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In 2008, my 86 year old mother accepted a CityBank card through ATT. She has Altzheimers and was placed in a home a few months later. Only problem is I had no knowledge that she had put my name down as a card user. I live in another state, had never made application for such a card, never co-signed, never used the card and had no knowledge of it. She fell 60 days behind on her payment in 2008.
Imagine my surprise to discover three days ago when obtaining a credit report that there was a negative report showing me as overdue, and lowering my credit score. I had enjoyed the highest ratings prior to this.
Since I was blindsided with this, I called CityBank and went through an absolute night mare of being denied any information as to who the card holder was, or any information. Finally, someone in the fraud department gave me a hint and enough information for me to figure out the story. But they refused to take it off MY CREDIT REPORT. Then they said if I would go to a local CityBank and present the report along with my ID, the Bank would take it off. Well, I discovered there is NO CityBank in Memphis. I called back and got the same run around.
I then notified the Credit Reporting Company that I was disputing this, but it takes them 30 days to make a decision.
What an idiot company and how in the hell have they survived doing business like this.
Imagine me applying for a card, and putting your name down, then defaulting (and you have no knowledge of this) and then months later your credit report is hit.
Avoid any dealings with this bunch. Ask where your credit card is coming from. If it is CityBank--tear it up.


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      Jul 08, 2009

    Since it was never your card, it should come off your credit report. You may want to check into it further for your mother, though, if you haven't already.

    And yes, CitiBank is a poor bank (I know, it's a bad pun). I've had problems with both CitiFinancial and CitiMastercard and no longer have accounts with either. If I ever need special financing in the future, and the offer is from CitiBank, I'll pass.

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      Dec 21, 2011
    CityBank - Denied in services
    United States

    Hello my name is Estefany I recently decided to apply for a CitiBank Student Dividend Visa Card and was denied . The reason for my denial was because i have limited credit history, which makes complete sense since I am just starting to create credit for myself. When speaking to numerous CR's i was told that my credit limit history would not be an issue since its a student card. What I am not understanding is how you have a website that promotes student cards for those who have average credit and credit history will not be an issue. Another reason I was denied was because I had a delinquent debt for when i started college which i ended up paying once i was able to work to pay it off. My debt was settled and at the time of my debt I was a college student who was just taken off insurance. I was told once my debt was paid I will be able to get a card because it will show as paid on my credit report which it has since I have spoken to them personally. Student cards state they are for students trying to build credit for themselves and this is what I am trying to do for myself, but I continue to take hard inquiries on my credit. even after i do the right thing and pay my debts off these banks still find something wrong to pick at. I would like to start building my credit and not have it based on things I had no control of, I believe i showed how responsible I can be by actually paying my debt which most people do not do.

    I would like a recon because I believe I didnt get a fair opportunity.I would like Citibank to reconsider my application and help be create my credit, because I know I can show how responsible I am and now that I am going away to school it will be greatly needed.

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