A complete scam. They send the product then charge you 79. 95 before the end of the trial period which is hidden in the small print that the free trial is not a free trial at all. Then you are automatically enrolled in other scams according to the small obscure agreements, by then it is too late as they have your credit card number and your pretty much screwed. Thank god I used a Walmart debit card and they didn't approve the transaction as it was above my balance. Cancelled card and returned product but they still got me for another company for 6. 95. Msn website was where I found it and they should remove this scam. I will be reporting to state attorney generals office in Florida but this should also be a federal crime as they use the post office to further their fraudulent scam.


  • Js
    [email protected] Aug 29, 2009

    Yep. Not quite sure what I was thinking signing up for this just a little while ago today. Immediately call/email them to cancel the "trial..." After being told that I can't cancel due to "automatic shipment" and have to return order on my dime, I called my credit card company and had my number changed and asked my credit card company to block any future transaction from them.

    Cleanwhite, dazzlewhites, dazzlesmiles...etc all the same kind of [email protected]

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  • Bu
    bucktooth bob Aug 31, 2009

    they got me too. the product is listed as free on the reciept.
    when you call to cancel it miraculously cost 79.00 . and you have to return the product. IT IS A SCAM!

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  • To
    topenddave Sep 03, 2009

    Beyond these, um, vermin predating my order, playing 'he said she said' with their website, disconnecting after a few minutes on hold at their phonesite, aqnd demanding conformance with INTERNATIONAL shipping regs to return their product, two things stand out in my feeble mind; the ### shill from Sacramento who cannot keep her stories straight on the Clinton News Network, and the word that rolls off the tongue of a wronged consumer "SCIENTER". These 'cowturds' intentionally made 'knowledgeable mis-statements of material facts in order to induce consent on the part of the other party', and where WE come from amigos that spells Fraud civil and criminal-wise. Their "Contracts" are not merely 'voidable' they are non-existant. I am NOT an attorney, but I could play one on TV, and my word to all my fellow 'fools' is; KEEP A DIARY OF CALLS
    WEBSITE VISITS, ETC. LETS PUT not just these bottomfeeders, but their partners in crime out of business and in striped suits real soon. My email address is [email protected], oh yeah SMILE ###.

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  • Bb
    BBB to be Contacted Sep 04, 2009

    Cleanwhites is a clean strippers of money. I can't believe all the big companies that have provided adverstisement for these scammers. I disputed the payment and closed my account. We will see what happens. I am also contacting the better business bureau this is wrong. Ticked

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  • Te
    Teslacoil Sep 04, 2009

    I completely agree with this being a scam, they use word tactics in order to sign you up for things you do not want hoping that you will not cancel or send the items back, to me they are the worst kind of people, at least someone with a gun trying to rob you is honest about their intent. I just went through the process of canceling my orders and of course the cleanwhites cost me another 6.99 for UPS shipping back to them. UPS should be aware that they are participating in fraud also and close cleanwhites accounts. The Attorneys General of each state should be made aware of this fraud and also the postmaster general and US Attorney General.


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  • Mo
    Moby837 Sep 07, 2009

    Probably one of the most insidious scams on the web - STAY AWAY!!!
    1. They claim the charge cannot be canceled because "it's already in the warehouse and has already gone out". Bullhockey!
    2. Complain enough and they will cancel "everything"... just to get you off the line. Had to talk to a "supervisor" to get anything done.
    3. Return of empty tube at $6.99? What a joke (not funny).


    Check eBay for same product for less than $10!!! This is not rocket science!

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  • Bl
    bluelagoon56 Sep 09, 2009

    Yes this people are nutz my girlfriend just did it now and I was o pissed at her...since I work in a telemarking center and I am part owner so I understand how things work for merchant I would sujest that everyone just go and print all this scam bloggs take them to their state attorneys generals office and go after the dba s and both companies and their merchants so they get shot down...and it looks that they have a merchant account over seas so ...people just go call them and sue them for damages ! call your banks and get the records of the charge..print their terms and conditions and take them to the house cuase that is what we are doing!!

