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Chaturbate review: Why chaturbate is a complete scam (for models)

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Apparently Chaturbate, as well as it's affiliated grooming sites (Chatroulette, Omegle etc) have been bought-out by the Columbian mafia. The traffic they prefer is from South America and Europe. You may have noticed that. The models they like working for them are select Columbian models... if you're a rans model (like myself) they have no plans on letting you succeed on their site. Why? They have a few trans models that do good and don't want any others. They won't tell you that, however. They'll just lead you to think you're doing something wrong in the hopes that you buy 'promotion' to get your supposed 5 minutes of fact, as noted elsewhere, they'll even throw a few hundred tokens your way hoping you'll give it all back to them — many report getting banned before they have a chance to cash-in their tokens. Along the way you'll be confronted with a familiar pattern each time you broadcast: a flurry of obnoxious robots who act suspiciously rude before leaving — sometimes the robots will say 'hi, how are you?' and when you respond they never respond back. If you write to Chaturbate and ask them what's going on they'll play dumb (it's your fault, your lighting isn't right, you look boring, you act boring, you haven't accumulated enough followers on Instagram etc). They'll maintain that they're putting you out there when they're not. And don't make the mistake of asking the robots how they found you: they, too, will lie... see, not all of them are robots: they work for Chaturbate and, aside from spying on you, they're also there to reassure you that they found you listed. Well, one check on another tab will show you that, 'no' this is absolutely false. They're not listing you at all. The truth of the matter is: everything you experience on Chaturbate from the moment you begin broadcasting is a complete simulation designed to make you give them your money... and the method they favor is 'agitation' (i.e. to create the worst possible experience for you so you buy things to make you happy). Sadly, what has resulted from all of this are generation upon generations of sex addicts. If YouTube has moved into a family-friendly direction, Chatroulette/Omegle/Chatrandom have progressed into smut fronts to groom males of all ages for Chaturbate and a host of other sites. Greed, unfortunately, has no boundaries. So, go ahead look for reviews of Chaturbate. Great site. That's all you'll see. Best around. They've taken care of [that] too. There used to be a few, very detailed reviews on Trustpilot — the writers seemed to know [exactly] what they were talking about (from fake trans models to pre-taped shows to drug cartel affiliations) — but they're not there anymore. Wonder why.

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