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I've rent unmanaged VPS server from CheapVPS (trademark of VAServe ) more than one year, paying monthly. All looks good, but in one day all falled down.
Friday, 26th September 2008 around 18:00 GMT my client's site was DDOS attacked. I get information about attack only in the Saturday's evening. I've send alert to the VAServe support, stopping Apache and start to install DDOS protection software - mod_security for Apache and Ngix like balancing proxy. I've use

server mostly for my own sites and some sites of my clients, and don't meet with attacks before.
In next 4 hours my VPS was turned off without any alerts from support, and i lost any access to it, except Web-panel.
At Sunday attacked site was moved to the other hosting, and protected from DDOS attacks, but my hosting was not turned on back. As support says, DDOS attack

still run - but how anyone can attack non-working server?
My server was not turned on in 10 days, no qualified support was get. And also VAServe asks me for payment for the next month, no chargebacks for turning my

server back was returned. My clients charges me for stopping their sites (internet-shops), and i ask VAServe to responce.

VAServe make simple answer - in 24 hours they delete my server with all data. I had no access even for backup databases and files.
Persons, who make this - Russell Foster and Vladimir Neskovic

I can send my conversations wtih support to any people, who want to read it.


  • Ru
    Russell Foster Oct 08, 2008
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    Your server was the target of a DDOS attack which caused your server and a significant number of other servers to offline so we blocked internet access to your server on the main IP. Every day we tested dropping the block and the attack was still going so we refused access on that IP. We restored access via other IP's and our offline control panel so you had access to your data and the ability to make a backup via HyperVM and download it.

    Very simply you decided that you wouldn't pay you bill after the DOS attack on your server and per our contract we are allowed to suspend users who are DOS'ed so it doesn't effect everyone. You were 10 days overdue on your invoice and you refused to pay it so we removed all access to the server. You had full access to the server via the offline control panel for the entire week you got free.

    Simply per our contract we aren't responsible for your data, you had access to your data and we have explained this a number of times. Your server was removed for non payment and the effect that attacks on it hurt other users.

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  • Bu
    bulgarus Oct 09, 2008
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    My server was turned off (not IP blocked) and i has no any ability to backup databases. VAServe turned off server without any alerts, and doesn't turn it back on for get last DB changes. Where is 99.9% uptime guarantee? Did VAServe responsible to their Terms and conditions?

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  • Ru
    Russell Foster Oct 09, 2008
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  • Jh
    jhone134 Jun 18, 2009

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    Q: Do you oversell our Resources?

    A: We Never oversell our server resources, so that mean, if you buy our vps hosting, you will be able to use all of your web space, Bandwidth etc.

    Q: Do you allow IRC?

    A: Yes

    Q: Do you allow any adult content?

    A: Yes, but it must be legal.

    Q: If I have a problem with control panel, e.g. setup a mysql, ftp etc, what can I do?

    A: We are always here, please don't be shy to contact us.

    Q: How long does it take for my vps setup?

    A: It usually takes few minutes to setup, if you wait for up to an hour, but the vps still not setup, please contact us.

    Q: I would like to apply the free trial account, what can I do?

    A: Simple to email us or find us on the front page ( web chat )

    Q: May I have more detail of free trial account ?

    A: Free trial account goes with one Dedicated IP, and 3 days for free, after 3 days, if you would like to join us, we won't delete your vps account.

    Q: How many servers have ECVPS got at this moment?

    A: We got three servers at this moment, two are using softlayer ( Dallas ), one with using FDCserver ( Chicago ), but two of the Dallas's server are using Xeon + 8GB ram, only the Chicago not. So we strongly recommend our customers to use Dallas server. By the default, all customers will be use Dallas.

    If this detail not solve your problem, please go to our website to contact us.

    And again, please don't be shy, we are here to help all of you!


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  • Ni
    nicwindley Mar 02, 2013

    I'm also experiencing problems with which is also part of the UK2Group. I'm currently escalating this however their customer service (dealing with serious complaints) is very poor. Their engineering do resolve things, however its more like patching up before the system falls over once again.

    They told me that is was ddos, yet this article says they were supposed to have resolved that;

    I am one of many customers that is having problems dealing with this group of companies;

    I have given them one last chance or I'm going to

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