Child Protective Services in Plano, TXElizabeth Ramos,Delia Delamangagee,Kathy Brown

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My 3 children have been taken from me by CPS with no court order and when i ask where my kids are and why they took them they say they don't know and they didn't take them? This sick organization has to be brought to justice when this is a false allegation and they know it! I am not the only person that has this situation with CPS hundreds can read about them all over the internet.

I and my father and other witnesses have caught CPS (Elizabeth Ramos) as well as her supervisor (Delia Delimingagee) in many lies. They have violated mine and my children bill of rights. I have been discriminated against, forced into signing papers that I didn't have to sign, forced to participate in programs I don't have too and then are used against me? And told if I didn't I would never see my kids again!

And to make it worse I have not seen 2 of my children since October and only get to talk to my 8yr old for 3minutes once a week because her father has made CPS into an opportunity to control my life! I also have now been served papers to take away my youngest child by his father because of CPS and his apparent opportunity to not tell the truth and take my baby even thought he admits it's not true? Only to me not CPS he said it's his chance.?

03/04/2009 Update...I now have joint custody of me little boy of whom is with me all of the time!
I just got to see my brainwashed little girl now 9 of whom claimes im not her mom her step mom is!!! NICE!

These allegations were placed by my mother of who also manipulated my oldest son (16) into saying bad things about his mother because he wanted his freedom, normal teenager situation and she needed to cover up bad transaction with her own family! All three of my children where manipulated into producing false allegations as well!

03/04/2009 Update...I have had my 16yr old son back home since February of 2008 and CPS didn't do a thing about it! Nor did they even call me and all I did was go get him no court or nothing. CPS should know my child has made his sworn statements to what they did and said to him as well and all of the lies they claimed!

What has this world come to...I thought these programs are designed to help families stay together but they are not. My family is just another outlet for FUNDS...they have to take a certain amount of children or caseworkers can loose their jobs. And since when do you take kids with out interviewing anyone like schools, neighbors, doctors...OH I forgot they are above that they interviewed a twisted mother with jealousy and pride?

Supposedly they took my2 youngest babies because of my emotional abuse on my oldest son of who was not interviewed till almost 3 weeks after they took my 2 smallest. I had a 15 minute interview with a case worker (ELIZABETH RAMOS) that was nothing but an interrogation! I was told people that look like me and act like me are drug attacks and that speed was my drug of choice? Oh and of course my drug test was positive too, but only in my urine not my hair???? I can't wait to see the real paper work!! I will provide that one!!! I was told I was Bipolar and would have to be SPHYCO evaluated of course we all know who pays for the evaluation that violates my rights!

3/3/2009 Update: My case was closed December 2007 but CPS wouldn't give me my paper work knowing I would go get my kids...they made sure to drag their feet so more time could pass and my kids could be manipulated more!!! Pretty funny how my close out paper and the CPS file that they wouldn't give me for almost a year both said there was no reason to believe and could not prove my 2 youngest children were abused...DUHHH they were not ever abused!!!

Elizabeth Ramos made sure I felt like a [censored] because my kids all have different fathers. I was discriminated for being white and average build and a single parent not to mention being spit on. I was told if I didn't sign the paper work that day I would loose my kids right then and I better comply with what CPS said for me to-do or I wouldn't ever get my kids back! CPS never returns my phone calls and ELIZABETH RAMOS the case worker left a message on my cell phone stating LOUDLY she wouldn't tolerate my IVORY talking messages????????

IVORY??? would that be because I'm white and shes not?

I was also told that if my 16yr old son doesn't want to respect his mother and siblings he didn't have to and if he didn't want to mow the lawn or help around the house he didn't have too, I needed to hire someone. Ms. Ramos also let me know I'm selfish and its not all about me!!! However I don't remember even getting 2 words into her selfish conversation! After signing their safety plan against my will they failed to provide me with the information needed to complete the plan and then claimed that they did give it to me how convenient that's what they do in order to drag their feet so you don't get urn kids and they have time to falsify more dirt on you ..Whatever it takes to make a buck RIGHT!!! My story could go on and on about the kidnapping and false Allegations in my own family. But why bother I want my day in court and intend on doing what ever it takes to make sure the TRUTH comes out.

