put your number on there. If it's something you really them. ANY personal information can be picked up by someone somewhere no matter how secure you "think" it may be!!!

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  • Di
    diana dix Feb 08, 2011

    i have been paying this charge since feb of 2008. i need help.

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  • Di
    diana dix Feb 08, 2011

    I have not gave permission for these charges since 2008. I want a full refund and rapidily. Diana Dix HC34 Box 547 Charmco, WV 25958 1-304-438-5103 1-304-438-5103 confirmation# 6563860
    I have not ageed to these charges and I want a full refund and for this to stop now. I have contacteed an attorney and I am ready to proceed.

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  • Ch
    Christel Dreier May 17, 2011

    I am being billed for 12.95 a month for Voice mail that I never requested I contact the 866-576-1873 and the operator said that I ordered this service on line, How can they just start billing for services I have never requested she said she would credit me for one month but they have been billing me fo multiple months.

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  • Us
    usmile Feb 20, 2012

    Hello, just today we discovered through Verizon that we were also being charge for a service we didn't order and were told by Coast to Coast operator we did. I am legally blind and never filled out a form for there service!. This is 3rd party slamming and they should not be able to do this. We were being charged the same $13.00 a month. Unfortunately, we just caught it today (2.20.12) and we've been charged over a year, close to $200.00 dollars for a service I never asked for, and through Verizon! Something needs to be done!

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