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Chet HolmesFalse claim money back guarantee

I too had a poor experience with Chet Holmes. I actually attended a webinar Jan 5, 2009 with Ted Miller and requested a refund. <br />
I thought the webinar was reasonable, but it went much longer than advertised and I could not received the full webinar. I was not worried as it was carefully explained to me my card would not be charged until after the webinar. I would be contacted after the webinar to be certain I was fully satisfied, and then and only then would my card be charged. I had planned to explain at that point the issue and attempt to reschedule in a few weeks when I would return to the office.<br />
The problem is that you are requesting a refund from another organization; across america. I dealt with Debbie Hodges. They probably are on a commission. Every time I requested a refund, the reply was always 'see cancellation policy'. I understand the cancellation policy. I attended. Everyone agrees to that. I continue to request refund and am continually told cancellation violation. It is certainly less than candid. In hind sight, I should have been cautious as the individual who signed me, Michael Rubin, up had a yahoo email address, not a Chet Holmes account. I do believe if anyone in the Chet Holmes company knew of the poor treatment I have received from across america, they would be mortified. Chet Holmes is in the business of consultation, a non-tangible product, your honesty and integrity are your most important assets. At this point it is purely the principal, not the $199.<br />
<br />
I bought the book and liked it so much I bought several more for all my salespeople to read. I then bought the audio book. I was considering future consulting efforts with Chet Holmes, but after this ordeal, I'm not sure. Ted, if you can help please submit a phone number and direct extension and perhaps a contact at Chet Holmes. In hindsight perhaps I should have contacted you first.


  • Ge
    Gerard1 Jan 08, 2014

    is very difficult to know what you'll get with coaching Service in general.
    I have the BGM, and also the Business Mastery with Tony Robbings...
    I Have to agree that the material is Excellent...

    However, I will not do coaching services, because, once expectations, sometimes, are to much and I have gotten coaching from
    other Known Brandnames, Like Kiyosaki, Joe vitale, but i believe they outsource their coaching services, and you may be talking to third parties, no really with same values as the authors company. (full disclosure, I have no tried CHI coaching and my experience with these other people is been more then 3 years ago) Services tend to be very expensive... No really for a small company that does not have the need capital.

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  • St
    steve tarde May 25, 2011

    I called the 800 number and spoke to someone who promised me the free report and failed to send me anything. I am still waiting. The radio ad in the San Diego area on station 1090 AM claims that you should leave your email address. Mine is [email protected] However, there was no voice mail, but a live salespeson who seemed onfused and tried to keep me on the phone, no doubt to try to sell me something, which was not going to work. Where is my FREE report? So far, I think the entire thing is a scam!

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  • Se
    Sette276 Mar 18, 2011

    It's amazing how many of you writing on this board can't spell or put a [censor]ing proper sentence together. Especially this Ted guy who claims to be a Vice President in this organization?? Wow, if Chet Holmes is so great at seeing such awesome talent, how the hell did this fool slip through the cracks!!??

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  • Ya
    yaron Jan 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used some of Chet Holmes services and was deeply disappointed, especially after paying them so much money.
    They over promise and under deliver:
    1. Superstar recruiting service: after about a month and a half they came back to me with resumes of two people only.
    The first one was disqualified so I didn’t even consider him. The second looked ok, I decided to hire him based on their “expert” feedback. Since I’m not an expert in recruiting I figured I’ll go with their recommendations since they know what they talk about. The guy was a complete failure. More of a Supercrap than a Superstar and dropped out after less than one month. So after paying them all this money I was left with no sales superstar. They did offer to do the process again and find me a new person instead, but since I don’t trust them anymore, I don’t think I’ll go through all this trouble again of bringing someone on board, paying them a salary and a few weeks later discover that they are not right for the job.

