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Citicard / CiticorpCredit rights for consumer

Lori Kelsey
1040 Gardencrest Dr
Kingman AZ 86409

Citi Cards
PO Box 6077
Sioux Falls SD 57117


Citibank Cards
PO Box 20286
Kansas City MO 64530

Dear Office of Comptroller of Currency May 17, 2009

My problem with Citi Bank Cards began May 13, 2007 when I was over charged by $4, 000.00 to move 350 miles from California to Arizona. The well known Customer Service Representative S.Larson denied my dispute. However prior to denying my claim. I had used my credit card so when they added the charges back on my bill without notice I was over my limit. I made my monthly payments on time and was paying more than what was required. Then in May, 2008 I received a notice form United Collection Bureau Inc. Citi Cards turned me over to this collection agency even though I was making my monthly payment on time. I sent them $1, 800.00 bringing my account balance to $3, 548.77 I was now current, and had nothing was past due. May 30, 2008 I received another notice from United Collection Bureau Inc. informing me I was in collection due to my past due account with Citi Cards. I called United Collection Bureau Inc. and Citi Cards to inform them that I was no longer past due and wanted my account taken out of collections immediately. I was rightfully upset because my account was current and this will affect my credit rating. I continued to make my monthly payments sending more than what was requested. July 15, 2008 I received a letter from Citicorp Credit Services requesting $340.30. The letter stated this was the minimum amount due. How can this be? I called immediately and spoke to G.Stevens and disputed the $340.30 and the letter I received from him. I received nothing more regarding this $340.30 and United Collection Bureau Inc. never sent me any more collection notices HURRAY!! So I thought.

Citi Cards was not done sending my account to collections. October 30, 2008 I received a notice from Academy Collection Service Inc. (ACS) stating I owed $3202.99 as of Oct. 31, 2008. I called Citi Cards however they had cut me off from calling. They would not accept my phone calls and the computer message directed me to call ACS. What is this? I am unable to contact my credit card company because they sent my account to collections unjustifiable for the 4th time? I then contacted ACS and sent a letter dated November 7, 2008 to ACS and Citi Cards with copies of my last four statements from June, 2008 to October, 2008 proving my account was current and I had nothing past due. In my letter I told them “To figure out what and why this keeps happening” and “I wanted a call explain the problem.” I also said “I expect Citi Bank Card and Academy Collection to fix my credit report!” I heard absolutely nothing from either ACB or Citi Card. I also tried to close this account and was told would have to pay the full amount to close my account. Neither company contacted me. Nothing new!

On November 19, 2008 I sent Citi Bank Card another letter informing them “I can screw up my own credit rating and really didn’t need their help.” I told them that “My account can stay in collections and I was no longer responsible for what was owed because of the following:”
1) Not talking to me when I called asking “Why my account was in collections?”
2) Not informing me as to why they sent my account to collections? Even after receiving my letter and statements showing my account was current?
3) When I tried contacting Citi Card and he computers message told me NOBODY WOULD SPEAK TO ME and to call the collection agency!!
4) Not investigating my dispute. Not reading any of the paperwork I sent as proof. My paper work was full proof I should have never been denied my $4, 000.00.
5) Not notifying or warning me that my dispute was denied and the charges I was credited would go back on my bill. NO NOTICE NO COURTESY.
6) I am tired of your unprofessional, unethical, and the games you played with MY life and my credit.

The main reason I am not willing to pay on this account is because Citi Bank Card blocked my calls and nobody at Citi Card would talk to me, call me or give any response or explanation. Not even during my dispute I would leave message and nobody would call me back. If I requested a phone call, no one ever contacted me instead they blocked my calls and that is why I do not owe them one red cent!

Then on March 1, 2009 Citi Bank Card sent me 13 envelopes all at once. My account has been turned over to collections. Citi Card has not contacted me nor have I received any statements, letters nothing from Citi Bank Card since November 2008. How does this make sense? My credit is ruined because of their poor, unprofessional, wrong, unethical, and dirty business practices.

First of all my Citi Card Services didn’t investigate my dispute. Had Citi Card read my papers they would have known that my moving company called “We Love to Move” has received an “F” with the BBB. The infamous S.Larson never read the information I sent along with 3 estimates from three other moving companies whose rates were $2, 000.00-$3, 000.00 less. I also sent a copy of a co-workers invoice that moved 2, 250 miles and paid a lot less than I did moving 350 miles. I disputed my moving charges with another credit card company and they honored my dispute.

