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CNN - In SessionChanging anchors


I am writing to you to let you know how very disturbed I and many are that, you are changing the anchors on "In Session"! Ever since you have had this channel you have done nothing but chip away at it! First you changed the name of it to "Tru Tv". Then changed the trial segments to "In Session". It will always be Court Tv no matter what! It makes more sense too! Tru Tv sounds cheap! Court Tv had respect! You then took off Nancy Graces time slot! Do you know how frustrating it is to try and watch a trial when you get a large chunk of the tv time thrown out! Then you took off the Judges show after Nancy. I can't recall her name right now. Then you put on all these ridiculous realty shows that are just dumb. This channel was about court!! Not all this silly stuff you have on there now! Only one show remains that is court type related and that is forensic files. A lot of us go to the "ID" channel to get our fix of court type shows. But now you are taking away "OUR" anchors! We love our anchors!!! Especially Ashleigh Banfield!! What are you trying to do to this channel and the trial coverage?? We love our court tv!! We love the name court tv! We love watching our trials! Don't change it if it ain't broke! This show has been around for years on the same platform it has now and with a lot of the anchors. It was successful!! Why change it??? You need to put the channel back together like it was before you guys got a hold of it! You have just ripped it apart. Why don't you put on one of your other channels a reality channel there and leave court tv and programing alone! We don't want you to change ANYTHING!!! We don't want new anchors!! We love the ones we have!! Leave them alone please. Leave this channel alone please. Leave the programing alone please. Leave the trial coverage alone please. Please give us back our last time slot to see trials please! We want to see the whole days worth of trial coverage! Please! This program is important to quite a few people. We would like everything left alone please. Thanks for your time. - Donna Bruner - Ga.


  • Vs
    vsummers Nov 03, 2009

    I couldn't have put it better. I LOVED Court TV. Since then it seems CNN has slowly drained the life out of what was such an informative and vital view into important trials that give us insight into and appreciation for our legal system. To let Jami, Ashleigh and Jack go is ridiculous if it's truly being done to consolidate resources in Atlanta and cut costs. The truth is CNN will lose much more revenue when they attempt to bring in people of who will undoubtedly be of lesser caliber than that of their current anchors. The people who fill in for the current anchors are nowhere near as dynamic and engaging. I can't imagine who they've come up with but I hold zero hope for their success considering how badly CNN has treated what is now In Session so far. And the junk they fill the rest of the TruTV hours with is just so very sad.

    I hope CNN will quickly come to its senses and consider maintaining In Session in NYC. I mean, really, how much does it cost to keep Larry king in LA? And Larry, much as I love him, has a show that like so many now on CNN, is slowly turning into a snoozefest.

    Show some courage CNN and dare to broadcast dynamic and thought provoking shows instead of slowly letting your network disolve into drivel.

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  • Sh
    sheflys Nov 12, 2009

    I could not have said it better. All the way back to when Catherine Crier was canned and coverage stopped at 3 PM. Give me a break. California courts don't start until 12 noon eastern time. I recall one day when everyone was back in court for the reading of the verdict. It was almost 3 PM. And just as the jury was being seated, coverage came to a halt at 3 to begin one of those rediculous "reality" shows. Did they let us know what the verdict was? Online? Anywhere? NO.

    Whoever is in charge of our Court TV is intent on destroying it totally. I vote for another broadcast compamy to pick up the baton and run with it. Give us a true Court TV channel with coverage ALL DAY, great anchors, real time trials all the time (no repeats) and online updates for those of us who can't sit in front of the TV all day long.

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  • Sh
    sheflys Nov 12, 2009

    BTW If They really cared what we thought, they would be telling us what to expect, not keeping us in the dark. It is the next to last day and I can't find anything about the new format, new anchors, etc. One would ecpect them to promote the change to help us accept it. If I had not seen a comment on Ashley's facebook page, I would have been cought by surprise next Monday...shocked. This is typical of TruTV/In Session...they don;t give a sh** what we, their loyal viewers, think. Never did.

