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CHEAP TRIPS IS A RIPOFF!!!On June 2nd, I was coerced into giving this airline ticket package a try with a promise of a full refund. I called to cancel the day I received the package because it was nothing I could use. Way too many strings attached. I was told to return the package with a letter, within 30 days, stating I wished to cancel . I did this and even sent it registered mail. They still have not refunded my money. The following is what I have been through and the lies I have been told: CHEAP TRIPS RIPOFF

6/2/08…George, rep. w/Cheap Trips, called me. He convinced me to join saying I would receive 4 free airfare tickets with no strings attached to anywhere in the continental U.S. He assured me I could use them to visit family or have family visit me.
6/03/08…My credit card was charged $129.
6/12/08…I received and reviewed the Cheap Trips package and found that two people must travel together and in conjunction with a hotel stay. This would not work or benefit me in anyway. I called and spoke with Scott. He said to return package with a signed letter stating why I wanted to cancel. I sent the package and letter register mail, return receipt.
6/20/08…Return receipt dated and signed by C. Lingham.
6/30/08…I called to see why I had not received my refund. Reached only a general mailbox and left message for someone to call me. No response.
7/06/08…Spoke with Renee’ and was advised to call billing dept. @[protected] m-f.
7/07/08…Called billing dept., voice mail full.
7/09/08…Called billing, spoke with David. He said it would take 1-2 billing cycles for my money to be refunded
8/05/08…It’s has now been 2 months. I call billing again and Frederick tells me it will be on my next statement.
9/05/08...Another month has passed. I call and speak with Roland. He tells me to call back and ask for a manager M-F.
9/08/08…I call again and speak with Scott (the first person I spoke with on 6/12) He will not put me through to a manager, but tells me it will be 10-14 business days.
9/18/08…Spoke with Scott again; he repeatedly told me it had not been 10-14 business days and he was not very pleasant. I again pressed to speak with a supervisor. Scott said he would a supervisor would call me.
9/22/08…Supervisor manager Chris called and left message and phone # [protected].
9/23/08…I called Super. Mgr. Chris and left messages twice.

9/24/08…Called again and spoke w/Chris. Told refund had not been processed because my letter had been lost or misplaced. Gave me fax #[protected], attn Super. Mgr. Chris. Told him I would send a copy.
10/02/08…Faxed a copy of my signed letter stating why I wanted to cancel. Sent from Wachovia Bank.
10/09/08…Left message. No response.
10/16/08…Left message. No response.
10/17/08…Called again and Chris answered the phone. This was a Friday, Chris said he had been out sick for a week and he would call me on Monday.
10/20/08…NO CALL.
10/24/08…Could not get through; the phone would ring once, pause, and then go to a busy signal. This happened several times.
10/30/08…Left message. No response.
11/09/08…Left message. No response.
11/10/08…Phone rings once, pauses, then busy. Sounds like some one is picking up. Call again and leave message. Called four more times, on the 4th try, Chris picks up. He tells me he has tried to call me many many times and does not leave messages because he is a very busy man. He gives me a bunch of double talk about my refund being held up for this and that reasons. Any way I am sending a copy of the original letter. I sent the draft before and although there were dates in the body of the letter there was not a date at the top. This supposedly stopped my refund from being issued. He instructed me to call him on Wed. between 10am and 12noon.
11/12/08… Called Chris per our arrangement. No answer, left message. Called customer service told Chris would not be in until 1pm. Left message with Frederick, he said Chris would call me.
11/19/08… It has been another week and no response from Chris. I called again and left a message.
11/20/08… Called and Chris answered saying my name, so he has caller ID. Tried to make like he had called me, then put me on hold, then finally found my fax. He told me the person that signed for my letter was not in his department (TOO BAD!) He now needs something from someone else, the refund department. He asked me to give him 48 hours, and call him back on Mon. if I have not heard from him.
11/25/08…Called and Chris answered, acted like he didn’t know who I was and we had settled my problem. He then said he was on the phone with another customer (obviously more important than myself) and would call back asap. One hour and 45 min. later, I called him. We have the exact same conversation as we had on Thursday, 11/20/08, except now he’s saying the refund department has rejected my refund! He says he is working on it and will call me. How many, many times have I been told that!
12/08/08…12:04pm…called SP. Chris @[protected]…rang 3 times, changed to a different ring and then to a fax signal.
01/05/09….BUSY 3 TIMES…..
01/08?/09..spk w/Chris…said $75 would be sent to my Wachovia account and 1 airline pass sent to me.
01/23/09…busy…busy, , , busy…
01/26/09…BUSY…all day
01/28/09…[protected]—still BUSY, , , , , tried..[protected]...ans machine/left name number…………Called billing #[protected] and spk. with Frederick. He said notes were in from Chris, $75.00 refund and reinstate membership. Refund supposedly processed on the 9th to Wachovia card. Tried to transfer to Chris, just rang and rang, no ans. Checked with bank, no refund or attempt to refund. Called Frederick back, he will reissue membership pack and take message right over to Chris about refund.
02/03/09…[protected]…STILL BUSY!!!...[protected]…LEFT MESSAGE AGAIN!!!...did all again in afternoon. Busy, left message.
02/07/2008…[protected]…STILL BUSY…[protected]...LEFT MESSAGE AGAIN!!!...[protected]…LEFT MESSAGE!!!AGAIN!!!