I sent hard core evidence to S. Larson, had my evidence been read and handled properly my dispute would not have been denied. I have heard NOTHING from Citi Bank Card Since November 2008 and now I am being harassed by their collection agency for money they have had no interest in for 7 months. What am I to do?

But mostly because they’re so called Customer Service person S.Larson who seems to have been conjured up. S. Larson never signs her name but stamps her name on ever document sent from Citi Card. S. Larson never answers calls or returns messages. Why has nothing been done about Citi Bank Cards business practices? You must have received numerous complaints because I found thousands of complaints from people around the world on how unfair and immoral Citi Bank Card treats their customers. There are thousands of complaints against the S.Larson. These complaints were easy to find.
Why hasn’t something been done to help the consumer especially since my tax money helped them out of their financial mess? How come Citit Card doesn’t help their customers? Don’t we deserve to be bailed out in these tough times? They have no compassion and could care less about their customers. I sincerely hope my concerns are taken serious and many changes will be made in regards to Citi Bank Card.

Lori Kelsey

cc:John Carey of CitiBank

Citi Cards
PO Box 20286
Kansa City MO 64513

Witness Statement #1

To Whom This May Concern, 11/20/2008

This is regarding Citi Card/Citi Corp and how they disregarded Lori Kelsey’s phone calls.

November 2008 I Patrick O’Hara listened t the recorded messages from Citi Cards telling Lori Kelsey they were not accepting her calls and to contact the collection agency.

I Patrick O’Hara certify by my signature that the above statement(s) are true.

Citi Cards
PO Box 20286
Kansa City MO 64513

Witness Statement #2

To Whom This May Concern, 03/02/2009

This is regarding Lori Kelsey receiving 11 envelopes from Citi Card/Citi Corp. all on the same day.

All 11 envelopes arrived on March 1, 2009 from Citi Card/Citi Corp

I Patrick O’Hara certify by my signature that the above statement(s) are true.

Lori Kelsey
1040 Gardencrest Dr.
Kingman AZ 86409

Seidberg Law Offices, P.C.
Attorney at Law
2412 E. Campbell Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85011

Dear Joseph L. Whipple, June 11, 2009

Please be advised that the above account for Citibank is currently being challenged. I have sent numerous complaints to Attorney General(s), FTC, The Office of Comptroller Currency, FDIC, BBB, Consumer Affairs, US Justice Dept., Federal Reserve Complaint (OMB), Citibank, ARM Collections and John Carey of Citibank. Some of my complaints have been acknowledged and they have started their investigation(s). How long do these investigations take? I have no idea! I only know that Citibank’s business practices are unethical, unprofessional, unscrupulous inappropriate and criminal. The way they have treated and handled me and my account has been deceitful, fraudulent and disingenuous and I plan on contesting and disputing Citibank and their business practices.

Please let me know if you need or require any other information regarding my account.

