Clicks Heathwaycustomer service at dispensary

C Aug 13, 2018

13 August 2018 I went to Clicks Heathway with my daughter to collect medication that was on a script submitted to another branch in the area. I often go to other stores whiles shopping to collect the script as it is already entered and on the system, I have been advised before that all Clicks systems are linked.

Upon trying to get the medication the man behind the counter said he could pick it up and it was not a problem however I needed the Pharmacist to dispense the medication, this lady come through with attitude, asked for the script and said she will not help me unless I have the script. Firstly I handed the script in, how was I supposed to have the script? Copies of scripts are illegal to have. Talking to my daughter I swore about the situation, she proceed to tell me not to swear her. I under no circumstances swear at her, certainly not with my daughter next to me. She continued to scream and shout at me. I screamed back at her saying I am the customer and she said I am not... So what on earth am I then??? I am disgusted with the service, I had to waste petrol to go back to the other branch because I clearly disturbed her lunchtime. You cant have people like that dealing with the public... absolutely shocking!!!

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