Cinnaboncinnabon bites

After being standing on line for about 10 waiting for the girl to finish to talk with her colleague I had to ask another employee for take my order with he had I scare face just like the others they never had a smile in the store, the buns had a weird shape with no enough butter on the top so I asked to put some on the top of mine he didn't like and said I had to pay for I told him that I didn't want extra just the amount that the bun was supposed to have then someone else took over and put so much butter that was a mess I saw it went I got home other wise I wouldn't bought it but the worst was there was a huge hair inside of the bun, this was not the first time they don't treat me well there so I kept going back there because I love Cinnabon it's always my last stop before go home but enough it's enough after the hair with make me vomit I am not going back there that store needs a inspection.

Oct 08, 2019

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