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  • Jo
    JOE BLAZE Sep 17, 2009


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  • Jo
    JOE BLAZE Sep 17, 2009


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  • Ka
    KAF57 Sep 18, 2009

    I tried cancelling this out within 15 minutes and they would not do it. The guy (foreign) kept harrassing me about why I wanted to cancel. I was getting very frustrated with him. He said you will have to pay for the shipping even though I cancelled. I told him that was not right to do. My bank account was charged immediately for the S&H. I called my bank and they cancelled out my debit card, so now I have to get a whole new debit card which will take about two weeks to get. I always try to be careful of fraud, but they got me on this one.

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  • Tc
    t_c092108 Sep 21, 2009

    I found on the internet an article similar to this one I thought it sounded too good to be true. It was exactly that though I did not have much money charged to my account.

    I had a room mate that was very worried about my purchase I felt dumb thinking about it afterwards.

    There are actually a lot of web sites that exploit people trying to get whiter teeth. My advice though is quit smoking and brush your teeth regularly.

    I received a package with an order receipt the order receipt told me that I had signed up for a rewards delivery program. They said it would include a monthly charge of 79.95. I canceled my credit card prior to that happening. I did get charged the 99 cents for the trial. I did not remember ever seeing signing up for anything like that on the website. You have to be careful in your internet shopping there are a lot of crooks that are looking to take advantage of those that are not thinking and who don't read between the lines.

    It had the number 1-877 292-6892 on it. I also saw on their website a reference to another company in connection with this one. It was a company called Dermacil which had the number 888-727-4445 I called both of these numbers and it just played Jazz music without actually taking you to anyone to talk to. I left a message and asked them to remove my contact information from their system.

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  • Ch
    Chris Ramirez Sep 21, 2009


    I'm not alone . . . Same thing happened to me. Yup, a pop up on a "legitimate" or so I thought website, MSN. . My better judgement was lapsed. I signed up. Gave my CC #. For cleanwhite shipping $.95 and dazzle smile $1.95.

    Then came a barrage of phone calls to my home phone by OMEGA GRP 1-626-273-8210, wanting my authorization and my credit card number to confirm my purchase of my "free trial" cleanwhites.

    While I was trying to cancel this on line (useless--"we have received your request, a customer service representive will contact you within 24 - 48 hours. (never happened by the way). I was now sending them emails saying STOP THE PHONE HARRASSMENT -- CANCEL CANCEL"

    I received the box of cleanwhites (which included a travel sized tube of CREST CAVITY PROTECTION TOOTHPASTE. Hey Crest is legit . . .isn't it???? Reading the unbelivable packing slip that said I was "enrolled in a monthly program for $79.95 PER MONTH but I could cancel this NO PROBLEM" within a 4 day time period from receipt of this box.

    WHAT ???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? THERE WAS NO MENTION OF GIVING THEM PERMISSION OR AUTHORIZATION TO DEDUCT $79.95 FROM MY ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH. Same goes for the "dazzlesmile" -- only their shipping charge $1.99.

    After 6 straight calls, I said CANCELL I do not want this!! Stop calling me!! The calls proceeded for 5 days from OMEGA GROUP 1-626-273-8210, we're talking every 10 minutes -- the amount of phone calls was insane-- I unplugged my phone (and it was my birthday---). If the phone was on, I didn't answer OMEGA GROUP and they left no message.

    I got on line and continued to press CANCEL, about 7 times.

    I sent probably now close to 20 emails to them same reply back. No I'm really pissed, feel harassed and feel that I am being robbed.

    ---Over the last 5 days I have tried calling them. Music in background "please hold for a customer service representative or press 1 to leave a message". Holding got me nowhere --- 20 minutes was my max. I left messages.

    Sooo -- today I cancelled my credit card. They will be reported to the better business bureau.

    **I can buy a box of crestwhite strips for $25 bucks. What a SCAM!!!

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  • Mo
    Mocann Sep 22, 2009

    I agree!!! Do not do it. They say it is a 2 week trial, but I didn't even receive the product until 2 days before my "trial" was going to expire and they would charge me $79!!! I also have to pay to return it (without having any time to even try it). AND they have sold my phone number to other companies and I have been getting random phone calls ever since I signed up. DIRTY DIRTY COMPANY!!