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  • Er
    eruditelizzy Nov 13, 2009

    I don't think you can find any smarter anchors or correspondents anywhere else on TV

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Miller Nov 14, 2009

    I do not think I will ever watch this channel again. I do not work during the day, and I always spent my time watching the live trials. The anchors are excellent and I am very surprised with the change that is going to happen! This television show has been constantley changing and It is sad, that it will never be the same. I love Ashley, Jamie and Jack Ford. I am very upset and hope you will reconsider this terrible mistake.

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  • Lw
    lwtn7 Nov 16, 2009

    I think you all should have waited to see who was takeing there places. I am so glad Vinnie is back, he is the best and we've missed him.

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  • Sh
    sheflys Nov 16, 2009

    Where is the live feed???? Isn;t this trial going down right now?

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  • Op
    OpinionatedinGA Nov 17, 2009

    I loved, loved, love Ashley for her wit, Jack for his knowledge of the law, and Jamie for her ability to to keep the viewers engaged. With all of the crap on TV these days, this is one line-up they should have left alone. To the powers that be, listen to us viewers and return to the old format with the anchors we have come to know and love.

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  • Ho
    hotrod757 Nov 17, 2009

    I totoly agree were is jack and ash and jamie? I have emailed in session went to the site i think everyone should do the same

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  • Ho
    hotrod757 Nov 17, 2009

    That ryan smith just seems to fake get him off i can't stand him. Come you guys lets get some emails in to session. One more thing what happened to ash, jack, and jamie?

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  • Le
    Leisa Nov 18, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I work during the day so recorded the 3 shows. I Love Ashleigh's comments, Jack's telling of both sides, & though I believe the justice system needs a common sense overhaul, enjoy Jami's explaining how "those people" can & should be defended, among many other things.
    Since the new show is 6 hours, I recorded it, and tried, honestly, to watch the new anchors and format. After 2 days, I now fastfoward through the anchors, and hit play on Jean's comments, and the actual trial. I do NOT like the new format, new anchors, new anything. The only thing tru tv has done right was to keep some familiar faces.
    It needs to correct this huge mistake and go back to what works and what fans clearly want.
    Bring back Ashleigh, Jack, & Jami. Please.

    Former fan,
    Leisa, AL

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  • Ca
    Caleo, CT Nov 19, 2009

    I agree, I loved COURTTV, they stayed right on top of everything!!! The 3:00 business was discouraging and then to totally change the way the channel is being run now is a BIG MISTAKE!! It is boring and although I cant blame the anchors they seem to not be as competent and engaging as Ashleigh, Jack and Jamie. I am disappointed with the changes CNN made to such an engaging, informative and rivoting program. If CNN wants to cut cost perhaps they should start with their EXECUTIVES and allow the viewers to enjoy what COURTTV started many years ago. Not good business practice CNN!! Cheryl, CT.

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  • Bo
    bobtheman Nov 21, 2009

    CNN is a joke.

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  • Se
    semi13 Nov 21, 2009

    I totally agree. I was so sad to see Ashleigh and Jack go. From what I understand, it seems like Ashleigh might be taking Diane Sawyer's job on Good Morning America. So it looks like she's on to bigger and better things, but I did like Ashleigh and I think it was a HUGE mistake on InSessions part to get rid of her. Also, Jack Ford was so balanced, logical and smart. Why dump him for that idiot, Ryan Smith? No offense but that guy is terrible. I watch Insessions during the day too, but I have been turning it off after Vinnie is over and watching the live streaming of the trials online, because Ryan Smith just sucks. I love Vinnie, but seriously.. get rid of Ryan Smith.

    Also, I miss Lisa Bloom - she is my all time favorite anchor. Bloom & Politan was pure perfection. Lisa & Vinnie balanced each other so perfectly - it was a match made in television heaven.

    Bad move, Insessions.. please stop with the ridiculous reality shows! If we wanted to watched that ridiculous nonsense - we'd turn on TLC or VH1. Geesh.

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  • St
    StopComplainingNow Nov 23, 2009

    Court TV is little more than a reality soap. Get outside and take a walk and stop wasting your time on TV.

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  • Cn
    CNBR Nov 25, 2009

    I agree with all of these comments. I miss Court TV and hate the new reality shows that are on every single day. Most shocking, well this might come as a shock, I HATE THESE STUPID SHOWS!!

