Circle K Storesnight shift employee

J Nov 10, 2019

I have manufacturer coupon from american spirit for $4.00 of a pack. Nowhere on there does it say 1 per transaction. I had wanted to buy 4 packs like I always do and use 4 coupons. I have never had a problem with any other employee or time of day doing this they always smile and do the transaction. The night shift employee at meridain and university in apache junction told me I could not do it, I tried to show him the coupons and he refused and said 1 at a time, so I told him ok 1 at a time, then he told me no. I wont do it, I asked why? He said I do not want to. I said excuse me, what did you say? He said I do not want to do it at all, and took the cigerettes from the counter. He was dressed in wrinkled cloths and looked like he just woke up from a nap. Hair was not combed. My mother works for your company. She has been a loyal employee for 35 years now. This is getting out of hand with employees not doing or just plain not wanting to do thier jobs.

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