    2. Their account manager contacted me and offered me a new service that they offer to build a Dream 100 client acquisition plan. He said that since it is a new program Chet Holmes himself is going to supervise it. He also offered money back guarantee if I’m not satisfied.
    I signed up and again paid a lot of money for the Dream 100 program. After over a month I got a revision of my Core Story (that I also paid for in the past) and a few canned sales scripts that looked like they were taken from a sales book that you can find for $10 on Amazon. I decided to stop the program because of its poor delivery and asked for my money back.
    It has been 3 months since then and I still haven’t received my money. They actually ignore my requests and don’t even answer my emails.

    I think they take advantage of the desperate need that people have to improve their business. They find people, like me, who want to be successful badly and are willing to do whatever it takes and promise the world for them. After taking their money they deliver poor service. I wonder how long they’ll be able to continue doing that.

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  • Jo
    Josh Feferman Apr 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The scam in the Chet Holmes system is the recruiting section. I paid them $7, 000 to find our company a "superstar". All they did was place an ad on craigslist and ask the respondents some questions.
    The first recruit they sent us was arrested for dealing drugs. The second spent his days at the bar down the street from the office.
    When we asked for our $7, 000 back, they said "no refunds! It is not our fault if the recruits don't work out".
    Well, I would call this a lot more than "not working out". I would call it a sham business.

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  • Ta
    Taguari Adolfo Lopez Apr 13, 2010

    Their is people in the world that want to gripe and complain, but never offer any solution to any problems what is strange about everything is that I have yet to hear any negative complaint from anybody using the consulting service. This man has worked with 60 of the fortune 500 companies. Therefore he must know what he is doing and he also double sales three years in a row for nine division of company owned by Warren Buffet. So my message to every naysayer is good luck but stop whining!

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  • Ch
    ChetHolmesScam Feb 24, 2010

    Well, of course, this Chet Holmes' approach is a scam. Just look at the "guarantee." You have to wait until the very end of the webinar to get the toll-free number to request that they DON'T charge your credit card. If it was on the level, they'd post that here, or on their website, or up front at the start of the presentation. That way, reasonable people can decide a quarter of the way through that perhaps they've been to 3rd grade once already and don't need to spend another 2 hours of their life listening to "get your company on Google's first page" and other such nonsense ("duh" I think another poster accurately called it) just to get the refund. The OP is correct, this is a scam, if Chet Holmes and Company actually cared about customer service they'd get it right. Perhaps he should go back to the drawing board and practice that 4000 times before he incurs so much disfavor from the very people he supposedly wants to sell.

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  • Th
    The Script sucks Feb 17, 2010

    As a former "employee" I can confirm their whole racket is a scam, not only on new "clients" but employees as well. If you have any contact with them let me tell you the best course of action is to RUN THE OTHER WAY!! They sucked me in with promises of a legit career, all I saw was their desire to get credit cards with the highest limit and charge up to$16, 000 as soon as possible. Were there any justice in this world Chet Holmes and his new "Partner" Tony Robbins would be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff. Period.

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  • Wa
    watchoutbelow Feb 02, 2010

    I too heard to the come on with Cirius radio.

    I took the bait and before too long the salesman is asking for $3000 to be put on my credit card.

    You got to be kidding, I said good bye.

    Watch out for this one!

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  • Ed
    Ed T Jan 18, 2010

    I heard Chet Holmes' advertisement on the radio, called the toll-free phone number, left a message with my e-mail address and requested a free report concerning five steps to Internet marketing success. Even though I did not leave my phone number in the message, the company got my number through Caller ID. As a result, I soon received multiple phone calls from very rude and pushy salesmen who tried to get my credit card information and as much money out of me as they possibly could.

    Because I did not take the bait, I NEVER received the free report the company promises in their advertisements. However, I obtained a copy of the report from a friend. Not surprisingly, the report is 100 percent sales propaganda that offers absolutely no useful information whatsoever. For example, Step One literally is entitled, "Get on the First Page of Google." Duh? Imagine that. Unfortunately, there is no useful information concerning this Step--or any other Step--you can use to accomplish the task. In a nutshell, the report is merely a sales pitch for the company's expensive consulting services.

    Hopefully the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will get the word and crack down on this firm.

