Cinemark Southpoint Employee Stephanieworst customer service ever!!!

T Aug 07, 2018

I orderd plain white chocolate for my son and one ice mocha for myself . When I got my order it was coffee thanks to my son he noticed it it was a wrong order I told her that I got a wrong order She was very unprofessional instead of saying sorry she gave me an attitude and said white chocolate has a coffee even though i said plain they put coffee to all order not unless i said no coffee even i stated that its for my kid and said plain . The thing is I know that she messed up and she knows it too. Since at the beginning she is chatting to
co workers and not paying attention to my order its not a surprise she messed up but the fact she is arguing with me without evwn saying sorry that he gave me a wrong order . She new a child will drink it made my day feel really bad plus her attitude made my experience even worst.

  • Updated by Tiger8888 · Aug 07, 2018

    I approach Echols he said he is a senior manager, so I told him what happened and that her staff is giving me an attitude. I told him that I specifically told the agent Stephanie ( 2nd flr, southpoint cinemark / main cinema entrance) I ordered hot plain white chocolate drink for my son. Echols said even I said plain they still put coffee ☕️ . In short i felt they are ganging up on me both of them made me felt the worst possible he did not even tap what my concern was Stephanie is already giving me an attitute towards me giving me a wrong order and now they are telling me if I order plain white chocolate as clear as the word plain hope like seriously . They are destroying the image of cinemark !!! hope corporate will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

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