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  • De
    Dennis Sandell Dec 03, 2009

    I also agree since cnn took over the respect and credibility of court tv/ tru tv and steadily dropped in my mind... and someone please tell Vinnie Politan to get his money back on the acting classes he must of taken... he over dramatizes everything ... geez I hope you kept the receipt for the acting classes and can get your money back...I guess next you will hire Jerry Springer to be and anchor and maybe you could have the anchors wrestle wtih each other... but I am sure you will find a way to make court tv less credible and more trashy...

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  • Bj
    BJT10 Dec 11, 2009

    I have to add my 2 cents to the others who are speaking out against the changes made on CNN RE: In Session. You took off all the people who made intelligent, insightful comments and questions, and replaced them with "talking heads." Frankly, I could care less about Nancy Grace. I found her to be extremely opinionated, rude, and condescending. Giving her a show of her own was a happy day for me, because I did not have to listen to her be disrespectful to her guests while commenting on trials.

    What were you thinking?

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  • Ab
    ABC1 Dec 15, 2009

    I am writing to try and correct a wrong. The moderator at INSessions Message Boards banned me. I have been calling CNN to try and rectify this issue without any success of talking to the Insessions Department. I emailed Coldwater with a request to resolve this issue and he/she refuses to take emails anylonger from banned posters. I am a 73 year old disabled women who due to limited mobility spends much time on the computer and the Insessions Board was serious in my life. CW also has prevented me from even reading the comments. Is there someone in your organization that can help me? Due to CW's unnecessary and frequent banning, the boards have been reduced to almost nothing. Is this what CNN is paying her to do?

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  • Jg
    jgg789 Jan 08, 2010

    Ryan Smith on In Sessions is a joke!!! He is so biased it is unbelievable. He totally disregards opinions of more experienced people and goes his merry way with what he feels is true. Please. At least take into consideration the facts!!! He is a prime example of Please do not confuse me with facts!!! The quality of this show has gone so far downhill that if it continues, I will no longer watch it. Get rid of Ryan Smith ----------PLEASE!!!

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  • D3
    d3st1tut3 Jan 18, 2010

    I totally agree with these comments. I hope some other news media company will have the forsight to give CNN a run for their money and bring back a real crew of PROFESSIONAL LEGAL COMMENTATORS. MAXIE42

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  • Tu
    tulip55 Jan 24, 2010

    I strongly disagree with the comments made about Ryan Smith. He is an excellent host! He is the most UNBIASED they have ever had. I absolutely disagree that he disregards expert opinions, I'm sure he is trying to stay neutral in his coverage. He keeps his commentary minimal, and even though he has the credentials to be an expert he knows his primary purpose is to be a host. He understands why people watch- to be the 13th juror and form their own opinion. If I wanted pre-formed opinions I wouldn't invest so much time watching the actual trial- I'd just get my coverage from the evening news. As far as I'm concerned they could do away with the expert segments all together, the only purpose they serve is as a platform to further their cause and/or career. I'd much rather see more of the actual trial than hear the hosts and experts talk about it. The trials have been shortened so much already because of the Tru TV programming. Bottom line Nancy Grace if you need your opinions pre-formed and then force-fed to you. If you want to form your own watch Ryan Smith.

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  • Ma
    Magnolia30082 Feb 03, 2010

    We don't need these three telling us what we just watched with our own eyes. They go on and on about the same stuff till I am ready to turn the channel. Tell Ryan to stay home, he says some really stupid things.

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  • Sh
    Sheridan Feb 07, 2010

    Hopefully CNN reads these comments and thinks about the unhappiness they've caused " court T.V."s" viewers. I do like Vinnie-always did along with Lisa Bloom, Jack Ford -(sooo intelligent!), Asleigh Banfield, and Jamie. Back then they had interesting guests and different everyday. Now we can watch Mike as the guest EVERY DAY. Don't like Mike much -he's excitable and loud. And Ryan...He is very boring, seem very unsure of himself and not too professional for court trials on TV. I can't tell you how much I miss court coverage from 9 to 5 and then an hour with Catherine Crier. The coverage now is poor for actual court sessions. Guess that's why they dropped their Court T.V. name. It is rare you see much footage of live trials now. All those other silly shows you've dreamed up should be on A & E!!!My sister has stopped watching court TV for the above reasons and I'll not be far behind. I watch Vinnie til noon then I'm outa there. Judge Judy is lots better thab Ryan Smith!!!