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  • Ji
    JimFonner Dec 23, 2009

    I had an excellent experience but you may not. I'd say, do your due diligence and trust your instincts. As an entrepreneur, it is your welfare that is at stake. I've met Chet and a few people in the CHI organization and they were inspiring and great personalities. Maybe I only met the really fine ones. My business was at the point in time that I needed what Chet was offering. With the guidance of the Business Growth Masters series 2 Video set, Chet Holmes, Ted Miller, and especially Stephanie Vaughan, I've more than doubled my net profit in the past two years. Stephanie was my business coach. She held my feet to the fire to make me get some things done that I really was avoiding. I met her and Ted Miller in las Vegas last year. In person, they exhibited all that they encourage their clients to be. One other reason that I support CHI is that because I chose to use the Chet Holmes organization, I've met Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos), Stephen M. R. Covey, and alot more leaders in the business world. Just the opportunity to get outside of my own little box and see and discuss what other seriously successful entrepreneurs are doing is worth 10's of thousands to me.. These guys have vision and excitement. If you already have more of that than you need, keep your money in your pocket and get inspired by looking in the mirror at yourself each morning.. and through the day. I've made more additional money each week than they have cost me in the past two years. So, as I said to start with, maybe God has blessed me with meeting the right people at the right time in CHI, or maybe the experience is really that good for most people. If you want a reference from me.. you got it. [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mike2063 Dec 21, 2009

    I recently attended an introductory $199 session. My sense is that everythign is a progression towards additional and increasingly-costly purchases. It may actually be worth it and I don't have a problem with people making money. I do think that there is value in the company. What I found interesting is that the rep chose to loose a client rather than provide references. I was told that a good business person would act decisively on faith and not require references. To make matters worse, I was not given any good explanation of denial of references. Just "It's not going to happen".

    Maybe OK if the results are there. However, no assurances of results or references of local people that have benefitted from Chet Holmes. Seems like it should have been a simple request. I may still try their products at some point. But right now I have a really bad taste in my mouth from a sales rep who insulted my intelligence by suggesting that I hire an organization without checking references.

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  • Ca
    calmohr56 Nov 04, 2009

    I also called for the "free" report as advertised on satellite radio; which never arrived. No - it was not intercepted by a spam filter. All this radio commerical is - is an attempt to get you to call so they can put the hard sell on you and get your credit card number. I am not stupid and I am not giving my credit card number to somebody who is obviously reading a script from a computer screen.

    What a farce!! Readers - steer clear of misleading commerical for Chet Holmes.

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  • Bh
    B Hawkins Nov 01, 2009

    Called once from a cell and never received a response whatsoever. I wrote this off as likely poor cell reception. Then I called again about 6weeks later and got through to a live person. We agreed to a follow up conversation after he committed to sending the email info offered in the radio commercial. I have not received the call or the info. So at this point my radar systmes are on full alert so to speak.

    I came across this site trying to do my due diligence. I admit I'm more interested in the negetive feed back as long as it is information based and backed up by contact info to lend credibility to the criticism. Certain detractors making jabs without referencing even a claimed personal experience must have far too much time on their hand or need to shift their prozac intake to an IV drip. "Sleeping with your wife" threats? Really? Please do me a favor and let me know your company name so I can stear my business if any to someone with clearer judgement.

    It sounds as though the books may be a good place to start for evaluating CHI.

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  • Ro
    Rob.sand Oct 17, 2009

    I called the number for the "free report" advertised on satellite radio. What a hoax! Not only was I never offered a free report, I was harassed for my credit card number. I told the polite lady that I did not call to give my credit card number, and she kept insisting on how amazing the coaching was and that she needed my credit card in order to put me on a long waiting list in order to get into one of the online sessions. I work for a company with amazing training already, I'm simply looking for a supplement and maybe some out-of-the box ideas. I don't want to give my credit card to some I've been talking to for 3 minutes. Completely non-professional approach Chet! Buyer Beware!

