Chowkingchopsuey rice

D Dec 02, 2019

I bought the Chopsuey Rice from the Starmall branch (take out) last Dec 1 and all the while I thought that it was properly packaged so I wasn't worried that it would spill or anything.

I rode the UV Express going to Antipolo but half way through the trip, I felt something dripping on my bag and in my lap, even until my legs and I realized that the paper bag where it was placed was already wet and dripping. I was so frustrated because not only was it messy, it was also very inconvenient because I had to look for a bag or container to put it to so that it won't spill any further. I was also wondering if there's still enough sauce into it by the time I get home.

True enough, the rice (with its wax paper packaging) and the Chopsuey (which was almost dry because the sauce had already dripped) looked so soggy and unappealing. When I took a picture of it, I even had it arranged. The truth is, the rice was already on the section where the Chopsuey was and it really looked so awful. If I had not been any hungry, I would have just thrown it away. Why didn't the staff made sure that it won't drip and it would still looked palatable and presentable? Is this the kind of service that your company provides? Is this what your customers deserve for patronizing your brand? I had been a frequent consumer of your fast food chain stores, and though there had been a lot of disappointments, I still remain mum about it. But this, is far from acceptable.

I didn't even attempt to post it on social media because I know that it's not fair to put you in a bad light. All I am asking for is that you reprimand your people for such a practice. I have heard a lot of stories of how Chowking cleans up its kitchen wares and utensils and the clean up of the tables (especially when your staff is already using those trays and overused rags) and mind you, it's far from sanitary practices. Yet, I choose to give you the benefit because I understand that maybe not everybody does that. But you have to be mindful of your reputation as a brand, because these incidences and observations from other people may cause you your business. So, my suggestion is, do something about it, before it's too late.


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