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On August 1, 2019 I attempted to buy a scratch off. The assistant manager asked me where the scratch off was behind the counter and I replied I didn't know. I wasn't sure why he was asking me this. So he refused to sell to me. He said I looked suspicious with my phone in my hand and he was convinced I was going to give the scratch off to someone else. The scratch off was for me. But even it I did buy the ticket for someone else... that isn't illegal. He told Louisiana lottery that he has never seen me before which still isn't a reason not to allow me to buy one. The customer service is poor. No one returns my calls. [protected]. This is the only gas station I ever go to but he's made doing to other places more appealing.


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      Dec 15, 2019

    So he wanted you to list off the associated # instead of a game name since behind the counter where they're store it has corresponding #s and didnt want to play where's waldo for the 100000th time?

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  •   Dec 15, 2019

    But you didn't even know what the fvk kind of scratch off your l wanted. He can't sell your l something if you don't know wtf it is you are buying.

    In the bodegas in the Bronx they have them rolled up in a plexiglass case and numbered. You say you want a number 5. He tears you off a number 5 and you pay the price. Then you play and lose our tax money.

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