Christian Carter's Relationship turnarounditem returned; charges not reversed


I ordered Relationship turnaround, with satisfaction guaranteed or money back. I was not satisfied, returned the product, but did not receive a refund of money. they have made 2 debits of $29.97 from my acct since i returned it. I want the charges reversed asap!


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    charsie Oct 09, 2008

    I have the same problem. I didn't even order this item, and it was deducted from my savings account trhough my debit card. I tried emailing them, the email is bocus. I called them, no one answers. I called their 800 number, left two messages, no return message yet.

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  • Su
    Sue Nov 13, 2008

    On 10/30/08, I received three packages from this company which I did not order. I did an internet search on the company and found this site and /link removed/ Three days later my credit card company called in reference to excessive charges on my card. There were at least 15 charges two of which were Christian Carter and David DeAngelo. I cancelled my card and am now going to have to spend time getting these charges off of my account.

    I guess my credit card was stolen on line from the data base of some company I have ordered from in the past. I have no proof that Christian Carter stole my credit card but I would think if some hacker stole it they would not order merchandise and send it to me. I never received any other merchandise from the other charges on my card so that stuff must have gone to whoever stole my card.

    My credit card company said that unfortunately this happens so often they can not investigate every fraud claim - so these people get away with it and we pay higher interest rates to cover the loss.

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