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This bogus company (and companies like it) need to be held accountable for the way they treat people. To say that it's 'inhumane' is an understatement. They show you to people, they hide you from people, they show you only to themselves (record your shows and sell them on multiple sites). Whatever they want. They just do it. Your customers/friends all disappear never to be seen again. Easily done. So you go on the site to be subjected to this garbage when all you want is to make money and have a little fun. Chaturbate you stink. Like YouTube, you are selfish and arrogant. You don't value people's concerns in the slightest way, choosing to pass-off canned responses as actual 'concern'. But most the time you just ignore us, as you engineer our failure through algorithmic the expense of our self-esteems, wasted time and financial woes. That you and other companies consider this acceptable is extremely heartbreaking. I've been on here for hours with not one visitor and you don't even give me the dignity of a reply when I send you feedback. Like life isn't alienating enough.

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