CPS and False Allegations cause so much Stress and pain that you loose your home and job and kids what is next...what do they want blood? U bet!!! That s why they have the police just waltzing in my home claiming I'm going to [censored]..lets document some more DRAMA! Again as a single mom that has been discriminated against for being white and skinny...don't know what that has to do with my babies but OK! My Bills of Rights have been VIOLATED and I want to be Vindicated now! Still to this day over 30days later CPS has not contacted my doctor nor my children s after school care of 2yrs and is a state licensed facility???? GO FIGURE

3/4/2009 Update: I have the CPS file that they supposedly recorded daily that is packed full of lies...not to mention I also have the sworn affidavit the Elizabeth Ramos typed up of my story that completely contradicts the lies she typed into the CPS file? Or how about the statements she lied about to my State Representative office stating a whole different story and then it was mailed to me. I have so much proof of CPS lies in writing that it is sick.

In the midst of this situation I find that there is no one that helps single mothers unless you are dirt poor not really trying to make it...I know my future is to help other families like my self without having to feel destitute and searching for help that is not there unless you qualify and by then it is too late you have lost all you have worked for anyway! I am not talking about a free ride...I am saying I want to find help to make a way for myself to make a way for others! I am prepared to stand up for my rights as an American Citizen and Blow this issue up how ever I need to in order to save my babies and the future of my kids and others from a corrupt system! Be a part of the TRUTH! My children are suffering and I want them home and they will be!


  • Tj
    tjgabes May 27, 2017

    Best advertisement for low-cost prophylactic measures and abortions right here.

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  • Cp
    cps is horrible May 27, 2017

    cps.does suck.especially certain individuals who should not work for them. i agree with the original poster about the cps worker she named. i made complaints and had proof of neglect and abuse on a child and then a certain cps worker not only did not investigate it but she started accusing me of abuse and neglect. horrible

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  • Ju
    Juliana Holmes Mar 24, 2016
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    Verified customer

    MAD AUNT !!! CPS in PLANO TEXAS steals peoples children. They have no right to come and take children out of a perfectly good home. Then making court dates that they DO NOT KEEP. They set off court dates time and time again. This is nothing more than disrupting the normal lives of all the people involved as well as disrupting the children. In my personal opinion CPS SUCKS !!! MAD AS HELL AUNT

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  • Vi
    Vickie357 Dec 27, 2012

    I was tortured by the same people, it is too long and horrific a story to tell in detail, they have never been on trial for their crimes. If there is way to publicly out these heinous people I wish it could be email is [email protected] free

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  • Mr
    Mr.stave Jun 28, 2012
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    Verified customer

    My child was taken away from his mother. Not from me i took a dna test came bac.k 99% he was mine wound not give to me they adopted him can they do this to a parent. Im at a dead en.d road hopeing one day when i open my door he will be standing there I been pfighting this can any one [email protected] Com

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  • Si
    SingleMomofFourKids May 28, 2011

    Date: 5/28/11--Isn't admitting that you are a neglectful or abusive parent incriminating? I too have had my children (two twin toddler daughters) taken by CPS. Only one of them has accidentally fallen twice and had fractures. One of the fractures is old at which we had no idea about, the other happened in the care of my boyfriend, the only father they have known since I left their dead beat Dad. My boyfriend is the most genuine, loving, and caring person. He is a christian and has since gotten our entire family back into the word of God. Now CPS is saying that because she fell when he was holding both their hands, he is abusive?!? Our sitter called CPS and has yet to admit it, but after speaking to a mutual friend has admitted that she feels she made a mistake. She is now saying that she prays we get our children back! Will she call CPS and tell them that? Doubtful. She practically admitted to my friend that she thought we were going to pin the accidents on her so rather than let that happen to her, she called on us, their parents. Since the investigation began (3/4/11) I have tried contacting CPS to investigate further. I rarely get responses. My daughter has a follow up appointment for her leg fracture on 6/6/11. It seems like until that appointment happens, I wouldn't know what to do next. I feel like every time I talk to them, they are not trying to see who we really are as a family. They don't care about us to even try to speak with friends or family; all of whom's information they wrote down on their paperwork. I just want some guidance and direction so that I can focus on getting my kids back. What do we have to do to prove that we love and care for our children to the best of our ability? Since the investigation, my boyfriend has been banned from having any contact with our children. He feels they are his too and often cries privately with me about the situation. He feels like he is being blamed for her accident and I feel like I am being blamed for neglecting them because I am a single mom with four kids who allowed my boyfriend to help me parent my children. I hear that defensive is not the way we need to be when they interview us, yet we don't want to see like uncaring or unconcerned parents. We just don't know what to do to help move this situation along faster.