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  • Mc
    McGrgrsMom Feb 07, 2010

    I don't have any complaint with the anchors only the way they are covering trials. They drag them out for days and then will hold a verdict until Monday. It seems that since it became trutv the way they do things has really gone downhill. When they took off Catherine Cryer and replaced her with Starr Jones I just knew that things were on the way down. Remember how long she lasted. If they continue to run things this way I will no longer watch.

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  • Pa
    Paige Chandler Feb 10, 2010

    AMEN to all the comments. I want my Court TV back.!

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  • Ro
    Roy E Orton Feb 10, 2010

    Have watched your channel for many years, back to Court TV. This new format of "In-Session" is weak, redundant and over cued.

    Your new commentators are overly graphic and rude. Why have guests on your program when your commentators constantly interrupt the guest and not listen? I am in agreement with the other e-mails that I witnessed on my computer that this new format is slow and repetative.

    If it is CNN's policy to stretch air time by being redundant, and expecting your watching audience to accept the idea that you are not being expedient and up to date. Some of your so-called live court trials are out dated.

    If you continue with this format, tell your comentators to "slow down" and do more listening than hearing themselves chatter at a rapid impulse.

    Your program has more commercial breaks than a dog has fleas.

    It is totaly rude that you interrupt testimony, opening or closing statements for a commercial break to your own channel.

    I would suggest you either resolve this problem or you will loose not only my participation in this channel or many others.

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  • He
    herby2 Feb 22, 2010

    I agree completley regarding the anchors! What bothers me your co. does not even have the courtesy to tell the viewing public where Jami-Ashley -Jack have departed to.
    These anchors were very compitent & knowlegable people that were a real asset to your co.It is ashame that your senior executives do not see this.
    Why would you make a program worse, rather than better? If you continue to follow this stupid path than beleive me you will lose a great number of viewers including myself.
    Thank You for giving me the opportunity to express my views.

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  • Te
    Tevis Player Mar 04, 2010

    I completely agree witht he comments of all the others; you should have never changed the name to, TruTV. Second, you should continue trial coverage until 5:00, and rebroadcast the coverage again later in the evening. The stupid shows you use as fillers make me change the station as soon as trial coverage ends. I have watched Court Tv since the very first of the hundreds of trials you cover. I to would like to have back some of the previous anchors.

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  • Bu
    BUZZ883 Mar 12, 2010

    I agree with all said in the above emails. I don't agree with the comments made about Ryan Smith, meaning he weak and boring. I like the old program the way it was, and with Jamie, Jack and Asleigh. Get off all those filler programs, like operation repo that is the most stupid program ever, with all the rest. Just put the program back the way is was. Southpark holds my attention better now and I don't even like it. Keep up the way your moving with your program you will lose me as a viewer. BRING BACK COURT TV AS IT WAS!!! TY

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  • Ci
    Cindi B Mar 18, 2010

    I use to watch Court TV alot and really enjoyed the format and anchors that were on last year. I have been very sick and didn't get to watch court tv for awhile.Boy, was I shocked when I turned court tv on and none of the personable anchors were there and the whole format had changed. Why do you keep changing the show?? I guess you don't care what the viewers want. I wish another channel could come in and show you how what you have done wrong and take over. Please go back to the proper format and get the proper anchors back.

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  • Jo
    joy9451 Mar 22, 2010

    I was very shocked when I tuned into Court tv and discovered the change. I miss Jamie, Jack Ford and Ashleigh Banfield. This channel is a real disappointment. Jamie and Jack are real lawyers and I enjoyed them talking about the cases. Although Ashleigh was not a lawyer I enjoyed her input. I am not too thrilled with the new line up and I am not interested in the shows this net work has put on since they changed the lineup. The lineup before catered to people like me who are interested in the inner most workings of the criminal justice system. This channel has become a joke. I agree with some of the people who sent in comments and whoever thought of this is doing a disservice to the loyal viewers who expect high quality programming and court issues not biased opinions. I tried to get into this new Insession, but its difficult. The Court TV Network in my opinion, has lowered its standards considerably.