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  • Na
    nannernannernanner Sep 22, 2009

    I just got my kit in the mail. I reported the credit card I put in on as "stolen", then went to their website and cancelled the "subscription". They THOUGHT they were gonna scam me, but I scammed them first SUCKAS! My new credit card is in the mail...karma's a ### ain't she :)

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  • Di
    Disgusted mom Sep 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THEY GOT ME TOO!!! Tried calling the phone number to get a shipping label. NO ONE answers or returns phone calls. I did report this company to Florida Attorney General. I, too, cannot believe that this company is endorsed by so many. What is this world comming to??? ANy suggestions on how to get my money back? I was charged the 79.95 and then 15 days later, another 83.90. All I have to show for is the trial package. I, too, closed my bank account.

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  • Ma
    Machelle Edmiston Sep 24, 2009

    I was also scammed by the "terms and conditions" hidden agenda. I returned everything back with a "return number" that the representative gave to me(after holding for 25min on the phone) and had to have a tracking number put on both packages to cover my butt. Plus I called my credit card company, issued a complaint and was told I would receive a dispute form in the mail soon to have them credit my account but its not guaranteed. I was then informed by my credit card company that these "scammers" were affiliated with other companys and that you cant just call clean whites and cancel any future orders you have to contact 5 other companies that will be sticking it to you too. Those companies contact numbers are: Ultra Fresh (charges $79.28) #866-948-5508; Health Change ($79.95)#866-878-1512; Pristine($83.90) #866-676-4122; Clean Whites #877-292-6892 and White Smile #888-227-2950. Be patient when holding they do finally answer.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Slade 562 Sep 24, 2009

    Don't Do it! Don't fall for this scam! I've spent no less than an hour on the phone trying to reach a human being! This company needs to be shut dwon fast! If you are trying to return the product and avoid their fee's be prepared to go through HELL. They sure do make it as hard as possible!!!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!
    Cleanwhites is a scam! Don't do it!

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  • Jc
    jck1962 Sep 25, 2009

    Same thing happened to me, a total scam, I didn't cancel within the 14 day free trial because the company that called me after I ordered my " free trial " who coincidentally was called cleanwhites which when I contacted customer service about that informed that it was another company, why did they have my info then? anyway, they asked me if I was interested in any more of their products and I stated that I only was interested in the free trial and not to charge my card for anything other than the S&H from that " free trial ", needless to say like everybody else has stated on here customer service was horrible, I reported them to the BBB and the FTC, and I posted a video on you tube complaing about this, I encourage others to do the same, here is the link,, watch out for " Free "...its the other four letter "F" word!!

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  • Co
    comingaftercleanwhites Sep 26, 2009

    I wish that I had read this prior to pressing submit last saturday. I reeived my "trial" yesterday and just so happened to read the fine print at the bottom of the receipt. $79.50 a month or so if I don't cancel. So I proceeded to go to the website and cancel my monthly membership (of which I did not sign up for).After about 7 pages of them "dropping" the monthly price and "pleading" with me not to I finally got to the page where they would allow me to cancel. I clicked submit and then a note popped up that said they have to charge me 6.99 to return the 4ml tube that I received that said

    "To return your pump you must fill out the UPS Shipment form located below which will incur a $6.99 shipping charge on your credit card. An email will be sent to you including the UPS prepaid shipping label with instructions on how to send your package back. When it is received at our warehouse your subscription will be cancelled and there will be no further charges to your credit card or shipments for this account."

    Now my questions? "Where did they come up with a flate rate of $6.99?" And why can't I just have the shipping info and send it back myself.? I did not even USE the product so why is it $6 more to return it than it was to send it?

    Uhm... SERIUOS SCAM!!!

    I guess there is no way to get around the $6.99. The only good thing that could have possibly come out of this is I used a card that expires @ the end of this month. My bank redid their cards so EVERY one got new credit cards and numbers. the card that I used to order this will be null and void in a few days!!! GOTCHA!!!

    Does anyone know the process to file a complaint so that these scams and crooks get shut down?

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  • Yo
    young1 Sep 28, 2009

    ahhhhhhhhh i hate this!!!im only 19 and a college student and now im 300 dollars in tha hole because of theze stupid scams of CLEANWHITES AND DAZZLE TRAYS!!!stoopid lady and her fake ### story!!! stoopid AOL and their fraud participation!!! i hope that these companies pay for what they are doin because it is wrong!!! i dnt know what to do!!!i canceled my card n these scammers are still calling my house!!!they wont leave me alone!!! how can this govmnt let this happen???...this is truly ther a way to blow these F***** on the internet so we can save ppl from this????!!!
    man the internet can b so helpful but yet soooo deceiving...ther should b a group dedicated to internet safety n they shud control all these scams...!!!

