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My husband and I paid a total sum of $2, 000 cash for Alex Dunbar to train our Western German Shepherd Ariela. I wanted her trained in both protection and Search and Rescue. I was sexually assaulted in Iraq and deal with PTSD and I wanted a dog who I could count on to keep me safe. Ease some comfort back into my life. I wanted Search and Rescue; because I wanted to be a part of our community who does not currently have any S&R K-9’s. After Alex heard our story, he felt so obliged in helping us out. This man who I assume hides behind the shield of the Marine Corps, and portend to outreach to former military so he can scam us out of our blood and sweat money we worked so hard for.

I wrote a former review on Rip-off, which I had asked Rip-Off to kindly to remove after the return of my dog (which they never did happen), I don't want people to buy into this man’s propaganda. I only wrote a good review to assure the return of my female Shepherd Ariela who Alex Dunbar 'proclaimed' was his on “Doomsday Pepper”. Ariela is 100% Western German Shepherd working lines, I assure you has no ties to the bloodlines of his kennel.

Alex’s generous extension for her to stay longer, was not what I believe was out of kindness, but more or less a plot to either what I assume is to steal or use her for the discovery channel. After my breeder warned me of the danger, I was on the phone telling Alex we would be ready earlier then expected to pick up Ariela. When she was returned she knew one command, "Sit" which is what "I" taught her. Alex said he worked really hard on my dog, which I unfortunately can't prove or disapprove but I don't think his level of training, knowledge, and skill set was hard enough to get her trained in the areas he and I discussed.

My breeder was the one who notified me immediately about this scam artist, and had it not been for Jerry I may not even have my dog. Please do not send your dog to train with this man, he is not who he says he is. He promised us a contract, he promised us a word sheet in the new language he was going to teach her, and we never received anything. Listen my dog only knows one language, and that is ENGLISH.

Don’t be duped, there is a reason why all his YouTube videos are set up so that people cannot comment on them. He buys these dogs pre-trained from overseas (at the expense of his scams) and try’s to scam people into the belief he can train them. Never once did he show me anything he taught my dog, all he did is meet me up at Wal-Mart during every pick-up saying what an exceptional dog I have, and how everyone just thinks how amazing of a dog she is.

Everything seen on the show is what this dog does naturally, and has nothing to do with ‘CQB K9’ Training. I have been scammed. Alex threatened these words to me, “I don’t take kindly to threats, ” he called my breeder and didn’t even have a word to say. This guy is very dangerous, and he does have weapons. He expressed his willingness to use them to me on pick up of Ariela. He unwittingly with play on words threatened to kill me over the phone should I push the fact that Alex Dunbar ripped us off. Please this man is dangerous, and not to be trusted with anyone’s animals or money.

He is not a trainer, he has no credentials! If I had money I would lawyer up but, he never gave us any papers. All I have is emails of our back and forth correspondence, and an untrained dog. Look I'm flattered that Alex would say Ariela is his, she is truly an amazing dog, but if anyone is to take credit for this dog it's the Breeder who sold her to me, and her bloodlines not CQB K9. Her name is Hebrew for “Lioness of God” named for the faith and honesty of Christian religion. I can’t allow her name to be tainted by a dishonest company or allow another innocent person fall prey to this man’s lies. He is a con-man nothing more, and nothing less. He is skilled and his con-man profession. Don’t be duped.

Please use caution with this guy, he is dangerous

Anne M. Franciose

Military Police

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