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So folks, this really happened to me last night. similar scenarios have happened on multiple nights on this extremely corrupt platform. I log-on to do a show and the obligatory barrage of bots enter my room, for the first five minutes (to give me the impression that Chaturbate are, indeed, platforming me). the obligatory white names compliment me. Chaturbate care: they wouldn't want you to leave the platform feeling devalued because they chose to shadowban you. One white name stays with me the entire name — it's personality is eerily similar to several other white names I've encountered: it constantly compliments you while agreeing with every word you say about Big Tech. Big Tech despise people who they don't desire to mass-produce. "Agree totally". Big Tech shadowbans people. "Agreed: shadowbanning is wrong". Big Tech goes out of it's way to assure that certain individuals will fail. "Yes, so very true". Big Tech is selfish and inconsiderate of people's feelings and wouldn't mind if they outed themselves as their platforms are entirely governed by robots who have no empathy for human beings. "You're right: absolutely right". Ok, well, you get the idea. When the site has shadowbanned you for quite sometime and you haven't left he platform like they would like you to do, this is the way they treat you. It confirms your confirmation bias while leaving your pride intact. Meanwhile the site has recorded your public shows and is selling them across several CB-subsidized video sites. This will continue until you've long since been ignored by their AI-driven Feedback Team and you're long retired from their sleazy algorythmically contrived front of a platform. Just like any Big Tech platform they merely audition people. Cliches get platformed while individuals get exterminated. After a while, the lines [will] get blurred as 'customer' and 'corporation' become one and the same. For now, our right to choose is being taken away from us. The weaponry Chaturbate and likeminded companies use? Bots. These bots don't care that you have a heart and soul. Nor do they care that you've prepared for your shows, showering and manicuring, setting your hair and your lighting. They don't care that they're wasting your time (making you poorer). You're a joke to be discarded because you just want to be you. Nobody likes people like you (according to them). "That's not true: [I] like you". "Yea, that's wrong: they shouldn't do that".

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