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    • Ct
      CTina504 Jun 16, 2011 is a complete SCAM. Do not fall for their tall tales of cheap and free vacations..if they call you tell them to screw off and never call you again. Their website is complete crap and IF you can even find a contact number for them, it is complete crap as well. I wish they would get caught and someone would pay for the I'm sure thousands of dollars they have scammed out of honest American citizens. If anyone knows of a lawsuit being filed aganist them please let me know, I would love to get in on it.

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    • Th
      thomas O Feb 26, 2011

      about five years ago in answer to a telemarketer i joined cheaptrips- I travel a lot but never used it .
      it is an outright scam. and no refund
      to add insult to injury i have received about 500 further telemarketing calls so many, that neither my wife or I ever answer the phone.
      we call back legitimate callers which are the minority. I work at home and dont have time to eigther answer such calls ro hire someone for that purpose.
      I have asked about ten times to remove my information -they respond i need to contact customer service in short yoru problem not cheaptricks.
      i have also complained on FTC do not call list.
      frankly my anger is moving from these scamsters to the regutalors who do not do their job. a typical story
      this has become a failure of regulators- if the FTC even read your website they would know who to shut down- but they are lazy buggers.
      Time for change at ftc they are not doing their job.
      i was thinking of compiling an invoice for cheaptrips at my hourly rate and taking them to small claims court .

      cheaptrips are really cheaptricks - i am sure they probablay read your site- but they dont change their practice just try to figure our a way to
      to scam better.

      does anyone out there have the power to shut cheaptrips down - who is in charge

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    • Ge
      Gerna Feb 23, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I was contacted by Cheap Trips telling me I would get a great discount on travel. Included with this package would be four free airline tickets and a 100.00 gas card. I went ahead and signed up. I looked at the website and was not impressed the rates they were giving were the same everywhere else. When I received the material not only was my four free airline tickets not in the package as promised but I had to do surveys that were worth 10.00 each that could add up to 100.00 over the year. Needless to say I was pissed.

      I gathered all the material together and mailed it back to the company along with a complaint letter. I then called the company to request a refund. I was informed that it would take one to two billing cycles to receive my refund. I told them they got my money immediately and I want it refunded. I was then told it was nothing could do and I would have to speak to a supervisor who has not called me back as of today. It has been at least a month. I initially was not going to do this so called travel club but my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea. All I can say is when a deal sounds to good to be true it normally is!

      FYI on yesterday I got a response from the CheapTrips family. It was suppose to be my free airline tickets. It was another voucher that I have to fill out for my airline tickets of desired locations. Stay away from this company unless you have money to give away!

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    • An
      Angela Apr 20, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      After purchasing a package for my "review first", I decided I didn't want it as it was not as represented and I therefore returned it exactly to the address in Cherry Hill, NJ where indicated, getting a reference #, etc. When I called to question when my money would be credited, I was then told it would take 60-90 days. Meanwhile, I got a little surprise from my bank that month when I received an overdrawn notice. After some research I discovered that Cheap Trips gave me the before taxes amount of the package, never mentioning the full amount that would be charged. Cheap Trips caused a snowball effect on my checking account and caused four checks to bounce because of their negligence in disclosure of the true amount of the package. They refused to take any responsibility for that, they wouldn't even hear or consider it. After the 60 day period of time & nomoney was refunded, I called & was told their offices moved & it probably was an oversight, that the money would be refunded in 10 days. Ten days came and went. A month later I called and asked to speak to a manager who was not in the office but was due in. I explained the problem and was told that the manager would call me ... he never did. I sent an e-mail to customer service the following day requesting an answer. I never got a response. I called yet the next day to speak to the manager. I was told that the manager had the request from two days previous and that he would return my call in the order of complaint and then mymoney would be returned within 7 to 14 days. I have yet to receive anything. I would also like to note that during this conversation I spoke to Ed, who was so very rude. He hung up on me twice, refused to give me his employee number, and was as sarcastic as could be.When I mentioned that because of the original employee's negligence in disclosing the full amount of the package he stated that I shouldn't have my checking account so close to the dollar. I wanted to scream at the audacity of this idiot. Ed made this whole experience so much more frustrating.