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  • Mr
    MrDuke Mar 29, 2010

    I think Ryan Smith is excellent as an anchor. He's as good or better than any of his predecessors!

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  • Qi
    Qizz883 Apr 30, 2010

    I read these comments and and in the time since my last comment nothing has gotten better with In Session, oh wait, it has is has gotten worse. Ryan Smith is still not competent and engaging to be doing this show. Oh and Mike Brooks as you see it seems to know it all, yea right. He done all that stuff, seems to me he is just full of himself . As for Vinny, he is somewhat competent and engaging, getting better. My biggest problem with this show besides the the comments about the anchors. Is that you guys go over and over and over that same material for hours and then a new anchor comes on and repeats what the last anchor said. Please, I could care less about the Casey case. This is a court ty show lets see the trials. I say for the last time improve your content and improve your anchors or soon you will see In Session got off the air. Bring back Court TY the way is was. Bring back the old anchors.

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  • Mi
    MiloMinderbinder May 03, 2010

    You are all correct. Ryan Smith is awful and the bald "law enforcement expert" is an obnoxious blowhard. Unfortunately, nothing will change at In Session unless revenue drops so far that it no longer justifies the money they save with the 4th string "talent" they are paying to do the program.

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  • Ma
    Mary Joan Mueller May 16, 2010

    I have never understood the reason for the name change: COURT TV to TRUTV.. The new format IN SESSION is excellant;with Vinnie Politan, Ryan Smith.
    TRUTV's weekend program lineup except for FORSENIC FILES, is a total disgrace. Why not re-run the week's trial, COPS along with FORENSIC FILES
    My major complaint is the continous coverage of the CASEY ANTHONY motion hearings.FLoridian's will know more about this defendant and the CASE IN CHIEF;before it comes into court.
    My next complaint is every hour, the same pathetic 'trial tracker' news shown.I have the control of the 'remote control;so I just put the 'mute button on.

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  • Ma
    Mary Joan Mueller May 16, 2010

    I would like to see COURT TV's name return instead of TRUTV. I am happy with the new format called INSESSION;with anchors;Vinnie Politan, Ryan Smith
    Instead of the 'garbage' of TRUTV's weekend lineup;I would like to submit a 'suggestion'> RERUN the week's trial. This is what COURT TV first did, when it began 1990? Programs COPS, FORSENIC FILES, 48 HOURS, CRIME 360 and LAW & ORDER
    I think TRUTV is wrong is airing the live coverage of the CASEY ANTHONY pre-trial motions. Reason, how will you get 12 jurors and 3 alternates;who know nothing or very little about this case. I REFUSE TO watch it
    I also object to this 'trial tracker' news every hour. Once a day is sufficient.

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  • Ol
    oliviajonesbarks Jul 07, 2010

    I used to watch court tv all the time. That was the only channel I ever watched. I can't stand all the dumb shows they have on tru tv. I don't watch tru tv at all. Once in awhile I watch the trials during the day. After 2 pm central time I don't even bother. I miss court tv so much. At least they still have trials during the day. Thats one good thing the rest is ridiculous.

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  • So
    sonotfair Jul 08, 2010

    I do so agree that "Court TV" has been whittled down to almost nothing. I used to really enjoy watching the trials, not so much anymore secondary to the radical changes. You really do have a way of dragging trials out and that is so annoying. In addition, for the most part, the trials you do cover are dull. The "recaps" are useless, the anchors are boring. I especially miss Jack Ford and Ashleigh Banfield and I especially don't care for the styles of Mike Brooks and Ryan Smith. I realize that money is tight and change is inevitable, but, in my humble opinion, you are well on your way to losing your entire audience. I mean no disrespect to anyone; I just felt compelled to voice my opinion. Thank you.

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  • Ly
    LYNWOOD Jul 15, 2010


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