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  • Ol
    Olgairis Sep 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was one of those people who tried the sample and got hit with the charges right after. Also when I called to inquire the customer service woman Vanessa was so rude, hostile and combative. I guess they work off commisions, thats the only time they don't want you to cancel. Business must be really bad, now a days.

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  • Th
    theRight1Today Sep 29, 2009

    I just got off the phone with Rhima at CleanWhites and I think I had her more mad at me than I was mad at them. Lol. I let her know that I was testing their product and comparing it with another and I wanted to cancel my order so that I could have time to compare (since they only gave me 2 weeks for a trial). She tried to get me to extend my trial date for another 2 weeks. I told her 'no' because I don't want to have to remember to call back again. So she told me to send back the tube and I will not be charged the fee. Uh...excuse me? What fee? She said the tube is really a 30 day trial amount. Can someone please tell me where that is my fault or concern? Lol. She then said that it would be $6.99 to return the tube. I told her I refuse...that is not what the lady told me when she called to confirm that I still wanted this mess! She said "well you should have read our rules and policies." Ha! I think she wanted me to let her have it! But nope...not me. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor and would not take 'no' for an answer. She left for awhile and came back to say they were all in a meeting. I just let her know that I am not paying $6 to send back an empty tube! She gave me some code or shipment number to put on a regular USPS envelope and said "this is because you do not want to pay the $6.99 to ship it back UPS." I was thinking 'you're darn right I don't and neither does anyone else'. All the while I was online reading all of these comments on this page and then went online with my bank canceling my card. They think they're getting something else out of me...or back from me...NOT!!!
    And those DazzleSmile people won't be getting anything back either. They call themselves sending me an extra tray (which I didn't order) and want me to send it back. I had already called them and let them know I didn't receive it so they needed to reverse the charge. They did...but they made sure they said 'we are reversing the charge because you did not receive the item'. Funny thing is, about 5 minutes later the mail man came with the trays (a day later than the trial package). Oh well...I was going to send it back but after what I went through today with CleanWhites, I am not sending NOTHING BACK! These people are funny...and they have met their match!

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  • Sm
    SMangryashell Sep 29, 2009

    I also was taken in the product reviews and the so-called "trial period. The product does not work well in addition to the problem of the company billing your credit card $79.95 monthly. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. YOU ARE ASKING TO BE SCAMMED!!!.

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  • Bu
    Burbank 1 Sep 29, 2009

    Total scam. I agree with above comment that the major websites that allow these people to advertise should be held guilty as well. CNBC and ABC have to have recieved complaints, but they just keep on taking their money. I say boycott the people that allow them to advertise.

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  • El
    eldora Sep 30, 2009

    I used my bank debit card for the original $.99 & $1.98 SH charge for the free trial. I received multiple phone calls to my cell which stopped after a couple of days, as I told everyone that called to cancel, etc., only signed up for the free trial. I received the first tray and gel (did not say Cleanwhite), with my Dazzle. The 2nd came from Cleanwhite in about 10 days, and of course the date to cancel has already past. I got online and cancelled anyway. I have the response back saying they cancelled me. The, last week when I saw that Cleanwhites had charged me $79.95 twice within 3 days of each other, even after I told them I did NOT want any more products and to cancel I called them, to be on everlasting hold, so I called my bank. I explained to my bank what happened regarding this scam. She was looking at my account with me online. She cancelled my debit card, which a new one should be in my hands within 48 hours. The bank is also sending me paperwork to report what happened and includes an affidavit. I bring it to my bank in person, have it notarized there, and once that is completed, my account is credited in full. I still have the products and have not tried the trays. I am just waiting to see if I hear from these Scam artists again before I return it. I was drawn in by the advertisement, and clearly learned my lesson. Nothing is free.

