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Seversl people ordered lunch Tuesday and was picked up and brought to our office, I placed the order my self . I ask for the order to be read back to me so there would be no mistakes. There was one California Shrimp salad short. We called, our office is too far to just run and pick up anoyher one, they said that when we came in just to ask for " Susan Cash" the lady that picked the order up and the manager would make it right. We went to Applebees to eat Saturday evening and when I went in I told the manager and he told me to tell our waiter, the manager took off a half order salad!!!and I told him it was a full order, he didn't come to our table, it was so embarrising, we had people with us. They made it sound so easy Tuesday, you would have thought I was trying to steal something that was already supose to be reimbursed to me.
Cheryl Chilton

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