Circle K Storesemployee/ customer service

A Oct 13, 2019

I have been to the Circle K located on The corner of S. Arlington Rd. And Wilbeth Ave. many times but the last 2 times I visited this store were horrible and I won't be back! At least not to that Circle K location anyways. Both times I came there were in the middle of the night, when only the service window is open. I came up to the service window and there was a sign that said "Be back in 15 min". I understand that your employees need bathroom breaks and such but there was a lady outside waiting in line also who said that she had been there twice and the sign was up there both times. Both times were within the last 2 weeks. Maybe mthere were several other customers waiting. I waited 10 minutes and still no one came to the window so I left. The last time I came there I had forgotten to get gas earlier that day and barely made it to that Circle K on an empty tank. I was so happy I made it to a gas station before I ran out of gas on the side of the road or something. Only to find out that yet again there was no employee in sight. This time there wasn't even a sign in the window. But I waited again, even longer this time than before, for fear that I might not make it to another gas station. Eventually after waiting a long time I had to leave and thank god I made it to the Circle K down the street. But I have never In my life came to a gas station late night or any time of day, or night for that matter, that had no employee there to Help customers. That's absolutely ridiculous!

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