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  • Hi
    highly pissed Sep 30, 2009

    These crooks got me too!!! I ordered for their $.99 14-day trial and thought I'd try it. Well 3 days after ordering and not even receiving the product I got charged $1.00 plus $50.95. What the HELL!!! I never agreed to that. I received a order confirmation call not even an hour after ordering online where they said I would get charged the $.99 and if not happy it's risk free and just send back the product bla bla bla... Okay well when I saw the charges I called to complain and cancel the order all together. After calling and waiting for a actual person which took hours...HOURS. They tried to tell me they didn't have any record of me ordering their product...WHAT THE HELL!!! Why am I getting confirmation calls and emails from them thanking me for ordering plus getting money taken out of my bank for the product huh????? Not once but twice... Then the girl said that she talked to her supervisor who said that I needed to send in my bank statement to verify I did get charged before they were able to proceed with cancelling my order and getting a refund. Are you kidding me. Hell No I'm not sending these people anymore information about me. I asked to talk to the supervisor directly and the girl just said "Oh well the supervisor will tell you the same thing that I just said" If I could have reached through that phone I would have at that point. Plus I just received the product that they had no record of me getting... Screw this.. I called my bank and they cancelled my card and blocked these scammers from taking anything else out plus are disputing this. I have called and left the company at least 20 messages to resolve this with all my information and order numbers and still to no surprise I have not heard from them but once to which I happened to not be home at the time. They said I needed to pretty much start all over again and call back on the message. By the time anything gets done this way I'll be broke and they'll be that much richer. Good Luck To Those With This Problem And To Those That Haven't Ordered...You Have Been Warned...

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  • Ke
    Kelly Simonsen Oct 02, 2009

    I had the same happen to me. 99 cents for one and 1.95 for the other. They called me the same day to confirm my order and told me th I would be enrolled in their membership with a monthly fee charged to my credit card automatically. I told them absolutely not, that I did not enroll in a membership and that was not even mentioned in their ad. They were to cancel my order immediately. They told me they could not do that, I had to call when I got the package. I told them that this is a scam and that I was reporting them to the Attorney General, but they must hear that a lot because he was not to concerned. I now know why I couldn't cancel over the phone at that time, was because they wanted to charge me the 6.95 for shipping. When I finally got the package and had only 4 days to try it because my 14 day trial was up it started the day I ordered it.


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  • Sh
    shuttersnapper Oct 02, 2009

    Oh god...they got me, too. $79.95 down the toilet. I looked up their website WHOIS, and the site is maintained by someone called
    Moniker Privacy Services, 20 SW 27th Ave.
    Suite 201
    Pompano Beach

    The representative I spoke with in order to cancel my "membership" said the company was based in Miami (Dade County, I think), so I recommend getting in touch with the county consumer fraud offices of Dade AND Broward county, as well as the Florida state Attorney General's office.
    As for myself, I think I'll just plan a trip to Florida to get at least $79.95 worth of satisfaction out of these thieves.

    New Braunfels, Texas

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  • Fr
    Frozai Oct 02, 2009

    I was too scammed by those sweet advertisements. After the trial products arrived and saw the so called "monthly payment" I called my bank to change my card number right away before the real pain charges come rolling in. So now I think I get to keep the trial products without paying anymore in the future. I'm so glad that I found this blog when I googled it (lol), thank you all for the information of these stupid scammers.

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  • No
    notsmilingaboutthis Oct 03, 2009

    I too wanted to get this "great deal". What a mistake. Three days after I ordered they called me to confirm my order. At that time I told them that I didn't want any more product. I hadn't even received it at that time. I made myself perfectly clear that I didn't want any more from them. When I cheked my debit card statement at the end of the month I was extremely pissed off to find not only one, but two charges from them on it. I called my card company and had that card cancelled and Monday morning I called them. The best way to get to speak to someone is to tell them you want to place an order. I asked the unfortunate guy that took my call why they are charging me for something I did not order? He told me that I am automatically enrolled unless I tell them otherwise. Well, I had told them otherwise when they called me. He didn't know what to say to this. After making sure he knew that what they are doing is wrong and crapy business practices he agreed to take the charges off. I will never order from them again. Tell everyone you know about this so maybe we can stop them before they take advantage of more honest people. What they are doing is wrong.

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  • Hm
    HMMrfd Oct 06, 2009

    Dazzlewhite at least will allow you to return the product but CleanWhites will not. I did not concern myself with fraud because I got the advertising from WLS Chicago radio of which I listen to on the internet. And the advertising is misleading because it makes you think that this stuff works in a couple of days. And the agreement is not plain to see or i would have seen it. They hide it and it should be where you are filling out the form and you should have to check it to accept. Misleading and fraud.

