Coast Calibrationseat purchase switched

H Aug 02, 2018

My wife and I went to The Regal Carlsbad, CA. on 8/1/18 to see Mission Impossible: Fallout at 4:30 PM in 3D. I purchased seats E-8/9 BUT when I git to the theater, people were sitting in our seats. Much to my dismay, the electronic ticket I was sent was for seats D2/3. These are NOT the seats we purchased and we are outraged that you would switch the seats like that. How vile and dishonest you are. The people AT the theater were no let me put it this way...the people at the theater didn't GIVE A [censored]!!
Plus the movie looked like crap because you have your projectors turned down low to save the projection bulbs ( I am a AV professional)
Booking ID [protected].

In are dishonest, thieving, money grubbing crooks.

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