CNN Internationalchange in early morning programming

J Sep 11, 2018

I have watched CNN International since Trump began his bid for the White house. I have it on almost all day every day and record the Shows from eleven at night here in UK.

They never change to on screen programme guide anyway, opr even the onscreen guides when programmes begin. The Today show still shows Chris Cuomo when he hasn't been on the show for a month.

Amanpour has been getting four showings every day, (absolutely not time for her old style shows and not presenting live news but her show has been increased to one hour form half hour.

On 11/09/18 she had two one hour shows back to back from 3am which was shown, as it has long been, the Don Lemon show which I record along with Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo.

I put the tv on to watch Don first of all but there she was, thought maybe moved back an hour but no, there she was again.

Out tea time show in UK has been Wolf Blitzer for years, now he has gone and Amanpour on instead. We have none of the good broadcasters any more, Bring back Fox News, there were three presenters you could filter the untruths from at least but to take away Wolf and Don is criminal.

Who is making these crazy decisions? Who is Amanpou got some dirt on that she's getting all this airtime?

I have been more loyal to CNN than any tv channel, never even watch UK news for Wolf and Don. Amanxxxx running the show is the last straw. Is there no one that cares what we're given over here. She is still running Panorama which bored the pants off me through most of my years over here.

Who can we protest to to get our due share of real CNN news? It was bad enough that we were cut out of the second hours of Don's show and Wolf's show and the Today show. What the heck is going on over there?

Jeff Lynn

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