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The 69 cent cheeseburger coupon that I got in my email. I tried to use it yesterday and ordered the cheeseburgers with no ketchup and I wanted to add lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise to them, well they were quick to tell me they couldn't do it. I told them I would pay the extra, they still refused said I couldn't add those items. So I asked why? They come back with if you add those items it would make it a rally burger. Then I replied well what is it that I'm ordering ? I'm ordering a cheeseburger with no ketchup and I want to add the items I had stated, they flat refused again. Well I called the corporate office and complained, the lady was very nice and told me she knows what coupon I was talking about and there is nothing that states you cannot get things added to the burgers if you want. She also said that they should have added the extras like I had asked since that's the way I wanted my sandwiches made. So I filed a complaint on that rally's, the manager, the employee who was also rude. Corporate looked into it and gave me a verification code of some sort and took all my info for some sort of future reference. Not sure from here where this is gonna lead but I'm not gonna stop until something is done, if I want my burgers made a certain way then by no means should they flat refuse to make them that way. Quit being so damn lazy and make food the way customers ask to make it, that's how you make your business and your paychecks. 😠😤 Here is the coupon that I tried to use, and on it nowhere does it state you cannot get things added to them.

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally's

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    thats what chachi used to say to Jonie on happy days

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