Lori Kelsey


  • 06
    06SteelhorseRKC Aug 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used the Citi card to purchase an entire kitchen for renovation. This was on 12 months zero interest plan. I set up the payments up for direct debit, for $200 on the 10th and $200 on the 25th. This would pay off the balance in time ( within the 12 months zero interest plan ) first month no payment, on either the 10th or the 25th. After receiving an invoice that stated I have not made my payment, I called Citi and ask them why they did not debit my account on the agreed-upon amount on the 10th and 25th as I had set up. They told me they were sorry for this inconvenience and they would immediately start debiting my account on the agreed-upon days. The 10th rolled around in my account was debited $100. On the 25th No payment was debited at all. I contact the Citi and ask them why they were not debiting my account on the agreed-upon dates for the agreed-upon amount. They stated I had no direct debit on my account. I told them I can send the bank copies showing where the acount was debited for $100 which is half the agreed-upon amount on the 10th, and never debited my account on the 25th. They stated they had no record of direct debits coming from my account. They never straightend out the direct debiting, only $100 was coming out of the account only the 10th. Then I was suspended at work, ( that's a whole different story, ) I called city to let them know that I would be suspended for 90 days, and could we work something out. They told me to make a $50 payment, I told them to continue the direct debit put for that amount, and when my suspension was complete and I receive my next paycheck I would continue on with my payments for the next month they took a $50, payment the next month, and my credit union for some unknown reason decided not to honor the direct debit. That's when Citibank called and stated that I owed $236 this was on July 8 and if I paid amount I would be current. I asked what my July payment would be as it was owed on the 11th and they stated $135. I asked what August payment would be, they stated $85. I asked why was July's payment $135, and August $85. They stated it was due to fees and penalties for July. I told them that is the account was current prior to the July payment on the 11th why was I being charged penalties and fees for the July payment? They told me the penalties and fees were charged in advance. How can you charge someone penalties and fees when an account is current in advance? I told them I would be happy to bring the account current if they would make the next payment $85 commiserate with the August payment. They told me they could not do that and they can refer me to a hardship payment plan and cancel my account. I told them I wish to keep the count, and if they would just Bill the July's payment reflecting it being current I wouldn't have a problem with all the other erroneous fees and penalties that they had charged me in the past. Not only that but at this point, this has been going on for year and then now added a 600+ interest payment because it had not been paid off in a year. All this over 50 bucks. Citi deliberately does not comply with your telling them a payment procedure, and then are capricious and punitive in their ways of collection. I have spoke to six different representatives and even requested a manager call back which I took, and after hours on the phone with these people they still the demand that lousy 50 bucks though if the account is current and the payment is made by the due date why should I owe penalties and fees. They, nor I can get our heads wrapped around why I should have to pay $50 in payment fees and penalties if the account his current. At this point after talking to the last representative, I've come to the conclusion that they really don't want it paid. So I told him to go ahead and charge it off. I'll shop at Lowe's, and dispute it on my credit report. All over $50.

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  • Di
    disgusted with citicorp Oct 17, 2011

    I sent 2 checks to citicorp to pay my sept credit card bill and they claimed they received only 1 check.(I did the same thing the month before and they had no problem receiving both checks) I have tried to speak with someone to clear this up and their told me they would contact me and for me to do nothing. I email them twice and they ignored my email. When I called the 2nd time, they just hung up on me. They have made no effort to find the check and every effort to ignore me. Do not get a Citicorp card, if they make a mistake, they expect you to pay for it

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  • Ja
    jasonD7710 Jun 25, 2011

    citicorp is the worst. You are truly lucky to get to speak to a verifiable citicorp rep before they toss your account aside (even if you are paid to date and not late). Then just try to get a verification of who they tossed your accounts to, and why these people, some posing as attorneys, refuse to provide verification of the debt.
    cold, rude, inhuman, unconcerned that the economy is affecting probably the vast majority of people's ability to pay their inflated minimums and userous interest rates.
    good decision to leave.

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  • Fr
    Frank Eliason Jun 24, 2011

    I work for Citi in customer service. I apologize for the experience you had with one of our representatives, and I'm concerned about it. We appreciate your business and value you as a customer, but I do realize we didn't prove that to you during this last conversation. I'd really like to look into this experience if you'd give me a chance. Again, I'm sorry. Please send me a note, my email address is below.

    Frank Eliason, Citi
    Customer Service & Advocacy
    [email protected]

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  • Iv
    Ivette_P Jun 22, 2011

    Citicorp just did this to me. I set up auto-pay and they neglected to withdraw the last payment. They called my house and were nasty when I asked to give me an explanation of why the auto-pay was stopped. I am not doing business with this type of company again.

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  • Iv
    Ivette_P Jun 22, 2011

    I received a phone call from Citicorp today. I have many businesses with Citibank, Citicards, and Citimortgage, so I answered the phone. I was advised to hold and was put on the phone with Laura ID#LC9165. She was the most unprofessional and disrespectful representative I have ever spoken with. According to her monopolized conversation, she was calling from the collections department. First of all, I have excellent credit scores and I am never late on any of my payments, so of course I was very surprised about the matter of this call. She was rude, didn’t have much regard for answering questions, and opposed to transferring me to a supervisor. She advised me that the electronic withdraw was cancelled/stopped on April and had 1 more payment pending (May) which was late. I asked her the reason why the electronic payment was stopped and she couldn’t give me an answer. I asked again and told her that I needed to know the reason why it was canceled and the payment was not withdraw and she told me to stop talking and let her talk. When I told her that I aggravated to the point of withdrawing all my business with Citibank, CitiCard, and Citimortage due, her answer was “go ahead if that is your decision.” So, I am on my way to the bank to close all my accounts and later will be calling all my citi related credit cards to cancel them. I’ll be looking into other banks to refinance my house with next week. Keep on hiring great, polite and professional individuals like Laura Citicorp. Soon you will have not customers!!