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  • Dr
    Drprofitt Oct 01, 2009

    I'm Dennis Profitt and I run a small professional practice.

    I called the 800 number and there was a lot of talking about how great Chet was. I asked for the free email report, they asked for my credit card. The agent pushed harder to overcome all objections. Thought I was at my local used car dealer. Sounded like he was just reading a script.

    I think these agents work from home as mine took a personal call on his mobile phone while we were talking and told "Vicky" he would call her back.

    All which made me uneasy about reading off a credit card number to this guy.

    I said I thought it was a deceptive trade practice to insist on a credit card before getting a free email report. Agent said not at all he would email the report. Guess what, never got it, but I am sure I am the only one this ever happened to. Not.
    I'm sure that agent took many calls that day.

    Maybe he was a bad apple, a rogue agent. I plan to call back and record the calls to forward to the attorney general if a pattern of deception emerges.
    One must do what they advertise, or pay punitive damages.

    If Chet is so wonderful at what he does, why have your introduction be, "Hi, I'm Chet. That will be $199.00."

    Dr. Dennis Proffit
    [email protected]

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  • Di
    DigitalExtremeMediaGroup Sep 29, 2009

    I called them after a friend of mine told me about their SEO for websites commercial. I played like I didn’t know anything and found their pricing was very high. I think it’s kind of strange that they told me I could not view any of their pricing of their SEO services online or provide any SEO results. I managed to get some information out the pricing out of the guy on the other end of the phone 2k set up and a monthly charge for promoting your website. Everybody thinks they can perform SEO and SEM now-a-days. Maybe they are feeling the recession as well and have to generate income in other ways. Don’t be fooled by people claiming to be SEO companies and know what they are doing. I have been performing SEO for years and am one of the only companies that provide proof.
    William Imhoff

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  • Ji
    JimFonner Aug 18, 2009

    There are always some people online whose lives are all about being crassly negative... ConnerHA. My experience with CHI has been exceptional. I honestly believe that our business would not have experienced the phenomenal success without the BGM II and the subsequent coaching sessions. I have met Chet, Ted Miller, and Coach Stephanie Vaughn. All are exceptional people who are dedicated to their professions. I would not waste my time commenting on this forum if I did not feel a fierce loyalty to them and the service they provide. I could not be conviced that there is any tint of scam in their business relationships. They are humans though, not gods, I believe Josh when he said that he had a bad experience with the recruiting service. I just hired a new sales person and I chose to do it based on the example that Chet advises in his book. I think that I got a good one. I considered using the CHI recruiting service but I didn't. I'm glad that I didn't now that I read Josh's review.

    Josh, I was hoping that you would send me or post a comment about Craig Gaughan and the core story project. I am on the verge of contacting him.

    Jim Fonner
    [email protected]

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  • Sm
    SM3GDC Aug 17, 2009

    Kudos to fabulous PR. SM3GDC @ gmail

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  • Jo
    Josh Feferman Aug 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too am a client of Chet Holmes. I attended the webinar, bought the Business Growth Management series, have a Core Story written by there people at Empire Research, and use there coaching. In March I engaged there recruiting service to hire a "Sales Superstar".
    The first "Sales Superstar" they put me with ended up in jail for fraud and possession of narcotics. The second "Sales Superstar" spent his days on Facebook and hitting on girls at the Hardrock cafe. I asked for a refund after the first guy. But they said, "no refunds, we will replace him." Well, they replaced him with someone worse.
    The webinar, BGM series videos, and the coaching are great. However, the Chet Holmes Recruiting services has been a horrible experience, a tremendous waist of money and time. I have been in business for 20 years, and can honestly say that I have been taken advantage of in regards to finding a "Sales Superstar" through Chet Holmes Recruiting.

    Josh Feferman
    [email protected]

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  • Co
    ConnorHA Jul 18, 2009

    BTW I will also send you the first chapter of my foolproof plan, titled "Stop wasting so much time online". All you need to do is leave me a voice-mail with you Social Security Number and DOB and I email it right out to you!