    Again I trusted WLS Chicago Radio Not anymore.

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  • Re
    REH Oct 06, 2009

    I am another sucker, I sent and got the trial offer of the little tooth paste they charged my debit card 6.99 for shipping, buy so far no more, because I went to our bank and canceled ny debit card. It is a big scam, the post sffice and the federal government should know about this company. If I knew how to turn them in I would, I have asked for the return label, but so far no label, they should use a gun, it would be quicker to rob the people.

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  • Da
    David234234234 Oct 08, 2009

    agreed. I canceled my order within 15 minutes of buying it. They charged be $49 then $48 and claimed they never charged that $48.. but my credit union said that $48 transaction came from the same company that charged the $49 one (cleanwhites). I don't really know what to do now that all of you are saying you're having the same problems. I hope I get my damn money back. This is ridiculous. Thanks for getting me enrolled in this crap.

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  • Eu
    Eulalia Oct 08, 2009

    I cancelled this way before my alloted time and theystill withdrew $ 79 from my bank account

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  • Xj
    xjenandjuicex Oct 12, 2009

    I had a feeling that something was off...but no I had to order the free trial anyway. I feel so stupid now because of course I did not read all of these complaints until I had already pressed submit!! I'm so pissed. I just ordered this ### about 30 min ago, because I read the story and I thought it was legit.

    After reading all of this though, I called my credit card company and cancelled my card!! I told them I lost my card, so they closed my account and are sending me a new one, with a new number. Hopefully because I did this I will not be charged anything else. They got 0.99 cents though! I don't even want this trial now, I am waiting for the phone calls to begin tomorrow morning!! :(


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  • Pi
    Pineapple8322 Oct 13, 2009't tell me i need to cancel my credit card to get away from this SCAM!!!
    I hate it...

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  • Lo
    lotero Oct 13, 2009

    same with me. These guys are actually arguing back that it's in the terms and agreement, but I don't ever recall saying I agree to anything when I purchased the "Risk Free" Trial in which all i was responsible for was shipping. The Ad is misleading and in my understanding is a violation of the FTC advertising law. The trial is misleading. Does anyone know where I can go to make a formal complaint to the FTC or to the BBB? Please email me at [email protected] under subject Clean Whites Complaint. Thanks!!

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  • Pi
    Pissed in CO Oct 14, 2009

    The same thing has happen to me!!! I called and went on line to cancel and I still got the product and charged $83. They told me that to return it was free and it was not!! This is the biggest scam. I am not sure what to do to stop the charges. I am on hold right now and I am pissed. I am not sure what I will say.

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  • Pi
    Pissed in CO Oct 14, 2009

    I just canx hopefully this will go thru. Charges up the butt! I am so pissed. I never signed up for a monthly supply that never stops. They also said they would pay to have this product returned and when I canx and called to as how to return they said that they do not pay. They also said the product was $49.95 is I chose to keep it, but I got a bill for $83. OMG!!! I put it out on my facebook as well about this. Everyone should know.

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  • Ho
    howlingmad Oct 17, 2009

    I too was taken by these predators. I called after receiving my 2nd pen because I didn't know I had 14 days to cancel. I called Monica no last names are used just id #'s (157881), no direct extentions, no legal dept, no phone numbers to their corp office, no nothing. Oh, and she kept putting me on hold before she would respond to any of my comments.
    I insisted on talking to her supervisor. She transferred me to Victor id#83931 after the third request I told him there was no mention of a 14 day trial period in their advertisement that it said a free 14 day trial just pay the shipping ( I thought that meant I was getting a sample) and told him they are were in violation of false adverstisement and fraud.

    His responce was it is the customers responsibility to read the terms and conditions. There was nothing in the Dazzlewhite package that mentioned anything about this. I went back to the website and clicked on the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and sure enough there it was in black and white.

    One thing I did notice on the web site is that you could chat live with a customer service rep and I could not help myself but to get on there and Chat. Of course I printed out the little chat that we had.

    I too would love to help take down these a holes, if you have any info or FREE tips (lol) on who I can contact please share with me at [email protected]

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