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E Mar 07, 2017 Review updated:

My husband and I took my parents to cicis pizza in roanoke va and they are hispanic and speak no english. First off everyone is human and has feelings I was appauled that none of the employees that were cooking the pizzas would not ask her if she needed help. I had to get up and help her myself. There are people that work behind the counter that speak spanish. And then the pizza was really greasy and they didnt have half the pizzas that are advertised on the menu. The only friendly staff that I feel deserve a hands up or as I call it an atta girl are the ones that were bussing the tables. The employees treated my mother like she was trash or invisble.


  •   Mar 07, 2017

    She was invisible. It is a buffet where it is assumed you can help yourself, which is the whole point. As a guest, it is YOUR responsibility to assist anyone in YOUR party if they can not figure out the buffet. As for not having the menu items, again, it is a rotating buffet. They can only cook so many pies at a time. Did you even ASK for something not on the menu? You sound like the kind of person who finds something to ### about no matter where you go.

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