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  • Co
    ConnorHA Jul 18, 2009

    Haha you're all crazy! I also have a foolproof plan for saving your small business:
    Step 1: Create a crappy web seminar that teaches people nothing they shouldn't already know
    Step 2: ??
    Step 3: Profit!

    Also I like Jim Fonner's (above) obvious either "I owe Chet money" or "Chet threatened to sleep with my wife" post. I totally believe he's an impartial observer.

    Complainer: Should you really be complaining about not getting great service on a web seminar that will teach you how to make your business thrive that you heard about on CNBC??

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  • Mi
    Mike_Morgan Jul 17, 2009

    I understand why you give an 800# but what I don't understand if why you can't get an email address? What is the difference. It seems to me that if you had potential clients send an email to [email protected] you could improve the customer experience. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    Mike Morgan
    Forward Interactive Group

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  • Jo
    Joshua Long Jun 26, 2009

    Hi Bill,

    I'm the Marketing Director for Chet Holmes International and am sorry you never received the free reports you had requested. It is inexcusable to not get potential customers such as yourself the most basic info you had requested, especially when we are advertising so heavily on the radio promoting it.

    I'd be more than happy to get you any of the reports we have on file that you would like and anything else you are in need of. You can contact me directly at [email protected]

    Please know that we get thousands of requests a week and have recently become aware that a few of them (like you) have been slipping through the cracks. This has prompted us to review our contact management systems and reconfigure them to handle the increased volume we are experiencing and expect to experience into the future so situations like yours are not repeated.

    Kind regards,

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  • Bi
    billbraid Jun 15, 2009

    I stumbled on this complaint about Chet Holmes International after I heard one of his satellite radio commercials and tried to call to get the free report. Not only was I unable to ever reach a live person (his 800 number goes straight to voice mail) but on top of that I was never able to get the free report even after leaving my valid email address multiple times. That experience alone tells me not to do business with this company. If they won't even make an effort to get a new client, I hate to see what their customer service is like.


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  • Ji
    JimFonner Apr 23, 2009

    I am a client of Chet Holmes International. I found this complaint by accident and it caught my eye. For over a year now, I have been using Chet's materials; I have utilized the highly effective coaching service by one of Chet's consultants; I have had converstions with Chet, Ted, and Ted's wife. I find them to be of the highest level of integriy. Nobody has asked me for this endorsement. I just believe that it would never be the intent of these people to provide a client with a service that is not valued by the client and then take their money.

    I have full confidence that vticeman will end up a potential client with results that exceed his expectations.
    Jim Fonner
    Lexington, VA

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  • Te
    Ted Miller 3 Apr 08, 2009

    Having all of the honesty and integrity yet somehow ‘vticeman’ feels slighted. Reading through this complaint it sounds as if he was satisfied with the content. So much so he give us patronage to this day…even invest in our technology for his sales staff. So I know he says we are good and he even wanted to reschedule for a future webinar. Yet somehow there was a personal interaction that made him feel that he was not treated well or served properly. From his comments I can only assume the miscommunication was around the terms. We do have a webinar, that we do sell, that you don’t have to pay for until after the event and only if you thought it was brilliant. The only way for the card not to be charged for that event is to call the 888# given at the end of every single webinar. Assuming again, he must have called back into to reschedule to find out his card had been charged for the event and the interaction was not satisfactory. If we are to blame I am sorry. Breaks my heart that he wants further help from us and yet a minor miscommunication turned into a big problem. So for him or anyone…I am easy to reach…it is just my name Ted Miller at chetholmes dot com. (Avoiding have the actual e-mail would be blocked) I assume 100% accountability for any of my staff. I will review this with our staff know anyone can be human and error but I respectfully disagree that there are any false claims being made about our guarantee. It is not even a money back guarantee because we don’t charge the card until after the two and a half hour event. In all fairness we should call a spade a spade…if our staff fell short it was not in honesty and integrity but only in manners.
    E-mail me if you need further help…wishing you the best regardless.
    Ted Miller III, VP of Chet Holmes International

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