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    • Do
      Donna E-Bert Dec 14, 2009

      Cheap Trips called, the offer seemed to good to be true. I gave them credit info but that card had a lock on it due to some suspicious activity, it would not go thru. I told the man that I was speaking to that he could call back after I got that straightned out. I reviewed some complaints on-line and decided not to participate in the offer of 4 free roundtrip tickets anywhere in the world, due to the complaints that I had reviewed. This was late in Oct. of 2009. They called several times, I did not answer and they left no message. On Dec.3rd I rec'd the membership packet thanking me for joining. I got on the Cheaptrips web-site and returned everything because the website stated"full re-fund, no questions asked". All materials were mailed back on Dec.8th. I called the credit card company to make sure they had not approved charge, they had not. On the 9th I rec'd another call wanting to know if I wanted to up-grade membership. I explained that I had not approved charge, that card info they had was locked and asked what card they had used. He couldn't tell me, I requested a call back w/that info and to date, 12/14 have rec'd no call. RIP-OFF!!!

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    • Ld
      l duda Dec 10, 2009

      i too have the same problem, Aug 2009 becames member, i received phamplets then returned before 30 days As yet not received refund 12-10-09. Who do you call to get so action does anyone know!
      all phone Numbers don't work.

      0 Votes
    • Un
      unacceptable Oct 16, 2009

      I too have been getting the runaround from cheaptrips now for 2 months. After taking all necessary steps to get my refund and jumping thru numrous hoops, the refund that was guaranteed has still not been processed. This past week I called each day to try and speak with the coveted "refund supervisor" who apparantly is always out to lunch or on vacation when I happen to call. They don't have email (it's 2009 folks), they can't call overseas even tho they are a travel company(yes, i am calling to get the refund NIGHTLY from overseas), and they take 1-3 days to call back EVEN though it has now been 5 days and no call. Unbelieveable.

      Does anyone know how to go about getting through to them and/or getting some sort of lawsuit started against them? THis is just unbelievable - SO FURIOUS!

      0 Votes
    • Te
      Teresa49 Oct 08, 2009

      I was also scammed by As of today October 8, 2009 I have not received my refund for $59.99. It all started in April of 2009. I decided to cancel because they send me confusing papers and wanted me to pay more for a VIP membership. I did cancel within the 30 day period. According to them they received the returned membership May 8, 2009. In July I recieved the same name Chris as the supervisor. Chris sounded ok and I believed him when he say my refund was processed on July 29, 2009. I never receieved anything. There is a guy name Scott who makes you feel real stupid when you talk to him. He gave me a false transit number [protected] which the bank never acknowledge . Again Chris is either on the phone or have left the building. I would like to get the media in on this and call it the HALL OF SHAME. Anybody with me. email [email protected] phone: [protected]. I want my money.

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    • Jo
      Jo Nichols Oct 04, 2009

      I signed up with this scam company about 5 years ago, and when I tried to access any information via their VIP website, it was a joke. I spent hours and hours on the phone with them trying to get problems straightened out from just 1 flight I had purchased. After that I vowed never to deal with them again. I don't even remember how much money I paid, but to this day, even though I have my membership card, I STILL CANNOT ACCESS their VIP website. And contacting them? It's still a joke.

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    • We
      Wendy Mar 21, 2009

      Bad Company !!!
      I sent back the material within 30 days as required. I made copies of everything before I returned it. I sent it certified mail so I would have proof that they received it. I could not get my refund. Everyone I spoke to said it was being processed and would take some time. After 3 months, I contacted the Better Business Bureau at The BBB gave them a deadline date, and I received my refund on that day.

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    • Ja
      Jay Mar 12, 2009

      My daughter was charged for a second Membership for $100 last July 2008. When we discovered the error we returned the Membership packet per there instructions as soon as it was received (Within 15 days). We have been trying to get our refund for the last eight months. We have been told both that they did receive and also that they did not receive the packet. Cheap Trips is just giving us the round around. I have been told that our massages will be giving to the supervisor but IF HE EXISTS he does not return the calls.

      0 Votes
    • Cr
      Crawleytr Mar 03, 2009

      Cheap Trips is a total rip off. Their offer has too many strings. Request for refund ignored. They don't answer the phone. When they talk, they say it is scheduled to be returned. No response to phone request either. If you join, use credit card and let your company get your refund if you don't like it.

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    • De
      deann Oct 21, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Here is the site with the return policy.

      I just kept calling and finally someone answered.

      Good Luck!

      0 Votes
    • Le
      LEE Oct 10, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer


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    • Valerie Sep 18, 2008

      I received a phone call from a lady named Kathy asking me to purchase a cheap trip package. They said that you would get 4 free airplane tickets. When the Package arrived they already have the area and hotel where you can travel to. They require 7-10 hotel stay Some of the hotels run $170-over $200 per night which is to expensive for me. I called them and explained why I was returning my package. They said to write a note why I am returning the package and gave me a conformation number. I have yet to receive a refund from them. Now every time I call I only get an answering machine.

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