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C Aug 10, 2018

I had just arrived from a long journey waited in the que for 45 minutes saw five customers turn away due to the lack of service.
I eventually got to the pharmacist who told me I needed to wait for the other pharmacist who only had a key to the cub board for the schedule 7 tablets. Eventually after three people looking for my script I get told by the stand in head pharmacist that my script had expired by one day and that I need to go and see the doctor. I am on discovery medical aid and spend about R 5, 000 a month on tablets. I have exhausted my medical aid only to get told oh there are other tablets waiting for you but you need to pay R 1, 400.00. The tablets were not all there and despite me asking them please do not put through the script until I come there they did.due to this my discovery account had about four pages of reversals due to there mistakes.i always have to go back to collect other tablets as I was short changed. It is very overwhelming when you have a packet of tablets each month to collect and the confusion comes when you think you have collected the right amount but have not or it's the wrong strength of tablet. One might say that I should check I usually do but am alsways shortchanged. The stand in pharmacist was very rude not willing to assist me at all, not even willing to phone the manager who runs the store.
This store is at Carsworld Mediclinic in Midrand. It is a absolute disgrace that I should be treated like this despite me wanting to pay cash for my tablets which were about 1, 100.00 rand. I honestly will never go back there.

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