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2:47 pm EDT
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Charlton Family Practice Fraud

I was promised if I bought $79.00 of their product, they would send four rebates of $25.00 each. They also charged a $5.00 registration fee to be refunded with the last $25.00 rebated. Their promise was to rebate a maximum of $25.00 per month if the rebate form was sent in each month with receipts. First time I called in November, 2008.First they said there computer crashed but every thing was in place and my rebates would be put in the mail. Never got them. In January, 2009, i was told we were sorry but they had so much business that they were behind and said they would definetly receive them by the end of feb, and they were even going to send a extra one for my inconvence. Now all listed phones are disconnected. It is typical fraud and their Ethos is a BS. What I have to do to get back at least my $5? How to warn potential buers of this BS?

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Little Rock, US
Mar 23, 2009 1:17 pm EDT

I paid $5 for the vouchers which was supposed to be refunded after the last gift card was sent out. I received 2 gift cards for $25.00 in November, but was still owed 2 more $25.00 gift cards plus the $5.
Now there seems to be no way to reach the company. Surprise, surprise!

Daryl R.
Moreland, US
Feb 09, 2009 11:26 am EST

I purchased the product and had to literally beg for the code to recive my gas card vouchers. Then, when I did exactly as they requested, I could never get them to send me any of my gas cards that I had earned. Month after month I got the promise that the cards were on their way. Now I can't even call them because they disconnected their phone.

Dave Fox
Burleson, US
Feb 11, 2009 7:01 pm EST

I purchased their product, filled out their registration, purchased the required amount of gas each month, sent in the claim vouchers on time. I was to received a $25.00 gas vouchure in return for each month for four months. I got Nothing in return and no response to my phone calls or e-mail.

Cleveland, US
Feb 10, 2009 2:08 pm EST

I was suppose to recieve 10 monthly gas cards for ten months of $100 submitted gas receipts. I've got nothing. It was a promotonal offerfor having transmission repair work done at Cottmann Transmission (Ohio)

Marion Lazzati
Leonardo, US
Jan 07, 2009 9:31 am EST

October and November receipts submitted and have not received rebates. Called the 1-800 number to no avail and went to e-mail sight only to have my e-mail returned. Do I have any recourse?

Walter Hawkins
Sacramento, US
Feb 13, 2009 11:44 am EST

I have purchesed Ethos gas additive from Kacper Postawski and I was to send in vouchers and receive $25.00 each month for 4 months. Totalling $100.00 this never happened.I started this process in May 2008 and had contacted the company in July after not receiving any rebates. I was Infromed that they were running behind and that they would be caught up shortly, Just send in the vouchers each month with my purchese ok $100.00 in fuel receipts. This has been done. My vouchers ended in Sept. and as today I have not received payment. I have attemped to contact Kacper by email but the site no longer exist, the same with the phone # [protected]
Address given: 9471 Glenallan Dr. Richmond, Canada
Powerful Life Internet Marketing
I have letters stating that my vouchers
I found a different number for them [protected] and in Dec 08 I was told the rebates would be sent the Ist on Jan 09. I called again the middle of Jan 09 and was advised that they would arrive no later than the first week in Feb 09, I called today Feb 13 and the message was...The number you diled is invalid chec the area code or call directory assistance in the city you wish to reach. BEWARE!

Lake Ozark, US
Jun 22, 2009 11:06 pm EDT

I had the same experience, I received a debit card for $50.00 for two
months, nothing for the following months or my $5.00. Today 6/22
I received a debit card in the mail from ETHOSFORGAS.COM when I called in for the balance on the card it was $.00. I do not know what they think they are doing, my experience with them is over a year ago. None of my letters protesting their shabby habits did any good.

Pick One, US
Apr 01, 2009 1:08 pm EDT

What a bunch of liars! We do our part, why can't they do theirs? I hope they get busted. Maybe the gov't can bail them out?

Pick One, US
Apr 01, 2009 1:06 pm EDT

Me too! Exactly the same as I! What is going on? I too want my $$!

Athens, US
Mar 25, 2009 8:27 pm EDT

Just be happy you got 2 gift cards. Many of us got none at all.

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Just be happy you got 2 gift cards. Many of us got none at all.

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