    Desperate and Alone

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  • Su
    SurrenderToTheSystem Mar 27, 2011

    I agree with you. The way I deal with this abuse is that I imagine I am living in Nazi Germany. Picture yourself there and you will be fine.:) You do not have any RIGHTS! Justice For All! Ha Ha. If you work in law enforcement or for the government or are a lawyer or judge or are involved in any way with child advocacy center's, therapists or schools, you will defend the system in place. If you have nothing to do with anyh of this then you are pretty much screwed. If you ever have a child that has some type of learning disability and you argue with the school about the child's problem and they do not want to work with your child look out! They can make things difficult for you especially when they bring in their therapists! They are also referred to as "service providers". Be thankful they didn't take your child from you put them in foster care and have a therapist who you do not like brainwash your child against you. There is nothing you can do to put the child with a different therapist. You have to use that therapist. As for me, I can't wait till the kids grow up so that all of this crap can be over with!

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  • Tl
    tlreves Mar 09, 2011

    Their job is not to make you feel better. They are there to protect children and do whatever it takes to find the truth. Abused/neglected kids do not always know that they are being neglected, so the investigators must take a firm stance when it comes to dealing with parents, and privately interview the children so they are not influenced by their parent's presence. In the cases of actual neglect/abuse, the parents almost never admit to any wrongdoing, so imagine being a CPS investigator and having to find proof of neglect while being friendly with the parents? Doesnt work. They have a standard protocol that is in place to prevent them from being influenced by the cries of innocence coming from parents who might not be innocent, so of course it will seem "harsh" to you. But take a look at the actions they took. They did not take your children from you, because when they carried out the action plan of meetings and drug tests, you cooperated and a neglectful parent would not. They do not want neglectful parents "slipping through the cracks" and I sure as heck don't want them slipping through either. Do you?

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  • Ma
    Mamaof four Mar 11, 2009

    I too have been horribly violated by CPS.
    Before our car accident, I trusted government institutions like them...NEVER again!!!
    Right after our 4th child was born, (unplanned, 1 year after 3rd, ) we had NO help from family or friends even though they had offered before the birth to help. My husband and I were running ourselves into the ground trying to manage home, kids, work, and our relationship on very little sleep thanks to a newborn. 6 weeks after the birth, my husband accidentally backed over our 9 yr. old and our 20 mo. old. By the grace of God, neither child was killed though the 20 mo. old suffered broken arm and broken hip. My husband was in a hurry to get to a meeting, and the 9 yr. old (who is usually VERY responsible) was watching the other kids while I nursed the baby. I had NO idea they were in the front yard at the time, neither did my husband. VERY RARE moment of non-supervision. In fact, the 9 yr. old saved my 20 mo. old..he saw her heading for the moving car and tried to get her out of the way. That's how he got hit. I heard the screams. I thought they had been mortally injured..was extremely traumatic moment for me. Police were very kind and understanding, EMS was wonderful, hospital was wonderful.
    But according to the "rules" in accidents like this, CPS was called in to do an investigation. We were very cooperative with them, even though the case worker was extremely rude and degrading. He kept throwing around the words "charged with neglect" and "removing the children" even though he hadn't even investigated us yet! (this was only 2 hrs. after the accident.) He made us sign a "saftey plan" form under threat of removal of the kids..little did I know what that "plan" really meant. For the next 3 months, CPS kept "checking" on us, tried to make us take parenting courses, (even though there was NOTHING except the accident to indicate any kind of abuse or neglect. My husband was tested for drugs and alcohol and of course came out clean. He was TIRED that day, but not under the influence of anything else.) and wouldn't even let the checkups come at convenient times for us..we had to work with "their" schedule, making life even more difficult esp. with an injured toddler to care for and a new baby. The case worker held a PRIVATE meeting with my kids (I thought that had to be taped or supervised??) to determine if they had been sexually molested. (What did this have to do with the accident??) I asked the kids about it later, they turned red and said they didn't want to talk about it. WHAT sort of images did that man fill my innocent kids' heads with?? Finally, after taking their sweet time, the case was dropped and so were all charges.
    Primarily, I am very upset that they treated us as guilty before proven innocent. NOT very American. More Nazi..if you ask me. It was especially disgusting that they would do this to a stressed out family after such a traumatic experience. I don't mind that they investigated us, I can understand that, but have some tact and decency for G-d's sakes.
    Yes, I complained to the social worker's boss and to the agency. No apologies..nothing.

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