Circle K with Shell Gasthe rude employee

I Aug 11, 2018

Forgive my improper use of punctuation and grammar..on vacation passing thru and just wanna get to rhe point of this.

2959 College Dr Baton Rouge LA.

Yall got a dumb and super lazy and rude one working here right now. AUG 10th 1153pm..On her phone ignoring me. Had to repeat what I said four times. She pretended I was not speaking loud enough and didn't hear me say $30 on pump 7. Then after paying $30 gas she wouldn't let me and my 5yr old daughter use the bathroom. She said I told her she must not like her job and I told her she would be fired soon... Then I called her a lazy [censored]! (Didn't say in front of my daughter.. She had left before me back to car) my daughter picked up on her rudeness and she is only 5. If I had been who I was in my past I would of handled the situation in a uncivilized manner. She is lucky.. Y'all need to fired immediately.

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