Changi Airport Groupservice of the airport staff

A Jul 06, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to file a complaint about a service staff who is in charge of China Southern Airline check-in on July 7th in Terminal 1. I was not able to acquire his name. Here is a description of him: a mid-age male with baldness at the top of the head. The other stuff appointed him as the highest rank person in charge.

The service staff is extremely rude and arrogant towards Chinese passengers. Not only did he automatically assume everyone cannot speak or understand English but also threatened customers who try to clarify ticket confusions. A Chinese passenger tried to correct a spelling mistake of the printed name. The service staff treated the passenger as if the passenger is mentally retarded. Another Chinese passenger tried to explain that she forgot to declare the student status and acquired the additional luggage status. The service staff brushed her off with extreme rudeness and contempt.

Changi airport has always been famous for its excellent service. I could not have imagined the impression this staff has left for all the Chinese passengers about Singapore. It would be an absolute shame that the friendly image of Singapore is jarred by one racist service staff. I sincerely hope the staff would get a rectification about his attitude.


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