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C Jan 14, 2020

I'm very dissatisfied I just visited your 2842 Greenbriar location Store 1144: at 3:45am 15 minutes to 4am after a hard nights work and also being that I was VERY HUNGRY ONLY to stand at your walk up window along with several more customers and more than 3 cars in the drive thru being totally ignored. While one gentleman a black guy ignored me looking at me the entire time only to keep turning his head away for the entire 15 minutes almost. Then at 3 minutes until 4am to have another employee a manager I presume a young lady a black female to finally come to the window and address my presence but only to inform then that they were closed I stated to her I had been waiting there since 3:45am and the young man kept looking at me but never greeted me or acknowledged me at all.. Then boldly she said to me that there was no way I was standing there she was just up there which was untruthful and insulting to myself as well as the three or more customers whom had been waiting in the drive thru and blowing their horns over and over and by this time had pulled in front of the walk up window wanting to know same as myself why we were not being served.
Im sending this email to inform you that I didn't appreciate the rude and insulting behavior of your employees.. I almost never ever want to visit any of your establishments again in my life and if I do it most definitely won't be that location and I most certainly will not recommend any checkers to anyone I know if it was the last place open late on earth by far most horrible and the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant..
I feel totally unappreciated I usually eat at this particular location twice a day 3 or more times in a week.
Please do better with your choices and hireing of your employees for the sake of every fast food lover in the world... Bad job checkers shame on you!!! My photos are of receipts from today and yesterday to show I frequently support your business and my second photo is what I had to settle for as my dinner due to the unexceptable and poor service I received

Checkers & Rally's
Checkers & Rally's

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