Chancellor Learning Systemslpn to rn bridge program

B Aug 02, 2018

In 2009 I spoke with a representative from Chancellor Learning Systems. I had found out about this program through a co-worker who was taking this program at the time. I ended up paying 100.00 over the phone and received one book from them. Very soon after I was having seizures every other day which depleted my income cause I could not work, drive or even be left alone by myself very long. I called to inform them of the situation at which point the woman was very understanding and sympathetic to my situation and wished me the best of luck and health. Fast forward to 2018 without any type of contact or correspondence from this company and they go to court July 2018 without me being informed of anything about to take place and have my wages garnished for 11, 870.73, 25% of each paycheck. This is the most low down dispecable company I have ever come in contact with. There are several complaints and stories about Chancellor Learning Systems on They go into detail about what was done to them by this company. So just a very cautious warning to anyone thinking about doing business with these people make sure you have a attorney read through ever thing they give you to sign, cause they will not tell you what is hidden in the very fine print, and then take a step back and read the reviews and think before you sign anything they give you. I wish I would have checked them out before agreeing to do any type of business with this low life company..

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