Circle K Storesdiscrimination and harassment and unjust firing of employees at circle k

Unusr firing of an emplee this is a long story
My son workes at cirlcle k. Just for fyi he acerged 50 hours a week or more in 2 years call in once .i went to drop him off one day and i almost got jumped by a customer after they were told i accused them of steeling . Naturally my son stuck up for me. The customer was in my face then the guy said my son lied on him by a circlek/ subway employee. Well that employee was there so my son said you neeter come tell the truth now . Finally the kid told the truth my son didnt say what he accused him of saying. So this kidd supervier pushd and pushed son to get a writw up. It is what it is but it didnt stop there she started talking to eveyone customers maonly about it looked at thestore film and put it on her phone to show other customers. Then a few weeks later she heard ky son called her the b word. Pleade note its hear say. There were 2 people ther one was a friend of this manager . He said my sob said it. The other whitneess said he didnt but he got let go. Since then this cirlce k subwya emplyee is telling everyone what happpend and continues to show the toher indiecnet on her phone. Well the other i was at circle k the cops were called for someone begging for money. When thebcop left she asked him to ask me to leave and not come back and claims they dont allow loitering. Have you know there were 3 of us talking there werw allowed to stay but i wasnt. I now think this is discrimation. We we all talking i wasnt there for more then maybe 20 mins
It was repoted ti the corporate office qho said she said i came in the store making a scene . Note never stepped foot in store and she claims my son threatend her. Seveal whitness outside can say he didnt she contines to tell customers the lies above
.my son tslked to a lady Amanda she has done nothing and never callled back as promised . I called to no retuen call. So i tomd her voice mail its time for a laywer as circle k wont handle the problem then a girl from anther store cones over to work and want there for the fist incident but was with the other emplyees and asked sign a statement my sin pushed the lid. They refueed to sign. We both approched the guy who claims he called the lady the b wors off of cirlce k property and thy claimed we were bamd by corporate but we u derstnad that not true and not sure how i can be bamd if on on circle propery. We went to sheets the other night and soome onewe knew told us vicky thebcirclk / subway emplyee told her what happes. Why do customer k ow what happed who were not there. They are serveal other too. Now woth that being said she is still talking crap about both of us and i have called subway which is in the circlk amd they say its subway problem and subway says it a circle k problem
Nothinf happed to this empluee for lieing and putting me in danger its against policy to bad mouth emplyees and to say they were fired. Want want someone who will do something to contsct me. We a being harrasewd ans slandered ny her all over town. I i have contacted a lawyer and circle k/ can be in lot of trounle for not stopping this per there own policy . Just and fyi when i was out side talking to the customer and i was told to leave i was the only white person . And she is black she only has on white perosn working her who is an older lady probaly in seventys and she complains about her. So with at being said i believe im being disting against and my son too. I hope i will get a call regarding this mattee so i dont need to get an attongey i care not to speak to Amada or Helen as they have done nothing thanks for your time Penny cummings [protected]

Oct 05, 2019

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