CN Tianyu Co.,LtdTook Money no goods delivered


I orderd few items with this company. First they sent me half order and that was wrong item. It was low quality different item. Then asked for rest of the item as of today they showed all excuses like, we are out of stock, I need to talk to my boss about it, Our network is messed up and now - Here is the last part of conversation.
Ada Bi says:
ok bye
no more your order ship out !!!
Anil said (10:38 AM):
I want my moey back
Anil said (10:42 AM):
I want my money back - No reply.

Here is what I found about this company on internet.

This company was created in month of August 2009

On Website they say " Established 17 Years"

On first page - About US - "CN Tianyu Co., Ltd was established in 2005, which is a an exporter of brand name products.

There is identical - clone website

I am scammed, Please do not even think of doing business with this company - Chekc and recheck before you send your money.

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