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I had contacted City Cosmetics several times over the past year regarding the issue of returning two products to them for a full refund. They have not and do not honor the guarantee on their products. I had been a very loyal City Cosmetics customer for over a year and a half, purchasing 136.00 worth of their Wrinkle Reverser and Skin Remodeler EVERY month for the last 16 months..that is 2176.00! If that isn't loyal, I don't know what is! I had not seen a dramatic difference in the texture and appearance of my skin within the first 6 months of use. I contacted a representative at City Cosmetics through a number listed on the Customer Service card they enclose with every order. I was told to keep using it, as results would develop over a short period of time and consistent use. About a month later, I called again inquiring about the refund, as I made it clear I was not seeing a difference in my skin. The woman on the other line gave me the run around, tried to offer me to buy MORE of their junk product and reassured me that I would see the results in about another month if I kept using it. Now I am not a 45 year old woman with skin gone to hell and never coming back - I am a 25 year old woman with a couple of laugh lines that I wanted to be rid of without plastic surgery. After month 15, I decided to go with something MUCH MUCH cheaper from another company (9.00) that you actually mix into your own ordinary cream. Within 4 days I saw a dramatic difference in the lines around my mouth. I was so surprised; I contacted City Face in regards to refunding my last purchase of 136.00 for the last two bottles I had ordered from them. I was not asking for the 2176.00 I WASTED on junk facial cream that did absolutely nothing - I was just asking them to honor their guarantee (which is listed on their website, ). I wrote them several emails regarding this issue. NOT ONCE was I contacted back! Not once did they bother to contact me and acknowledge me. They had total disregard for me as a customer, and refused to reach out to me and give the confirmation I needed to return the merchandise for a refund. They already had my money
- all 2176.00 of it -- so why would they? Not only was I lied consecutively to by their representatives just to keep me buying the product, but I was ignored.
To this day I shoot City Cosmetics an Email or two regarding this issue, and STILL I receive no answer. I have just about given up and tossed the empty bottles away. I just want everyone to know NOT to spend their hard earned cash on over priced junk that doesn't work and is manufactured by CITY COSMETICS. They are full of lies, and do NOT stand behind their guarantee.

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