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  • Sa
    Salmon Nov 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Three months ago I set up all of my monthly payments to all bills to be paid with auto-pay on the day I get my Social Security. I have a Fred Meyer Jewelry credit card and somehow this account didn't go through on auto-pay. Sept-Oct I spent a month in CA getting cancer treatment. When I returned home to Anchorage AK I had a stack of overdue notices from this account. I called them to arrange to get the account current. I have now spent one month getting calls 3-4 times EVERY DAY demanding immediate payment. Meanwhile they are charging me $35 for each of the 3 months the account wasn't pd and $35 late fee. I keep trying to talk to them to make some kind of payment arrangement but they refuse to negotiate at all. Before this happened I didn't even know the Fred Meyer account was owned by Citicorp. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.

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  • Ro
    Robert Boyle Dec 15, 2009

    Lori: I applaud your efforts. I have been fighting a similar battle with Citi and was amazed to see many of the same criticisms of their practices. For one I agree, S. Larsen letters generally are not connected to the facts on the ground...meaning all the phone calls, letters, faxes offered have little to do with their responses.

    I am just entering the "go get a lawyer stage" and went on line today to get a copy of the Card Agreement...guess what doesn't exist even though the new consumer bill of rights law will require it.

    I personally believe their dispute department is designed to "frustrate", mis-state and manipulate cases to their benefit.

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  • Pa
    Pam56 Sep 28, 2009

    Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. required I miss a payment in order to put me on a payment plan. I asked them several months to put me on a payment plan, but after repeatedly being told I had to miss a payment in order for them to do so, I missed my July 18th payment. After I missed a payment they put me on a payment plan. The letter for the payment plan dated August 7th, 2009 stated the balance owed on the account as of July 23rd and sets up a 9.9% 58 month payment plan for $226.00. BUT they are reporting me late. They tell me I have to pay the payment I missed of $277.00 plus a $39.00 late fee which they've waived in order to not be reported late. I paid $51.00 so they wouldn't report me as late as they were reporting me as the customer service rep who waived the late fee told me to do. One customer service representative told me eventually I won't show late if I stay on the payment plan. the letter from Citi says, "Please pay the agreed upon amount even if a different amount is printed on your monthly billing statement." The customer service empoloyees I talk to tell me the agreement doesn't say it takes care of the late amount and at the same time they tell me if I pay the late amount it will reduce the number of payments I have to make. This makes no accounting sense. They contend they will continue to show me late until I make an additional payment which their own agreement tells me not to make.
    The Federal Trade commission at [protected] says they need to receive more complaints to show a pattern of complaints to do anything.
    The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency [protected]; says I first need to write Citicorp at 701 E 60th St N; Sioux Falls, SD 57117 and then if I receive no response file a complaint on line at their web site.
    In the meantime, I'm being reported late even though I've done what they told me to do.
    This is crooked and underhanded. And it makes no accounting sense that I'm to pay them ahead on the agreement in order to not be reported late. The Ally Bank commercials have it right; even a child can see through this.
    Pam Lloyd-Camp
    [email protected]
    954 Phillips Ave.
    Toledo, OH 43612
    If Citicorp, Home Depot has done this to you also, please complain to the FTC and Citicorp and the OCC.
    Thank you.

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  • Br
    Brian Bloom Oct 18, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife and I worked out an agreement with Citicorp that allowed them to automatically deduct our payment from our bank account each month. Citicorp did this all the way until the last payment. They did not take the last payment, and instead, sent us a notice that our payment was late. They attached a large late fee on to it and are now demanding this extra money. When we inquired as to why they stopped, they claimed that the arrangement had expired. Convenient. We told them that we would send them the original final payment only and be done with them. They now call my house a minimum of four times a day. Beware of this fraudulent practice.

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