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Your "drag queen" video ad for Chips Ahoy! Cookies is a breach of acceptable norms for a product with a target audience including the very young.

I am sympathetic to executive decision makers facing cultural forces clearly impacting corporate decision making over a broad range of issues. This does not, however, cause me to accept or tolerate the depth of your egregious use of a tragically dysfunctional "drag queen" persona in advertising.

If you carefully analyze the current level of success of the Chick-fil-A brand in America, you will be aware of their standing among competitors, even as they continue to limit operations to six-days-per-week, and honestly express their corporate values.

Your corporate leadership is very aware of the value of customer brand loyalty, and the benefit of achieving customer loyalty from as early an age as possible: you have just alienated a significant element and percentage of current and prospective customers. It is a bad choice economically and ethically.
R. Wilson

May 15, 2019

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