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City Of Los Angeles Parking Violation BureauTerrible experience

On the day of the pre elections my mom when to vote, she parked on a no stopping sign, she did not see it but she understood that if she got a ticket it was her problem. She got a ticket for $45, so she thought. After she paid the ticket that was given o her on the 2/5/08 she send a payment for $45 on 2/14/08, two months after she got another letter letting her know she did not pay the ticket in full, she was asked to pay an additional $25, she did on 4/1/08. now 6 months latter she gets another letter telling her that she has to pay $80, because her last payment was one day overdue. we are extremely pissed off. The city of los angeles is only traing to take money from their citizens. I hate this stupid city we live in. The stupid as parking enforcement do not even know how to write clear. We hate this whole thing, now not me or anyone of my family members will vote. Sorry but california will not have 29 votes. Thanks to this stuped asssssss city. lets hope this helps in the elections. Do not that say every vote counts. well we hate the city of los angeles for doing this to people who work hard and are people who used to care about their city.


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    raine0001 Nov 13, 2008
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    While visiting LA I pulled into a parking space in front of a restaurant off of S. Vermont. I acknowledged the parking attending walking my way as I was parking, I stepped out of my vehicle and said to the parking officer I was going to go inside to get change. The officer nodded his head and walked past my car.

    I went into the café and had to wait in a short line to get change. I came out of the café to see the officer writing me a parking ticket. I asked the officer if he see me park and acknowledged I was going into get change. He said yes he did. Then he went on to say that’s why he walked past my vehicle and started on 2 vehicles behind my car and wrote me the ticket when he got to mine. It took me about 1 minute to get change and he literally wrote my ticket as I was putting the first quarter into the machine.

    I should note the officer was very nice and expressed his condolences for the ticket then walked off, I'm sure with a bit of a grin. I am not familiar with your parking laws but I would imagine that you would extend the courtesy of allowing someone a minute or two to obtain change for the meters.

    I sent in a complaint to the city but they of course said "too bad" as well. Now, I'm not from LA and was visiting for a brief business meeting. This will be my last time in LA - don't think I'm missing too much - especially the warm hospitality. I think New York just moved up a notch.

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    D.L. Hitt Aug 09, 2009

    An obvious abuse of process the ticketing officer has committed. Knowingly, willfully, and outside of discretion. The same is betting that nothing will become of it. You need to check the codes and find that you are complying with the codes, city, county, state, and U.S. Codes to confirm your willingness to comply with an arbitrary system designed to create revenue over freedom or liberty and dignity. Is parking code ratified, then are all required by code to carry special change under penalties, then did the city make allowance through the officer represent fairness and reason. This is the time to file suit against the city and rep. personally for damages. For redress of unreasonable practices. You will win. Many people will appreciate your efforts, and maybe even change the entire parking system of contest for your exposure.

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  • Los Angeles Parking Enforcement is a SCAM! It has been known for a long time that this is one of the easiest ways for the city to make money, as most citizens dont contest the tickets because of time or money concerns. So Los Angeles Parking Enforcement officers issue fraudulent tickets all the time, it is a known and documented practice. While some of these tickets are contested, the majority is not!

    anyone who tries to give you "valid" reasons for working as a parking enforcement officer is full of it! these people enjoy doing this, they enjoy seeing other people's suffering.

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    justcoolin Nov 16, 2009

    Here's a good one for you. We vacationed this past June. Flew from VA to CA into Sacramento, rented a car, drove throughout northern CA, into Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. and ended up in South Dakota. We eventually drove to Denver where we caught a flight. This all took place over a couple of weeks. A month after we are home, we receive a parking violation from the City of Los Angeles. We have never been in Los Angeles in our lives. It started at $60.00 and has ballooned to $130.00. I have provided evidence to Budget Rental Car that we were not there the date in question. They said that we could have driven from South Dakota and back in a day and caught a flight out of Denver - what is wrong with these people?

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    craigmichael Jan 30, 2012

    On 01/20/2012, between 5:00p.m. and 6:00p.m., my family was at the Sherman Oaks barber shop, Archie's of Hollywood, and we were lucky enough to park our two family cars next to each other on the street right in front of the shop. We put a half an hour of time on our two meters. Getting close to the time expiring and needing to put more money in the meter, my wife went out to do so. First in the one car, as the meter parking person was just parking his car. Upon seeing my wife putting money in the meter for the second vehicle, he told her it was illegal to do so and that she could not put money in random meters that had expired. At this time, he had not yet started to write out the ticket when my wife told him that both cars were hers. He laughed at her, told her she was lying and proceeded to write out the ticket even though the meter was blinking green. My wife then put her head into the shop to tell me that the parking person had just written her a ticket because he told her he didn't believe that both cars were hers.

    I got up from the barber's chair and saw him running to his car and quickly pulling away. I saw him park a half a block down and get out of his car to ticket another vehicle. I walked to his car, waiting for him to return. When he got done writing his latest ticket and returned to his car, I calmly asked him to call the police. He didn't even ask me who I was or what it was about, and without prompting or hesitation said the "lady was not allowed to put money in other cars than hers". The only thing I can think of is that he saw me as he was running to his ca rand recognized me. Again, I calmly asked him to call the police and that I wanted a cop there to witness our discussion. Again, he refused, saying that he would take care of the ticket. I asked him what that meant and he said he would "void it out". I asked for his card and his name but he assured me it would not be necessary. I asked him how or why I should trust him and he said he "would not lie". I asked him if it was true that tickets could not be voided once written and he said "don't worry about it". I told him that I understand that he had a tough job and must have to deal with a fair share of irate people but that doing what he had done was not helping his cause. I then thanked him for "voiding the ticket" and went back to my family.

    At no time did I touch him or act in a threatening manner and my insistence to have a Police person present was to avoid any misrepresentation of this incident. Sadly, my mistake was trusting him and not calling the police myself.

    Little did I know that he had no intention of making this situation right when I received the original ticket in the mail on 01/28/2012. To further continue his lie, he hand wrote on the ticket, "Irate Citizen". The officer's name was P. Reth, serial #3054, Beat 309, Agency 53. The ticket he printed out had as a footnote, "No Activity/Unattended, to further misrepresent the facts. I am sure he had a good laugh at me, my wife and family's expense as he bragged to his fellow workers how he pulled one over on another stupid driver.

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