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Sa Aug 23, 2019 Review updated:

I feel so stupid and ashamed that I let them fool myself . Of course I was sceptical but they were offering such a huge discount - $49.99 instead of $109.99 and it's not so much money for me. It's been over 2 months and I'm yet to receive my item. I emailed them last month and a couple of times this month and did not receive any response regarding my order. It says on their website that reviews are from European, Russian and Japanese people but their names don't fit, they all look like American names. These reviews are fake and people are made-up, obviously. Their very product seems kinda fishy. I urge you to beware and not to fall for it. I still hope to get at least a refund from them...


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  • My
      Aug 24, 2019

    Just did some research on this:

    The product is very real. It is called Floating Cloud by Richard Clarkson and can be found here:
    It is $4, 000, and if you look around the web it has a bunch of media coverage from major reliable sources linking to that website. however is advertising this product that isn’t even theirs. It’s a totally fake website and they actually have a few (most notably which was recently taken down). So yeah, if you want the cloud (which is amazing cool by the way) buy it from the original creator for the 4, 000.

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  • Ch
      Sep 06, 2019

    I ordered one last week and just recently discovered that I was scammed. So very disappointed that I found this on Facebook and just assumed it was legit. I will be doing my homework from now before buying products off Facebook.

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  • Ji
      Sep 11, 2019

    Is there anything we can do? I was also scammed out of $40.

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