Choice Home Warrantydishwasher repair has taken over four months, still not working.

F Jan 30, 2020

I submitted my first claim to Choice Home Warranty in mid-October because my dishwasher stopped working and issued a 9E code. After two weeks, they finally sent a service tecnician. Four visits later, on 12/9 he declared it fixed. I loaded it up and started it, and the 9E code came up again, and dishwasher did not run. Technician had not run a complete cycle, as the soap dispenser door was still locked closed. I reported this to the company next day, and they opened another claim, stating that there would be another $60 service call charge. I complained loudly about the second charge, and they did eliminate that. The service technician did not contact me, and did not return any calls I made to his company. Once again, I called the warranty company, and they assigned the claim to another serivce company, making an appointment for 1/3. No one showed up, and Choice Warranty made another appointment for 1/6. Again, no one showed up. I called the service company and left messages, but recieved no response. 1/8 I called Choice Warranty, they set up yet another appointment for 1/9. This time a service tech did show up and said that he had to order parts, that they should be in so he could fix the dishwasher early next week. Nothing from him by 1/20, called left message. No reply. on 1/22, I did actually get him on the phone at a job, and he said he would call me right back...that he had "nearly forgotten" about me. No callback. I called and left messages on 1/23 and 1/24, but never heard back, so I again called the Warranty company. They spoke with him and said he was waiting on parts, expecting them today, and would be out early next week to fix the dishwasher. I asked to speak to supervisor, was put on hold, then connection was broken. I called back, and had to go through the entire process again. The second person would not put me through to a supervisor, but insisted that I wait a few more days. 1/28 (now 4 months into this) still not contact from repairman . 1/30, I called him and he said that he expected delivery of parts (ordered 1/9) on Monday, 2/1, and would be out on Tuesday. Somehow I do not have faith in this promise. When I bought this policy, I was promised swift, efficient "Repair or Replace" service. If this is an example, I am canceling the balance of my policy and getting my money back. They asked me to recommend them to my friends. I don't think so!

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